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The 7 Best Travel Agents In Geelong

The 7 Best Travel Agents In Geelong

From local trips to exotic destinations, all-inclusive cruises to outback camping, we all love to travel in some shape or form, and in the ever-changing world of tourism, there are more options than one person could possibly hope to explore. Whether organizing an extensive group tour with all the documents, itinerary and transport or a solo trip to an ‘off the beaten track’ destination, it can be difficult to search through all the options to find the best deal for your perfect trip. For generations, travelers have been going to travel agents to help arrange and assist in making their travel plans and arranging those unforgettable vacations. Times have changed since the introduction of the internet, and while it may seem like the need for travel agents has become less, the reality is they have more tools and options available to them than ever before and all the entries on our list have evolved and developed with the changing times and can bring their customers numerous advantages from their connections and experience to help make your next adventure as smooth and successful as possible.

Fortunately, we have a fantastic selection of travel agents for all the avid explorers here that find themselves here in Geelong. From huge nationwide franchises with branches all around the country to local, family-run companies that have been serving the travelers here in Geelong for generations, we have chosen 7 of the best travel agents you can find in our city. We’re certain if you read on through our list you will find the best travel agents that can help make your next trip the trip of a lifetime.

1. All Things Travel

Kicking off our list, we have outstanding locally owned and operated travel agents that bring a bit of Geelong personality to their international itineraries. All Things Travel are a combo of two locally produced agents that have merged to create one bigger brand, with the first, Josie’s, having operated since 1997 and the second being Travelworld Lara. Since teaming up, their agency now has even more skill and experience to draw upon to find their customers the best deals on their leisure, corporate or group trips. At All Things travel they take pride in their personal work with clients and attention to detail, understanding that each traveler has different needs and desires for a trip, they will help create an experience that is as unique as their customers. You can follow them online, or drop into their Lara location, just north of Geelong city, from Mondays to Fridays.

2. Travel Associates

Travel Associates Geelong

Our next entry is a travel agent that can be found nationwide, including their store right here in Geelong West. Travel Associates have been operating for over 20 years, and are specialists in providing modern travel services for both domestic and international travel. You can use their online search and booking platform, or you can find a local traveller advisor to work with personally. They can provide options for a huge range of destinations and can tailor trips or travel services to cater for every need and desire. Their packages cover everything from budget travel to lavish and luxurious. If you are a frequent traveller, you may want to sign up for their newsletter to get the best in the latest deals and to find out more about travel Associate exclusive packages such as their Secret Sojourn and Secret Sailing holidays.

3. Helloworld

Helloworld Geelong

Helloworld travel agents have been offering its services to the people of Geelong since the early ’90s, and they’re delighted to still serve some of the same customers almost 30 years later. They are classic travel agents that can book you the perfect holidays from all matter cruises & bus tours, all-inclusive packages to independent lodgings, and a whole host of the best destinations both domestic and abroad. Their dedicated and experienced team can help organize all the essentials for your trip including flights and accommodation, entertainment booking, arranging for specific requirements as well as documentation and cover such as visas and travel insurance. They are a great pick for a one-stop shop travel agent here in Geelong. You can check out some of their top deals online, or visit their store in central Geelong that’s open 4 days a week.

4. Flight Centre

Flight Centre Geelong

Our next entry is a huge nationwide travel service provider and agents, so you may recognize the name. Since its 1982 Brisbane based beginnings it has become one of the biggest operators in Australia and features around 1300 businesses across the country. Through their website or stores, you can book everything from flights, package holidays, car hire, cruises as well as travel insurance and visas and you gain rewards through their frequent flier program and top deals through their range of memberships, subscriptions and gift cards. They have a truly massive catalogue of services, so no matter how niche or obscure your choice of destination or travel requirements are, we’re certain you will find the perfect solution through Flight Centre. For more information, you can browse their extensive website or visit one of their numerous branches, including two right here in Central Geelong and Geelong West.

5. Trans Otway Travel

Trans Otway Travel Geelong

Trans Otway travel is a local company that has been in operation for a whopping 70+ years. Although not as extensive or well known as some of the other entries on our list, this small but steady travel agents can boast their longevity in serving the travel enthusiasts of Geelong city for generations. They are specialists in boutique travel and cruises and they work with some of the best partners in the business to bring their customers some amazing and special travel options and ideas from inspirational domestic cruises, to international history trips and even a Harry Potter package. You can learn more about their packages and their dedicated team of agents on their website, or take a visit to their Newtown store and book your next cruise, package or solo adventure with one of the friendliest and most experienced travel agents in Geelong.

6. Geelong Travel

Geelong Travel is another family-run and locally operated travel agent with decades of experience in the industry. They have an award-winning service that has seen them earn some top testimonials and they take pride in their loyal base of repeat customers. They have a dedicated team of travel experts who work with their customers personally to create the perfect bespoke trip for you, your family or your group. They provide specialist package tours for cruising, coach tours, riverboat retreats, independent bookings as well as leisure & corporate travel. Geelong Travel is partnered with SureSave Travel Insurance, so they can ensure that all of their trips and customers will be fully covered by one of the most reliable insurance services around. You can follow them on social media to keep up with their top deals or pop into their Belmont store that’s open 6 days a week.

7. Sirocco Travel & Cruise

Our final entry is another company with decades of experience serving customers here in Geelong. Initially called Newcomb Travel, it started its journey over 45 years ago, and current owner Gerlinde has been at the helm for the last 20 years since its name change to Sirocco Travel. They cater to all types of domestic and international travel and can take care of everything from flights, accommodation, ground transport, car rental, tour packages and cruises. They are members of numerous travel groups and can provide a wide range of options and packages to their new and repeat customers. They are also experienced with group missionary packages to rural Africa including Uganda and Malawi where their group aids in children’s foundation programs and Christian centres. For everything from luxury cruises to exotic aid work, Sirocco is one of the top picks for Geelong travel agents.


Travelling can be a dream come true or a nightmare you never want to remember, so why not take the steps to make sure your next trip goes as smoothly and as stress-free as possible by working with a professional expert that can help you make the arrangements and prepare everything necessary for you to have the trip of a lifetime. Working with a travel agent can seem like an old fashioned way to go about making travel arrangements, but what the internet has done for consumers, has also provided for travel agents, giving them a greater possibility to build partners and relations around the globe and bring their customers the best possible options available, that would be difficult to find for the average person searching on google. 

Fortunately for us here in Geelong, we have a fantastic range of travel agents that can bring their expertise, knowledge and connections to aid in making your trip the best it can be. So why not check out some of the entries on our list, see some of the top deals they have on offer, and book your next trip with one of our recommendations today.

Are you or someone that you know a travel agent, that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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