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The greater area of Geelong is one of the most productive and industrious regions of Victoria. With Australia’s sixth largest port by tonnage and a manufacturing sector that makes up almost 24% of the economic output of the area, this makes Geelong an attractive destination for transportation logistics companies and is home to some of the biggest names in the industry as well as a selection of locally grown and family-run businesses. whether your transportation needs require worldwide freight delivery with top quality management and tracking, or simply a same-day delivery service door to door in Geelong city, there are options and choices for every scale, category, and type of transport. 

Geelong has so many options available, it can be quite the challenge sifting through all the companies and services to find the right organization to cater to your transportation needs. So many in fact, that we have decided to pick out our top ten choices for the best names in the transport business based here in our city. Our selection covers everything from small scale couriers services, crane and tow services that will help you install or assemble your deliveries, nationwide haulage including all permits and paperwork, transport & delivery on road, rail, sea, and air as well as solutions that can get your payloads to the farthest corners of the planet. If you have transportation needs here in Geelong, we have a company on this list that has the solution. Read on for the 10 best Geelong transport companies and find the right choice for you.

1. Dollan Transport

Dollan Transport Geelong

We kick our list off with a family-run business situated in Little River, halfway between Geelong and Melbourne. They were founded in 1987 by the Dollan family consisting of Directors Christopher, Jan, and Jan Maree. Their operation has expanded from regional to long-distance national freight solutions including the transportation of dangerous goods. Their fleet of vehicles includes Utes, rigid tray trucks, prime movers, and crane trucks. They aim to tailor their services to the specific need of your business and put an emphasis on customer satisfaction and have a long list of glowing testimonials and repeat customers. For freight solutions with a family feel and a friendly service, Dollan Transport can provide a top service that comes with a smile.

2. Josie’s Transport Group

Josies Transport Group Geelong

Josie’s Transport Group is one of the most well-established names in transport. Since they first started operating way back in 1974, they have gone on to build a modern and dependable fleet that put safety and customer satisfaction at the top of their priority list. Based in Lara, situated between Geelong and Melbourne, they aim to service customers throughout Melbourne and the Western Districts. They have a diverse fleet of transport vehicles that includes 1-3 ton vans and trays, heavy rigid tray trucks, from 4-14 pallet space vehicles, specialist vehicles such and Mez deck and Crane trucks, also prime movers and railing equipment. Josies take pride in their ability to offer solutions to scale your needs, while also keeping their personal touch and catering to your individual needs. If you are in need of storage solutions, they also provide them through their storage and distribution services on their Lara premises.

3. Malec Brothers Transport

Malec Brothers Geelong

Malec Brothers Transport is another locally grown family business, situated just north of Geelong in Lara. Established by Matthew Malec in 1997 as a courier company they have expanded their trade to include wharf services, import & export as well as timber transport and planting services and transport solutions on both road and rail. The Malec family take a hands-on approach and deal with all their customers personally and aim to build long-lasting relationships and cater their services to your individual or business needs. Through their hard work and dedication, they have also gone on to open a depo in the USA in the state of Carolina. For a national and international service with a local, family feel, Malec Brothers Transport is one of our top picks

4. Independent Equipment Transport Geelong

Independent Equipment Transport Geelong

Our next entry is a specialist in heavy haul equipment transport located right here in Geelong. Established in 1988, they are a family-run business that has gone on to become one of the top names in the game. Based in Geelong Port, their wide range of services are available 24/7, providing transport solutions for everything from Freight containers, ship equipment, cranes, piling equipment, mining & quarry equipment, earth moving equipment, and more. Their fleet of specialist trucks includes flat tops, extendable, low loaders with drop decks and ramps, and can handle payloads from 30 ton up to 68 ton. From their Geelong base, they provide haulage through the entire nation and will take care of all permits, routes, and regulations from border to border, using their experience and knowledge from over 30 years in the business. For specialized, long-distance equipment transport, IET is one of the best names around.

5. KD’s Freight Service

KD’s Freight Service is another top name in the transport business with a depo based in Geelong. They have been operating since 1996, and have 2 other depo’s in Ballarat and Melbourne and they serve a number of areas including Metropolitan Melbourne, Geelong and throughout the region. Their fleet includes van and trucks that can transport payloads from 1 to 25 tonnes, and they have a dedicated 30 man staff that carry out their services 7 days a week. Something that makes KD’s stand out amongst the competition is the next-day guaranteed delivery service that is not only reliable but at some of the most affordable rates around. If you are in need of a top service at a low cost for your South West Victoria deliveries, KD’s is a great option.

6. K&S Freighters

K&S Freighters Geelong

K&S has become a household name throughout Australia and New Zealand, with their recognizable fleet containing more than 4500 vehicles operating on land, rail, and sea. They have been operating since 1945, right after the end of WWII in Mount Gambier in South Australia to their present international service. Their core values include safety, customer service, community, and innovation, with a dedication to sustainability, maintaining strong relationships, maintaining a high level of customer service, and above all, ensuring the highest ins safety standards. Their corporation includes multiple businesses that cover almost all transport solutions, from freight, chemical, and fuel transport, bulk resource transport, heavy haulage & equipment transport as well as regional operation throughout Australia and New Zealand. They also own over 160,000 sq m of warehouses and the largest company-owned fleet of vehicles in the entire nation. For serious solutions to your transportation troubles, they are the top in the business.

7. JR Freight Services

JR Freight Services Geelong

JR Freight Services is a family-run business that aims to keep up with changing times and technologies and bring the best customer service possible to their customers. Although the company is a newcomer to the game, being established in 2018, Founder Jamie and wife Nicole bring over 24 years of experience in the business to their burgeoning freight services. From their North Geelong base, they service Geelong, Melbourne, The Surf Coast, and Western District, they have a fleet of vans, semi’s, rigid and tailgate trucks and offer comprehensive pick up services to make the process as easy and efficient as possible for the customer. They also offer warehouse and storage services and are one of the only companies capable of same-day delivery. They aim to bring competitive and affordable prices to their top-quality service, and you can contact them for a free quotation today.

8. Quick Smart Logistics

Quick Smart Logistics Geelong

Quick Smart Logistics is another company based in Geelong that has gone on to provide national and international services to customers near and far. Founded in 2002 in Geelong West, they provide local and national transport services, national & international freight transportation, pack-to-send as well as storage in their 10,000 sq. m of temperature-controlled warehouses. They serve clients from individuals to corporations and provide door-to-door delivery using their network of regional partners. If you are in the beer or wine industry, Quick Smart are experts in the storage and transportation of your goods and will take special care to ensure your prize product reaches its destination in peak condition. Although they are now a big player in the transport game, they haven’t forgotten their Geelong roots, working with a team of local employees who strive to give local businesses and markets an easy link to national and international freighting.

9. D&D Worldwide Logistics

D&D Worldwide Logistics Geelong

Our next entry is a Geelong business that has truly gone global. D&D Worldwide Logistics have their headquarters right here in the heart of Geelong and provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of services on our list, from modest local trucking services to major international air and sea freight. They are more than just a transport company, with their expertise spanning a wide range of areas including international logistics, trade, and supply chain consultancy, and they are experts in customs declaration & clearance. They also provide national and international storage solutions including refrigerated, chilled, and frozen warehouses, packing & unpacking services, and purchase order management. Although they are an international company, they understand that in order for them to grow, they must help their clients grow too, and aim not only to offer transport solutions but give your business the benefit of their support and expertise that can help your horizons expand around the globe.

10. Barwon Grove Transport

Barwon Grove Transport Geelong

Our final entry is another family-run Geelong business that offers a personal touch to the professional service. Run by father and son duo of managing director John and son mark, they offer more than just transport services. They have a fleet of tilt tray trucks, crane trucks, flat top semi-trailers, and low loaders. They are experts in the transportation of timber, steel, machinery, building materials, freight, and containers. On top of their extensive range of transport services, they go the extra mile by offering placement and erection services for air conditioning units, private structures, large sculptures and they are even responsible for putting up the Christmas tree at Geelong Mall. They are a company that values their customers and aims to build long-lasting relationships and to tailor their services to your needs as a client.


Transport logistics can be one the most important aspects of any business and working with a reliable and thorough transportation company can be the difference between success and failure. Whether you have parcels you need to be delivered across town or tonnes of freight to be shipped across the globe, there are top quality companies in Geelong that provide the services to get your goods to where they need to be. From local family businesses that erect the Christmas trees in town, to multi-national companies that have thousands of vehicles in their fleets, each of them ensures the highest in safety standards, aim to bring the best in customer service, and makes their contribution to our community here on The Surf Coast. We hope you have found some useful information on Geelong Transportation companies on our list and find the right solution for your freight, haulage, delivery, and transportation needs.

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