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The answer to all your tobacco needs can be found in the list below of the best tobacconists in Geelong. Yes, we have gathered all the information necessary for you to choose the best tobacconist in Geelong to suit your needs and desires. We have compiled for you a list of companies that provide all ranges of tobacco and tobacco-related products. All the stores mentioned below are Australian owned and have locations in or near to Geelong. Some of them are instantly recognizable mainstays of the Geelong shopping districts with distinct looks that fit right in with the city’s vibe. The owners and staff of these stores are all dedicated and knowledgeable tobacco enthusiasts, full of knowledge and experience in the tobacco industry.

They know the taste and importance of tobacco and work to maintain great relationships with manufacturers to bring the best price in the market. Some of the listed stores are family run and are expanding fast because of their customer service efficiency and outreach through digital sales and deliveries. Each store brings something unique to its customers while covering the regular tobacconist requirements. In the stores below you can find everything from basic to exotic with a huge range of products that are all the best in quality and price. In no way do we promote smoking, smoking is harmful to your body and the others around you.

1. TSG Cor

TSG Cor Geelong

TSG is an iconic brand that delivers the best In tobacco and is an excellent example of successful franchising. The story of TSG began over 20 years ago as a single store, from that moment, a commitment was made to both customers and future franchisees to be the best in the business of tobacco-related retail. TSG has been featured on the list of the top 20 most popular franchise businesses in Australia and it was the only  tobacconist to be featured/ 

The TSG stores enjoy great brand recognition, no one can walk past the store without recognizing the TSG tobacco station logo, their bright red signpost which grabs attention and serves as a beacon for TSG’s core values of high-quality product, ever-expanding offerings and a warm and friendly service. You can find them in their store situated in the heart of Geelong CBD.

2. Cignall

Cignall Geelong

Cignall started with 10 stores in Victoria in 2000, originally known as Tobacco Dome. They now have increased their stores and can also be found in New South Wales, Queensland & Tasmania with more than 250 franchisees nationwide. Cignall has maintained strong relationships with manufacturers which allows them to offer great prices on cigarettes, tobacco, cigars and accessories. Cignall offers an extensive range of tobacco-related products along with a friendly service that exudes knowledge and professionalism. Their logo is catchy and warm and helps to welcome customers to their stores where they will receive the best in staff and service., with each staff member being friendly and tobacco passionate. You can use their website and social media to find out more about their products, services, stores and information on how to open your own Cignall franchise.

3. Freechoice Tobacconist Newcomb

Freechoice Tobacconist Newcomb Geelong

Freechoice Tobacconist Newcomb is a family run business owned by the same family since 1999. They have friendly, knowledgeable & experienced staff and provide speedy service. They have all major brands available at their store with a wide range of accessories and gift items. They are located in the Bellarine Peninsula. They offer a variety of accessories for tobacco lovers such as ashtrays, cigar cases, cigarette cases, lighters and more. They have maintained a wonderful relationship with their customers and have a loyal base from over 20 years in the business. Their knowledgeable staff are helpful in recommending products according to your tastes and requirements. If you are a fan of cigars, they stock some of the best in the area with prices as friendly as their experienced staff. Check them out today for a full list of their excellent tobacco-related products and services.

4. Smokemart

Smokemart Geelong

Smokemart is a one-stop-shop for all your tobacco needs. They have a wide range of product delivery options available. They also have a top selection of vapes, pipes, cigar accessories, lighters and more,  along with cigarettes from any brand you can think of and a variety of cigar selections and rolling tobacco pouches. You can also find various packages on their website such as gift packs and ongoing orders and they strive to provide a service for every kind of tobacco user. Catering to the taste of the new generation and to the old connoisseurs of tobacco. They have stores available around Australia such as in Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, Melbourne, South Australia and West Australia, and four here in the greater Geelong area. Their staff are friendly tobacco enthusiasts with a great sense of service and professionalism.


There are many one-stop solutions mentioned in our list that can cover any tobacco requirements. We hope we were able to help you find your tobacconist of choice here in Geelong. Dial that number now to place an order with the provider you choose and enjoy some of the finest tobacco products money can buy. The stores here offer a wide range of tobacco products from the exotic to the reasonably priced, they also offer a wide variety of tobacco accessories such as ashtrays, lighters, vapes and more. 

Each brand is trying to make their effort to stand out and be the best service around, which may make it harder to pick one store, so hopefully, our list will help you decide which one to visit first. The list covers all kinds of products from cigarettes & cigars to rolling papers & tobacco pouches, cigar & cigarette cases to lighters, Zippos and more. We hope you enjoy your trip to a tobacconist here in Geelong.

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