Tattoo Shop In Geelong

Geelong isn’t a huge urban environment but it still has some really great tattoo shops for a place of its size. There’s no need to travel to the city to get a high-quality tattoo. The tattoo shops in Geelong can do top-notch work in a variety of specialties. 

There are shops that specialize in custom work and that means you’ll get some artwork that is completely unique. You can also find artists that are masters at portraits, black & grey, or traditional style tattoos. So whether or not you want a picture of a loved one, a scary monster, some Japanese style work, or a color piece, there should be a shop that can accommodate you. 

Some shops accept walk-ins but some don’t. It’s best to get an idea of the artwork that you want beforehand with some reference images. You should also schedule an appointment. Some of the best artists work by appointment only and you’ll need to schedule a spot before showing up. They may not open daily during normal hours if they don’t have a job lined up. 

Geelong even has tattoo shops for cosmetic work if you need some micro-pigmentation to cover a scar or if you want to make your favorite lipstick color a permanent thing. So it doesn’t matter what kind of tattoo you’re looking for. You should be able to find a tattoo shop in Geelong that can provide you with the solution that you’re looking for.

1. Wise Monkey Tattoos

Wise Monkey's Tattoo Shop Geelong

Wise Monkey Tattoos is one of a few high-quality tattoo shops in Geelong where you can get a wicked tat. This is a modern shop and they can do just about anything that you can think of. 

It’s not like a flash shop where you come out of it with a standard “off the wall” kind of artwork. It’s a custom work kind of shop. You’ll want a good idea of what you’re looking for before going in. And it helps to have some source material to provide the artist. They won’t copy that though, it just helps to give them some inspiration and assists you in expressing the ideas that you have.

Wise Monkey can do any kind of tat that you want. But they specialize in black & grey tattoos. They can do Japanese style work, geometric patterns, or traditional style tattoo work.

2. The Art of Ben Bickley

The Art of Ben Bickley Tattoo Shop

Ben Bickley is a fine art master running a tattoo shop in Geelong. He has a background in the arts and is an accomplished painter as well. Ben can really produce a quality of work that’s out of this world. 

At his shop Ben Bickley produces some of the highest quality tattoos that you can find in Australia, not to mention Geelong. He does photo-realistic artwork that is well-suited for people looking to get a portrait tattoo done. 

He frequently does images of celebrities and loved ones. He produces the kind of quality that will honor your memories. Getting poorly rendered portraits of your family members is a travesty that no one should have to endure. 

His artwork speaks for itself, so have a look at his gallery if you want to see some really amazing work.

3. Kustome Kulture

Kustome Kulture Tattoo Shop Geelong

At Kustome Kulture they have two artists that work together in one studio space. They’re very busy and need to be contacted in advance. They have different but complementary styles of tattoo work. You can check out their instagram profiles for all their artwork examples. You can find their links to their artwork galleries through their website. 

They aren’t quick to respond, so if you’re in a hurry, they aren’t your guys. However, if you’re planning to get a tat a few weeks out, they’re worth looking into. They also have a piercer that they work with at their facility if you are looking to get a new piercing.

4. Kurt Anthony Tattoos

Kurt Anthony Tattoos Geelong

Kurt Anthony Tattoos is another highly skilled solo artist running a tattoo shop in Geelong. Like other solo artists in the area, Kurt is a fantastic artist and offers specialty tattoo styles that only he can accomplish in the region. 

Kurt Anthony specializes in two things. First, he does photo-realistic portraits of a very high quality. Second, he does excellent quality neo-traditional art work. Neo-traditional tattoos are done in the same style as tattoos from past eras. Only the quality is much better than your grandpa’s style. 

Most tattoo fans will have a style that they prefer. Some like black & grey, while others like traditional style tattoos. If you like traditional style and want a top-notch quality piece, Kurt might be your guy.

5. Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo Geelong

Cosmetic tattoo is not a traditional tattoo parlor. They specialize in medical and cosmetic tattoos. You won’t be able to get a bleeding heart with “mom” on a banner from this place. Instead, you can get all kinds of medical and cosmetic work done. 

One of the main services that they offer is cosmetic tattoo work. They will tat up your eyebrows for people with sparse coverage. They can also do your lips for people wanting permanent lipstick. 

Cosmetic Tattoo can also do a few other medical tattoos to make you feel more confident. Like if you have a C-section scar, they will change the pigmentation of it to make it less noticeable.

6. Ocean Grove Tattoo

Ocean Grove Tattoo Geelong

Last but not least, we have Ocean Grove Tattoo. These guys are worth a mention because they are a small local tattoo shop near Geelong. They’re actually located in Ocean Grove, but they’re close enough to be a convenient jaunt from Geelong. And after you get your ink, you can take a stroll on the beach. Just don’t get in the sea, that’s terrible for a fresh tat. 

Ocean Grove Tattoo does a variety of tattoo work and styles. They offer traditional flash, custom work, and decent black & grey style artwork. So regardless of what you want, they should be able to help you out.


The tattoo shops in Geelong offer a level of professionalism and quality that even the big cities would be jealous of. With multiple photo-realistic artists available, the citizens of Geelong are blessed to have such artistry available from local artists. 

Regardless of whether you want to memorialize a loved one or get a sick skull tat on your ankle to show your tough guy friends, you can probably find someone locally to get it done. 

Using a local artist is better than traveling for work because you can get good advice about aftercare and if you have some complications, you can easily swing by and have them take a look. 

Using a local artist also allows you to strike up a relationship with them that may last for years to come. If you want more work in the future, it’s a good idea to get to know your artist. And you can’t do that very well if they are hundreds of kilometers away.

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