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A building is a massive investment that requires a vast amount of time and effort for a multitude of considerations. As we all aspire for most of what we’ve spent. In general, however, when it comes to accomplishing a building’s structural integrity, there are two major components: the materials used to build it and the structural engineer that oversees the project.

If you are well-prepared and have already drawn a plan for a specific construction budget and timeline, which most structural projects do, then hiring the right residential structural engineer is the key factor. In other words, the selection of the right structural engineer can be said to play a pivotal role in the operational efficiency and the overall cost of a project. 

In essence, a structural engineer should have the right qualifications and the skills, experience, and hands-on knowledge. 

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you can overlook official degrees. Make sure your prospective structural engineer has gained some form of official training and is reliable in their knowledge of a structure. So that they will be able to identify site problems and areas of concern as well as come up with proper solutions.

As important as qualifications are, pay close attention to their scope of work and the previous projects they’ve worked on. Make sure the scope of work is as thorough and accurate as possible so you gauge an idea of their quality of work.  

Apart from technical experience and the right degree, another element to look for is out-the-box thinking. An engineer who can demonstrate creative and innovative intuition is extremely valuable and will work wonders for your successful building.

To check this, you can ask for examples of complex projects an engineer may have worked on before, then go over the innovative solutions they came up with. And you can make up your mind from there.

1. HB Civil & Structural Engineers

HB Civil & Structural Engineers Geelong

This agency is a trustworthy consulting engineering design business with over 30 years of experience. They work with many types of buildings from residential, industrial, to commercial buildings. So no matter what type of project you are in charge of, this HB Civil & Structural Engineers can still be somewhere on your list of options. 

More specifically, their main line of work consists of domestic work ranging from small extensions, houses, right up to multi-story residential apartments in urban areas or on the coast. Their service also spread to major industrial and commercial projects such as warehouses, office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, etc.

Their engineers are qualified to think-smart, which involves examining the best way to approach a design solution that minimizes the design time and focuses on possible construction difficulties faced by the builder to come up with the most appropriate measures. 

They also offer a quick turnaround on your project so you can contact them for a quote or further information.

2. Structerre Engineering Consulting Geelong

Structerre Engineering Consulting Geelong

As crucial as technical experience and the right degree are, innovative and sustainable solutions are worth your consideration. 

Since no structural engineering project is ever the same, each project requires a different set of codes. Structerre Engineering Consulting Geelong acknowledges that fact and thus, they put outside-the-square solutions at the center of their focus and come up with innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective engineering services, which can further your success. Plus, this probably adds value to your overall project and ensures your structure will stand the test of time.

This agency is also a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy. So if you need a complete service from the ground up, this may be an ideal choice. This one-stop-shop provides you with services from structural engineering design and documentation to inspections and certifications. 

They work with all kinds of government agencies for city planning and permit applications, which means they can help you get the certifications you need, including structural inspections, energy assessments, and building and land surveying.

3. Sphinx Consulting Engineers

Sphinx Consulting Engineers Geelong

Geelong Structural Engineers are a multi-discipline establishment that provides high-quality services in Civil Design. They provide Geelong citizens with various areas of expertise for civil and residential structural engineers.

Their trustworthiness resides in approximately 40 years of experience and nearly 8000 projects have been delivered to date, including residential, commercial, industrial, age care, religion, etc.

This structural engineering group also specialized in all aspects of civil and structural design including water drainage systems, multi-unit developments, apartments, and underground structures.

Being a client-focused consultancy, they offer expert and personalized services to suit clients’ needs to achieve their aspirations and expectations while always considering safety in mind in a cost-effective manner.

They are also committed to the philosophy of operation of challenging projects where clients and contractors are involved as a group to the maximum practicable extent.

4. Page-Green & Associates

Page-Green & Associates Geelong

This is an engineering consulting firm that has been providing civil and structural engineering services to designers and builders in residential and industrial fields in Geelong since 2005 They established their Engineering practice with civil and structural engineers in the West of Geelong for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional fields.

Page-Green & Associates provides structural engineering and civil engineering services across various sectors and caters to a wide variety of customers. Their service range includes the design and documentation of civil and structural projects as well as reports and feasibility studies.

They also provide engineering consulting to business owners and developers. And professional advice from experienced engineers may help minimize the risk of your next project as well as make it a success. 

Being confident with professional engineering experts, they are willing to help give your development idea the edge it needs to stand out and thrive on the challenge of turning your dreams into a reality. 

Their strong points that may draw your attention include creativity, global solutions, professionals, customer support, safety, and practical projects.

5. PM Design Group

PM Design Group Geelong

PM Design Group delivers engineering solutions covering civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering. This medium-sized multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy can work flexibly in various roles with great access to significant resources through their industry partners.

They have experienced strong and steady growth by providing a cost-effective and flexible service to a wide range of customers and industries: resource, manufacturing, energy, and infrastructure since 2006.

PM Design Group operates at a national and international level while maintaining a strong regional presence with Geelong, Portland, and Warrnambool offices. So they can provide engineering solutions appropriate for the wider client and community context.

In collaboration with customers, they are also involved in the development of new technological solutions across a range of industries. So this may be a good choice when it comes to innovative and flexible solutions for your project.

6. BSE Consulting

BSE Consulting Geelong

If you are about to embark on a construction project but are tossing and turning with environmental concerns in mind, BSE Consulting is a wonderful suggestion for you. 

This is one of the reliable leading firms in straw and earth building engineering. They design single and multi-story residential and commercial straw and earth buildings using full load-bearing and in-fill walls on all types of floor systems. 

The cross-disciplinary approach to straw and earth construction technologies incorporating industry best practices in structural, civil, and environmental engineering as well as building surveying has formed their strength. Visionary sustainable construction solutions are their core focus.

They also integrate advanced technology such as the latest Building Information Modelling (BIM) software; Revit, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and AutoCAD in the design process.

The building 3D model design will be shared via a cloud system, allowing other building professionals, trades, and stakeholders to communicate with ease. This will boost the efficiency in design and thus, save you a fortune in material and construction cost and time.

7. Simon Anderson Consultant

Simon Anderson Consultant Geelong

Simon Anderson Consultants takes all elements of the design from gravity, wind, snow, rain, earthquake, earth pressure, temperature, to traffic into account, and is working on an in-depth understanding of the building process and design codes to ensure that buildings and bridges are built to be safe, strong, and stable enough to resist all appropriate structural loads.

They focus on designing an efficient and simple structure to make a project run smoother, lessen materials usage and ultimately, minimize wastage in materials and time by creative thinking. Overall, this is a good choice for sustainable and economical solutions. Their services are tailored for a different kind of work.

8. Boardman Engineering

Boardman Engineering Geelong

Boardman Engineering has mostly supplied boilermakers and fitter and turners for Geelong and some outer regions citizens for over 20 years. So they are specialized for specific purposes. They can supply and install industrial equipment. Not to mention their specialty services. 

They specialize in heavy repairs and fabrication for the earthmoving and transport industries, general fabrication, and machining. So if that’s what you’re looking for, they can offer you exactly that. 

Their repair service ranges from all types of tarps to minor tears. So if you have a repairing project, this authorized service agent for Razor Tarps and Bergeron Tarps is worth your attention.

9. ACNL Engineers

ACNL Engineers Geelong

This agency undertakes many project types: structural design of domestic, commercial, industrial buildings, and structural elements for community art projects. This firm endeavors to incorporate sustainability principles, particularly when considering materials used in a project.

Their capabilities include design in concrete, timber, steel, aluminum, and other materials. They also have expertise in forensic assessments of buildings and other structures and concrete degradation and gantry crane assessments.

That means that they are an important addition to your engineer Rolodex. If you need someone to examine and assess the safety of your industrial equipment, they are your guys. And they are fully bonded and insured so you can rely on them to give you an assessment that you can believe.


So you’ve gone through a list of recommendations of engineering professionals, their expertise, and the services they provide. Take your time and look at their comprehensive selection of licenses, skills, and experience to make sure those match your needs. 

Don’t forget to stick to your budget. A building project is a fluid process with lots of changeable parts. So it’s necessary to ensure your final option suits your financial plan and that you are aware of any potential budget issues that may arise during the procedure. 

Before you hire a structural engineer, speak to them about how they handle budgeting on a project to have a clear understanding of what their bid includes and what it doesn’t. This will help you to avoid unwanted surprises or being in a budget crunch when your project hasn’t even been accomplished.

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