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The 5 Best Places To Find A Stonemason In Geelong

The 5 Best Places To Find A Stonemason In Geelong

Your quest for the best stonework in Geelong ends here, we have created a list of the  5 most established and recommended stonemasons in the city. The 5 companies that make our list are committed to their profession and have a great sense for detail & finish on products of the top quality. You can find specialists in any kind of stonework required, from kitchen platforms to cornerstones, vanity stations to memorial headstones. Something such as selecting a memorial stone can be a difficult experience, so working with a trusted and reliable service can help make the process smoother and finding a company who can deal with situations like these with empathy and understanding makes their work appreciated even more. 

All the stonemasons in the list below are experienced experts that provide their services in Geelong and the surrounding areas. Aside from top quality craftsmanship and dependability, the companies below all have one thing in common, that is fully following the desire and idea of the customer. We believe that you can’t have a top-quality service without top-quality customer care. 

So if you are in need of stonework from small and delicate to large and load-bearing, or if you are in the unenviable situation of needing a headstone, urn or memorial, there is a company in Geelong that can fulfil your stonework needs. Read on to learn more about the companies, their work, and what they can do for you on our list of the 5 best places to find a stonemason in Geelong.

1. The Headstone Company

The Headstone Company Geelong

The Headstone Company are Geelong based stonemasons that create headstones and monuments for all Victoria. They are experts in headstones, custom memorials, bronze plaques and monuments. When you are choosing an appropriate memorial for a recently departed loved one you would want a discreet, professional and empathetic service. The team at The Headstone Company have a long history and understanding of such moments and deal with their clients in an empathetic and professional manner, aiming to not add any extra stress to difficult situations. They deliver custom-crafted memorials, adhering to your personal wishes in their designs. They can design stonework and layouts and can tailor the monument’s inscription to suit your wishes. They can also provide additional inscriptions to existing memorials. The Headstone Company memorials are made from the finest quality Australian and imported granite, they are confident in their ability to deliver top quality products and their workmanship is unconditionally guaranteed.

2. Sandman Stone

Sandman Stone Geelong

Sandman Stone Pty Ltd is a family-owned business. The current owner named Manuel is a second-generation stonemason with 25 years experience in the field, following in his father’s footsteps who started in Geelong as the first stone kitchen top manufacturer in 1988. Sandman Stone employs Geelong local residents. As locals, they understand the local market and deliver the best service possible with no job being too big or small. They serve both domestic and commercial clients including cabinet makers, builders and architects. They also deal in stone benchtops, stone splash backs, stone vanity tops, bath hobs, fire surrounds and hearths, and edge options. With immense experience in the stone industry, they strive to deliver the highest standards of workmanship whilst maintaining high quality using only the best suppliers and up to date modern machinery. You can contact them online or visit their stunning North Geelong showroom.

3. W.M. Buckle & Sons Monumental & Stone Masons

W.M. Buckle & Sons Monumental & Stone Masons Geelong

At W.M. Buckle & Sons you will find experienced staff with a helpful and empathetic attitude who can assist you in finding the perfect memorial and its design to commemorate the memories and happiness of loved ones.  The company is an Australian owned family business and has been operating in Geelong and surrounding districts for over 30 years. They will provide all the information you may need in order to choose the best memorial suited to your wishes and carry out the job quickly and professionally. They are one of the top picks when it comes to quality of care and detail at an affordable price. There is no fee for quotations or drop-in inquiries for seeking help & guidance from design, inscription to the layout. You can browse some of their top quality products on their web page, or visit their east Geelong location from Mondays to Fridays.

4. Hoobler Stone

Hoobler Stone Geelong

Hoobler Stone is a company manufacturing locally unique hand-made stone products that can last a lifetime. Hoobler Stone is a product that is flat-backed, handcrafted, with every piece of stone individually coloured ensuring that no two pieces of Hoobler stone are the same. They are one of the top providers of cornerstones and pavers and there are hundreds of natural shapes and sizes that make up each type of stone in the Hoobler Stone range. The stones have proven their durability with the test of time with their ability to bear the harsh Australian climate. Hoobler Stone is well renowned and respected for its building and landscaping and for its natural and authentic look. They are pleased to welcome you to their store or online where you can see examples of their fine work and dedication.

5. Newstone

Newstone Geelong

Newstone is one of Geelong’s most prestigious stone fabricator specialists in high quality engineered stone, ultra-compact surfaces and natural stone & marble. Their products are perfect for use in new homes & renovations, businesses and commercial properties. Their equipment and expertise set them apart from the rest of the market as they can build the most unique custom made tops on request. Newstone’s factory is located in Geelong where they serve Geelong, The surf coast, Ballarat, Warrnambool and Western districts. The staff at Newstone are young and enthusiastic, led by experienced craftsmen and stonemasons, and they ensure the delivery of high-quality products with perfect detail and finish. Newstone takes pride in its creations as they understand some of their clients will make only one house in a lifetime and they make sure to create the best product suited to the client’s desires.


We hope our list of the best stonemasons in Geelong was useful to you. All of the above-mentioned companies are committed to top quality services and expert workmanship, that is what brings them together here on our list. Whether Australian granite or imported stone, handcrafted or mass-produced, a huge range of stonework is covered above, to give you the full idea of the variety and style available in Geelong. Some stores mentioned above keep a large range of stone available at their locations and can deliver their service efficiently and promptly. The dedication and commitment of the stonemasons listed above is sincerely applauded by their previous clients by their testimonials, repeat business and recommendation of new customers. The response from their clients gives them the strength and power to carry on their high-quality work in the most professional way. Some services listed above do not have an obligatory charge for seeking suggestions or advice, they understand how important it is for you and will wait for your approval in order to commence the work. We hope you find on our list the best stonemason and stone working companies suited to your needs.

Do you or someone that you know own a stone mason business that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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