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Geelong has a variety of skip hire companies working to serve the greater Geelong community. You might think that all skip hire companies are the same but that’s not correct. Each company specializes in specific areas to provide comprehensive services to the people of the area. 

So some companies are great for big commercial jobs while others are great for quick little jobs. This article details the skip hire services available to drop off a bin at your home or project site. 

While some companies can provide large-scale services at corporate rates, others provide user-friendly access and scheduling. Some large bins are not suitable for residential areas as they can damage the street or drive when loading or unloading. So people with small residential projects should opt for cheaper and more residential-friendly companies. 

There are also different kinds of waste and the normal skip hire isn’t suitable for soil, 

Read on to get a summary of skip hire services in Geelong. Make sure to pick the company that is right for you to get the most out of your experience with the least hassle.

1. Geelong Skip Hire

Geelong Skip Hire

Geelong Skip Hire is a skip rental company operating in the Greater Geelong area. They’ll bring a skip bin right out to your place as long as you’re in the region. 

Geelong Skip Hire has been operating in Geelong for a long time already. They offer a variety of skip bin choices depending on the job you’re doing. They have three types of skip bins available for your waste needs. 

The general waste bin is for everyday rubbish that would be thrown out normally if it were small amounts. This bin is for big cleanup jobs, like when a tenant skips town and you need to trash out an apartment. It’s also nice when doing a remodel or putting on a new roof. They also have bins for organic waste and earth waste.


GCS Skip Bins Geelong

GCS Skip Bins is another respected skip bin leasing company in the area. They offer a full range of product rentals. Not only do they offer the typical general waste, earth waste, and organic waste bins, they also have larger bins for construction debris from industrial and commercial projects. 

GCS Skip Bins is a helpful and friendly skip hire in Geelong. They provide simple instructions online about how to use your skip bin and which products are prohibited. They also offer many different sizes of skip bins. So you can probably find something that’s perfect for your project. They’ll bring it right out to your project site and pick it up when you’re done.

3. Geelong All Bins

All Bins Geelong

Geelong All Bins is a Geelong skip hire that specializes in general waste. They work with a full range of clients, from normal civilians to industrial corporations. However, they don’t offer specialized bins for organic or earth waste. So you’ll need to look elsewhere for that service.

However, they have many options for general waste disposal that other companies don’t provide through a single service. Geelong All Bins also has small utility vehicles that will come out and remove large items that don’t really call for a skip bin rental. This is a more price-effective solution for some jobs. On the other hand, they have large dump trucks at their disposal if you need a general waste solution that’s too big for a 20m bin. 

4. Skips On Wheels

Skips on Wheels Geelong

Skips On Wheels is a franchise skip hire service operating in Geelong and Melbourne. They specialize in construction debris. However, they can remove anything that can be picked up by 2 people. So they will actually load your skip for you. You don’t have to do anything but point your finger.

They remove sofas, TVs, furniture, beds, and anything that can be picked up. So they are great for older people or disabled individuals looking to renovate their apartment or remove large objects because they will load the stuff for you. If you have construction debris, just make sure that it isn’t stored in excessively heavy containers so that they can pick it up when they swing by. 

5. Geelong Skip Bin Hire

Geelong Skip Bine Hire

6. Phoenix Bins Geelong

Phoenix Bins Geelong

Phoenix Bins Geelong is a skip bin hire operating in the area that has embraced the modern nature of business. Compared to most other Geelong skip bin hire companies in the area, Phoenix Bins provides instant quotes and you can reserve, schedule, and pay for your bin online. 

Operating with a strong online presence and functionality makes Phoenix Bins Geelong a more convenient skip bin hire service in the area. Take advantage of their no-nonsense approach to business and get a quote without even talking to anyone. It can serve as a baseline for your skip bin search and aid you in your hunt for a good deal.  

Their straightforward way of doing business is suitable for people that are ready to get down to business and don’t have a lot of time for phone calls and the runaround.

7. Harry’s Bins

Harry's Skip Bins Geelong

Harry’s Bins is a small local skip bin hire in Geelong that provides high-quality service the way only small operators can. That means they are more personable and understanding regardless of the job. They’ll come out and drop off or pick up the bin on a flexible schedule. This makes them very convenient to work with. 

Combined with excellent and personalized customer service, Harry’s Bins offers the normal variety of services. Harry’s Bins also does site cleanup and debris removal services. So you don’t even need to pick up your rubbish in many cases. Just pile it up in a convenient location and they’ll come and remove it for you. 

8. Mobile Skips Geelong

Mobile Skips Geelong

Mobile Skips Geelong is a skip delivery and pick-up service that provides services with a modern twist. Mobile Skips uses specially designed mobile skips that are more suitable for residential use. That’s because the skip bins that they use are guaranteed not to damage or scratch the concrete in your drive or in front of your house. This makes them suitable for situations where unwanted damage is unacceptable. 

Mobile Skips also only offers a single-size bin at 4 cubic meters. This makes the service not really suitable for really big projects. On the other hand, their size and convenient immediate delivery and pickup make them a very convenient skip bin service that you can rely on for quick jobs without any hassle from loading damage. 

Mobile Skips Geelong uses a company model that provides a single service at a very high quality. Because they keep it simple, there is less to go wrong and fewer issues due to confusion and scheduling. You can just call them and give them the address and they’ll send a skip to your locations immediately and at a fixed price that can be extended by the day. 


As you can see, there are a lot of options for skip hire in the Geelong area. And not all companies are the same as you might think. Hopefully, you’ve got a good idea of the skip rental that is right for your project and your schedule. 

If you want straightforward quotes and scheduling, there is an option for you. If you want quick and considerate service for small residential projects, you’ve got a good choice available. And if you have large-scale needs for multiple large skip bins and a dump truck, there’s a company that can suit your needs. 

Picking the right kind of company for your needs is the way to get the best deal. Go with a company that is tailored towards the services you require. They’ll not only provide a better quality of service, they’ll probably be cheaper in their area of expertise too.

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