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The 4 Best Places For Shoe Repair In Geelong

The 4 Best Places For Shoe Repair In Geelong

Some pairs of shoes hold memories, they have been there at your best and worst times, carrying you on forward through it all. Letting go becomes nigh impossible, as they mean more to you than any brand new pair of shoes ever could. Well, now there is a way to save them. Quality shoe repair services are available, not only fixing up those old loved ones, but modifying them to be better than before. Geelong is known to have 4 seasons in a day, which adds up to quite a bit of wear and tear for any decent pair of shoes. Whether it be stilettos, boots, sneakers or smart leather ones, Geelong has a shoe repair store near you. These cobblers have brought the old charm of their trade to the modern age, having your boots or heels looking shiny and steady. Not only can we replace the most common of weaknesses, such as soles and heels, but we can modify our shoes to look and feel even better than before. Professional and well trained experts can now add non-slip rubber soles, replace and improve heels or toe tips and even build up the heels to make for a more comfortable feel. We have scoured the greater Geelong area for the best shoe repair stores, here is what we recommend.

1. Mister Minit

Mister Minit Geelong

Since 1957 Mister Minit has provided top notch shoe repair services in and around Geelong. Mister Minit can fix up your old and dear pairs, as well as providing a wide variety of modifications, such as anti-slip rubber soles or stretching for those tight new pairs. Having opened their doors back when cobblers first appeared on the scene, means they have evolved hand in hand with the industry. All that experience in the trade ensures the ultimate shoe repair service. Besides shoe repair and modification services, Mister Minit has a quality key and remote service, so you can rest easy if caught locking yourself out. Services stretch further to engraving knives and watches to add that special addition to any standard item. Classy watch repairs, tool sharpening and production of commercial badges or signs, they have it all. If you need your shoes repaired they offer a convenient call out service, sending a trained professional to your doorstep. 

2. Oz Wide Locksmiths

Oz Wide Locksmiths Geelong

Primarily a locksmith shop, Oz Wide does offer a highly reputable shoe repair service from their premises at the Market Square Shopping centre in Geelong. They have been in business since 1969, honing their skills in a large variety of services. Whether you are in need of watch repairs, watch batteries and bands, key cutting and programming, sharpening scissors, knives or gardening tools as well as laser and machine engraving, they have you covered with well trained experts on hand. Oz Wide Locksmiths do offer a call out service for added convenience, making your shoe repairs that much easier. The service at Oz Wide is some of the friendliest in Geelong.

3. The Olde Sole – Shoe and Leather Repairs

The Olde Sole - Shoe and Leather Repairs Geelong

The Olde Sole is a one stop shop for any shoe repairs needed in the greater Geelong area. Offering a variety of modifications, such as engraving, for any and all leather apparel, you don’t need to look further. The experts on the shop floor will be more than happy to advise you on the best options available, drawing from their wealth of experience, allowing you to make the most informed decision. Keeping busy with sole and heel repairs, The Olde Sole nails the basics while also offering modern cobbler care for your beloved pair of shoes. They have the most modern tools on hand and are always looking to evolve as the trade does too. A combination of well trained staff and modern equipment, make for a great shoe repair experience in Geelong.

4. Town & Country Cobbler

Town & Country Cobbler Geelong

During the 1950’s, when people started wearing modern footwear, cobblers became widely popular as they worked in the open or in tiny cubicles along the street. Today, this service has progressed to suit the modern times. Town & Country Cobbler offer a high end shoe repair service at a reasonable price. They are the only R.M Williams authorised repair shop in Geelong. You can also rely on their top notch services when it comes to locksmiths, key cutting, engraving, remote controls or knife and scissor sharpening. At Town & Country Cobbler, they pride themselves in good old hard work, yet they update their workbench to have the latest and most efficient equipment on the market, ensuring your shoe repairs will last for years to come, it’s a guarantee.


Looking for a shoe repair store has never been easier, as these one stop shops provide you with the best possible service in Geelong. These four stores have been in the trade for over 50 years, accumulating in the ultimate modern cobbler service and tools. Whether you are finding a store or having your pair of shoes picked up, these four stores have you covered. Gone are the days of walking with a broken heel, toe tip or sole, now we can get them fixed professionally anytime, anywhere. Shoe repair services have evolved with the modern times bringing cobblers into the twenty first century and giving us, the client, an unique look and feel into one of the dearest trades that was born nearly a century ago. We can now walk comfortably knowing our shoes can be repaired immaculately by any of these four. Our shoes can live forever and look better than ever, so walk wild and fast, make those memories knowing your dearest pair can always be repaired by your favourite cobbler.  

Do you or someone that you know own a shoe repair shop, that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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