Primary School Geelong

Education is fundamental in every community where we pass on knowledge, facts and cultural norms to our future generations. Schooling is more than just providing a safe learning space for children but a place where students are taught life long values and develop meaningful long term connections. Primary schools form the foundation for a student’s educational journey and choosing the right primary school for your child can be a harrowing experience. Fortunately, in Geelong there is no shortage of outstanding primary schools. We’ve put together an informative list of the best primary schools in Geelong, so without further adieu let’s dive and breakdown these fine establishments.

1. Geelong Lutheran College

Geelong Lutheran College

Geelong Lutheran College is an innovative and Christian centered learning environment that focuses on guiding future generations by exposing them to a caring environment that encourages creativity and cultivating confidence. The school actually enrolls students at the kindergarten, primary and high school levels and has two campuses, one in the center of Geelong and one out of Armstrong Creek. They have a strong community centered mission and vision statement, focusing on developing your child’s talents and interests in manner that creates a future community leader that enriches the broader Australian society. Their 3 core pillars center around wisdom by providing access to knowledge, honour by respecting yourself and others, and purpose by guiding students to explore and enhance their talents. Geelong Lutheran College makes it quite simple to enroll, providing an online enrollment process and have a great academic scholar ship program. For parents that have a busy work schedule, there’s a before and after school program that will keep your child engaged and further their development.

2. St Margaret’s Primary School

St Margaret's Primary School Geelong

St Margaret’s primary school provides a co-educational learning environment that encompasses a passionate space for their students to study in. This Catholic school centers around promoting the Christian faith, a healthy cultural experience and healthy lifestyle. The Catholic religion forms a pillar in their curriculum, extending out from the classroom to all aspects of the learning environment. The aim being for their students to form strong sense of responsibility and becoming productive member of society. At St Margaret’s your child will have their creativity fostered in a safe, inclusive and flexible learning environment. You can expect dedicated teaching staff and strong learning community at this historical primary school, dating back to the late 1940’s. The school has great ties with the local community and is always looking to improve this through their annual beach picnic where they continue to foster these ties. St Margaret’s Primary School definitely deserves their spot on this list for the best primary schools in Geelong and is perfect for those parents who wish their child to be educated by a strong Catholic establishment with all the associated core values.

3. St Mary’s Primary School

St Mary's Primary School Geelong

St Mary’s is a Christian co-educational primary school located in Geelong’s CBD, adjacent to St Mary’s Basilica. It is one of Geelong’s oldest schools, dating back to 1942. Being located in the city center is ideal for students, studying in close proximity to the Geelong library and other sites of cultural and heritage importance. Students at St Mary’s engage in a comprehensive curriculum, that includes Catholic religious education, and parents can look forward to their children being taught the knowledge, behaviors and skills needed in everyday life. The schools campus is amazing and incorporates two adventure playgrounds, that’s right – adventure playgrounds. The school follows 5 core pillars that give a good idea as to what you can expect from a student studying there and what you can expect the school to deliver to your child. These core pillars include education within the realm of faith, learning from one another as well as teaching one another, the wellbeing of the students, have strength through a robust school community and developing a strong sense of leadership and management. St Mary’s has an extremely strong, transparent relationship between itself, parents, students, the local community and the parish. If you’re looking to send your child to a school with strong traditions and connections to the community and the parish, then St Mary’s Primary School is the best primary school in Geelong for you.

4. St Patrick’s Primary School

St Patrick's Primary School Geelong

St Patrick’s Primary School provides a Catholic learning atmosphere, located near the Geelong CBD. The school boasts spacious classrooms that allow for plenty of light, some with folding walls, on the inside. All classrooms feature a splash of modernity with air-conditioners, interactive whiteboards and computers. The outside has some amazing spaces for encouraging creativity like the large football oval, the adventure playground and sandpits. There are also basketball and netball courts for those students needing to burn that extra amount of pent up energy. The school has a commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness, shown through the schools vegetable garden that thrives off water from the school tank. What really makes St Patrick’s Primary School one of the best primary schools in Geelong is its unique approach learning, the curriculum is best described as being sequenced. This method of educating means that each child has a tailored learning experience based on their individual needs, students are assessed and provided support accordingly. The rationality being that no child is left behind, a scenario that happens to often in schools these days.


The list of outstanding primary schools is testament to Geelong’s longstanding commitment to encouraging productive members of society that have a strong connection in faith. As a parent in Geelong, you can rest easy that your child will be in good hands when attending on the four primary schools, listed above. They all encourage creativity and provide a space for your child to grow in terms of knowledge and become all they are meant to be. We were very impressed by how well they’ve managed to combine the traditions of old with the integration of modern teaching practices and technologies. These schools are embedded in the community and provide great learning environments for all students, they really are the best primary schools in Geelong.

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