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The 10 Best Plumbers In Geelong

The 10 Best Plumbers In Geelong

To live comfortably at home means the insides of our homes need to be working smoothly. Small to large issues might arise and you’ll find your dad, husband or brother will, at times, pretending they can keep the house running in mint condition, just as their fathers did before them, but the reality of the situation is you need to have spent hours practicing and honing the trade before can even attempt to fix the leaky faucet. Therefore we have compiled this list of the top plumbers in Geelong.

As our homes become increasingly more modern and comfortable, so does our need to maintain them. A major improvement to the common home was the introduction of plumbing, which to my surprise, has been around for far longer than you might think. As a result, plumbers have been absolutely necessary in any advancing society for centuries. To be more specific, consider how decent plumbing has made the midnight winter loo visit far more convenient. Gone are the days of using an outdoor toilet. Yet, most of us don’t care to recognize the importance of these pipes until we have a serious issue.

Plumbers cover far more ground than just sorting out a blocked drain, they are vital to the livelihood of our kitchens and bathrooms. Issues such as leaky faucets or pipes, running toilets, slow or clogged drains and water heaters are all in the repertoire of the following Geelong plumbers. We have smashed the pipes wide open to find the ten best plumbers in Geelong, let’s see who they are.  

1. Diverse Plumbing Systems

Diverse Plumbing Systems Geelong

Diverse Plumbing Systems is a firmly established company in the western Melbourne area, servicing from Altona to Lara and beyond. They offer all your specialised plumbing services and as the name suggests, they have diversified their skills and tools to suit commercial and residential properties. Offering fifteen years worth of knowledge in the field, Diverse can cover all your needs. Twenty four hour emergency services are offered year round, meaning you never have to wait to sort out that annoying drip in the loo or other more severe issues.

As a whole, they pride themselves in getting the job done accurately the first time, reducing costs and headaches for you, the client. Noteworthy extra services offered include, gas fittings and testing, also outdoor drainage installations, making Diverse Plumbing Systems a one stop shop. Hard work and determination pays off, a belief instilled by the founder Mat, laying the pipes himself to build this company from the ground up all the while ensuring there are no leaks whatsoever.    

2. Flowright Plumbing Solutions

Flowright Plumbing Solutions Geelong

Need a plumber with civil engineering experience? Specialising in small and large commercial property renovations or foundations? You have found Flowright Plumbing Solutions, the answer for you in Geelong. Flowright is a solo owned company built by a former apprentice himself, Jack Whiting. He spent years building up his knowledge of the trade and has now already established Flowright Plumbing Solutions as one of the leading companies in the Geelong area. Since 2016, Jack has paid attention to the smallest of details to launch Flowright Plumbing Solutions into mainly the commercial game.

Flowright plumbing Solutions sports large equipment and machinery, enabling them to successfully service their clients commercial needs. Flowright offers a variety of skills, from more advanced and specialised plumbing services such as civil drainage, hydraulic plumbing, fire services and ring mains to more basic services, such as grease interceptor traps, storm water systems, hot water systems and sewer blockages. However basic or advanced the job at hand is, Flowright guarantees customer satisfaction.

3. MP Plumbing Solutions

MP Plumbing Solutions Geelong

Catering more specifically to domestic plumbing services in Geelong, MP Plumbing Solutions have been sharpening their skills and proficiency for more than ten years. They have been laying the pipes to some of the most recent multi unit developments around the greater Geelong area, while also providing emergency plumbing services, hot water service installations or repairs and gas fitting. MP can supply you with a variety of comprehensive blueprints and developmental plans, in order for you to make the most informed decision. Only using high end tools and products, MP Plumbing Solutions can guarantee customer satisfaction. Taking great care in their trade. MP can be trusted to deliver on making your home an oasis with no leaky faucets.       

4. Local Plumbing Group

Local Plumbing Group Geelong

Local Plumbing Group was built on excellent service delivery, going above and beyond to ensure their clients’ needs are met. Focussing primarily on domestic plumbing, they do offer some specialised plumbing services, such as hot water repairs or installation and gas fitting repairs or installations. What sets Local Plumbing Group apart is the interpersonal skills they possess, which allows them to not only fix the plumbing issues on hand, but also repair or install things in a way that suits the clients’ needs and wants.

Word of mouth reviews have been the base to their growth, clearly indicating the professionalism displayed by their well trained staff, who pride themselves in being punctual and cleaning up after completing a job, which can’t be taken for granted.

5. Clearwater Plumbing

Clearwater Plumbing Geelong

Having an emergency domestic plumbing issue in Geelong? Clearwater Plumbing will have your pipes fixed in no time. They are extremely responsive and waste no time in getting out to you before that emergency turns into a crisis, cutting your expenses drastically. At Clearwater Plumbing they understand the need for urgent responses, no diddle daddle with this bunch, all the while never compromising on quality.

The founder, Chris Leach, purposely started the company in order to provide uncompromising quality, with military precision. Staff are constantly trained and tools are regularly updated in order to keep standards high. Clearwater has a broad arsenal of plumbing abilities, ranging across the board from small domestic repairs all the way to large commercial projects. At your service all over the greater Melbourne area, Geelong and the surf coast, Clearwater is the plumber for you.

6. AWDW Plumbing & Gasfitting

AWDW Plumbing & Gasfitting Geelong

Worried about the costs of maintaining your home’s waterworks? AWDW Plumbing & Gasfitting guarantees fixed quotes, putting to rest any concerns about an inflated bill once the job is done. AWDW promises same day service delivery, again saving their clients loads of added expenses. 

Fully licensed and insured, with over 15 years experience in the trade, AWDW brings all concerns to a halt. Having only entered the Geelong market in 2017, they have done fantastically well to break into the market in such a short period of time. This feat alone goes a long way to demonstrate their top notch plumbing and customer services. AWDW have exhibited their desire to only use up to date equipment and strictly abide by all regulations and codes, ensuring the client receives great value for money.

7. Fix It Right Plumbing

Fix It Right Plumbing Geelong

With covid still playing a role in all our lives, it can be tricky letting a stranger into your home, no matter how dire the plumbing situation is. Therefore, Fix It Right Plumbing, is taking the threat and concern of covid very seriously, as they refuse to put their staff or clients in any form of harm’s way. As a result, they have brilliantly set up their operations to be covid compliant, meaning you as the client can rest easy. 

As the name suggests, they don’t believe in trying, they believe in doing it right, the first time. And according to the reviews, this is exactly what they have achieved since starting operations. Servicing domestic plumbing issues all over the Geelong area, they can guarantee fixing whatever the issue might be the first time, or they will pay you 50 dollars. An absolutely incredible guarantee, one of which they haven’t had to deliver on as of yet. 

8. DTS Plumbing

DTS Plumbing Geelong

Fixed prices with no surprises, is what you can find at DTS Plumbing. This is an attitude of theirs that can put to bed all concerns regarding that nasty surprise that far too many of us have received after having our local plumber come out to fix the smallest and most basic of issues. DTS has steadily become one of the biggest commercial and domestic plumbing companies in the Geelong area, since as early as 2008. Steadily improving and consistently delivering quality end results.

DTS goes the extra mile by providing twenty four hour emergency plumbing services, being able to come out any time of day to do even the smallest of jobs, such as clearing a drain via drain jetting, or more intricate jobs such as extensive installations. DTS plumbing can be relied on to deliver any time of day.

9. Ridge Plumbing

Ridge Plumbing Geelong

The guys at Ridge Plumbing And Maintenance, have a large arsenal of plumbing equipment. Specialising in large domestic projects, they have the tools and toys needed to efficiently and effectively complete even the largest of domestic plumbing projects. Yet, you can rely on them for even the smallest of plumbing services. Well trained and up to date staff members can explain and discuss any issue with you, giving you the best possible chance to make the right decision.

Proud to state they are a locally owned company, Ridge Plumbing has come a long way from their humble beginnings, to now being one of the leading plumbing firms in the Geelong area. Their twenty four hour emergency plumbing service is possibly the most reliable one around, with short response times and great service delivery.

10. Seascape Plumbing

Seascape Plumbing Geelong

Seascape Plumbing is hell bent on delivering customer satisfaction, adding the personal touch to any basic plumbing emergency. Servicing the Bellarine Peninsula area, they provide twenty four hour, seven days a week services. Never allowing for your issue to get out of hand and causing damage, as they offer same day service. Seascape Plumbing have successfully ventured into the domestic, commercial, government and real estate plumbing industries, not laying a pipe wrong along the way, to now be one of the biggest and most in demand plumbing companies in the area. This is your one stop plumbing shop as they provide gas fittings and installations and hot water services, making them the only number to dial in the Bellarine Peninsula.


Having your homes’ waterworks in mint condition year round is vital to your quality of life, making the services provided by these companies vital to your comfortability. Now having a plumber you can trust to provide this for you and your family can be tricky, as the market is flooded with many underwhelming companies. Therefore we have put these ten companies to the test to ensure they are the best of the best in and around the Geelong area.

Knowing that you will be afforded comprehensive and high quality products and services, any time of day or night, makes for easy living. The emergency domestic and commercial plumbing services offered in the Geelong area is truly very competitive, which makes our choice as the client very difficult. Therefore we can now, depending on your location and needs, find a top notch plumber very easily. These ten companies promise a great experience to what can otherwise be a smelly or frustrating industry. Get the plumber you need, ensuring your homes are running at their optimal watering capabilities.

Are you or someone that you know a plumber, that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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