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The 10 Places For Best Pizza In Geelong

Pizza Geelong

Pizza has been all the rage and you can find some cracking pizzas in pretty much every corner of the world. It is a ubiquitous choice as most of the time pizza is somewhere on the menu no matter whether you are attending a sporting event or social gathering, or enjoying a night out on the town.

However, not all pizzas are equally created and the style and quality of pizzas can vary widely. Making great pizza can be considered an art form of insightfully combined ingredients that meet a wide range of expectations, even healthy options.

Due to its ubiquity, pizzas in each region have their own styles that may draw your attention, it’s a good idea to try out as many as you can and decide what is the best for your interest.

If you are a pizza lover, aside from the best indication of simply tasting it, there are other ways to score the best slice from its look and pizzeria making it.

First thing first, a good slice of pizza starts with good dough that resides in the bottom and the crust. The well-done bottom will offer a nice crisp bite, and the perfect crust will be toasted on the outside but still remain fluffy and light on the inside. Properly prepared dough with enough time to rise and rest will result in a pliant, crispy yet fluffy, and evenly cooked surroundings slice.

Then let’s move on to sauce, cheese, and toppings. They should be fresh, savory, and bright rather than sweet or dull and applied with perfect portions. Whether the ingredients are fresh can be told by how vibrant they look and how well they hold up even after being cooked. Hence, a worthy option should be a place that invests in whole, fresh vegetables. 

It’s also a good indication that the new pizzeria is clean and the products are served to customers with care by happy employees. All this brings you a better experience and better food.

1. Napoletana Pizza & Pasta

Napoletana Pizza & Pasta Geelong

Napoletana Pizza & Pasta has operated and delivered pizzas with superior quality and local ingredients since 1985. True quality starts with the ingredients. And you can put trust in fresh locally sourced ingredients for their pizzas and other scrumptious dishes. 

Their commitment to delivering the remaining quality is their recipe for success. They always strive for the better with continuous improvement and are willing to try new things and learn from mistakes to improve their customer services.

They also take pride in supporting local communities such as Quiz night for Bellerive primary school and Lindisfarne football club. So if you need a larger quantity for your meeting or any big gatherings, this can be a good choice.

2. Bean & Base

Bean & Base Geelong

Bean & Base is located on Melbourne road Rippleside right opposite the North Geelong train station. When it comes to their pizzas, those are perfectly woodfired and cater to a wide range of customers with conventional options to vegans and tasty meals customized for kids.

Their menu also comes up with several choices for particular meals either breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time. So no matter what period of the day when you yearn for your tasty woodfired pizza, Bean & Base are always there for you. 

Bean & Base is not just as special as a bar that serves pizza, but it is so much more. This is a wonderful option in the event of casual gatherings when the sun goes down, with kitsch decor, a buzzing vibe, pizzas oozing creativity and flavor, and worth-trying beverages. 

Fully-equipped service with various food and drinks options that serve every need even for vegans or kids makes it a great choice. Their menu and order option is available on their website, so give it a try when it’s time for your meal.

3. Shannon Pizza

Shannon Pizza Geelong

Shannon Pizza conveniently caters to citizens in the west of Geelong every day of the week except for Tuesday. 

This is a reliable option for you as a pizza lover. Since they offer a wide range of pizzas with fresh ingredients that may satisfy you and your whole family. 

You’ll also find that they are invested in their jobs and always go all out to get your pizza as good as it can be. The generational style, quality, same friendliness of feel-like-home service that is run with care and attention to detail make this family-owned restaurant a good choice. 

Another plus is that they offer special deals throughout the week and do deliveries to a wide range of suburbs. So, have a look at their menu and enjoy your meal.

4. Crust Pizza

Crust Pizza Geelong

Crust Pizza Geelong is all the rage so it’s one of the most convenient options for near-me restaurants. Their passion for pizzas resides in the high-quality ingredients they use to make fresh and tasty final products. They have also built their reputation by delivering quality fast food for several tastes at the best value for money.

Their specialty can be noticed via informative energy intake for each of their options on the menu. This indicates that their customer service is well-invested with care and worth your penny. 

They make great pizzas with love, but that’s not all. Their menu is also complemented with a range of sides, desserts, and beverages to provide customers with perfect meals. 

What is more, Crust Catering Connoisseur is available for corporate catering needs as well. So, instead of triangle sandwiches, you can make your next meeting or function a sensational experience all around with just a few clicks.

5. La Campagnola Pizzeria Gelateria

La Campagnola Pizzeria Gelateria Geelong

La Campagnola Pizzeria Gelateria offers amazing pizzas and desserts on a daily basis from 4 pm in Geelong West. Their close time varies daily so pay a little more attention to this.

Their pizzas are well-cooked and invested with a variety of flavors and toppings ranging from traditional, classic, to popular style that will please every interest. 

They also offer combo and for-kids options so it’s a great place for any gatherings whether with your friends, colleagues, or your kids and enjoy the amazing taste together. 

On-time deliveries are available as well. Pizzas are willing to be delivered to several areas while always maintaining the perfect temperature and freshness. 

Aside from scrumptious pizzas, pasta, risotto, sides, and various mouth-watering desserts are great offers from La Campagnola Pizzeria Gelateria for a perfect meal. 

They also have rewards for customers’ loyalty, so contact them, enjoy the great meal, and reap the bargain when possible.

6. Pizza Bar

Pizza Bar Geelong

Located in West Geelong, Pizza Bar’s original Parko location is available every day for either pickups, deliveries. They are thriving and launching a new Belmont location. For now, only the dining room is not ready. 

You can still order and get local delivery from the Belmont location from Thursday to Saturday if it is more convenient for you. They also come up with an app for customers where there are huge discounts and exclusive offers.

They ask customers to call them after 3 pm any day of the week for table reservations instead of booking requests over email. This is understandable to make your booking easier and more well-approached.​

With 10 years of experience in serving Italian-based food, this bar has a wide range of great flavored pizzas for your interests as well as pasta and other mouth-watering options for vegans and vegetarians. This bar also offers several beverages ranging from cocktails to wine for your chill moments.

Another special point is that dough packs are available for your purchase at the restaurant. Pick one and give your own Pizza Bar pizzas a try at your sweet home.

7. Original Wood Oven Pizza

Original Wood Oven Pizza Geelong

Original Wood Oven Pizza Geelong serves authentic, exclusive, and irresistible pizzas and other dishes to various areas in Geelong. 

They have lots of offers in both food and beverages and provide you with the convenience of placing an order online which is just a click away.

With reasonable prices and sumptuous pizza dishes, they are a good choice to pick when it comes to the comfort of relishing the dishes at home with the option of online order that includes delivery and pick-ups. 

When ordering via their app, you can get the promotion code for an extra discount. Let’s make an order and grab the bargain.

8. Pizzeria Adamo

Pizzeria Adamo Geelong

Pizzeria Adamo is a cozy family-owned restaurant located in the heart of Geelong. 

This family-owned restaurant’s beauty specializes in using locally sourced ingredients. When they must use imported produce, only the finest local distributors are considered. Thus, you can chow down here with peace of mind. And that’s how the honest, authentic taste of Italian pizzas and other dishes are brought to Geelong with love and passion. 

Another surprise that Pizzeria Adamo may bring you is the Italian Night taking place every month with live bands ready to rock out. This will be an ideal night out with your family or friends enjoying imported beer and authentic scrumptious food.

However, the spaces are limited so you can contact them for further information and booking.

9. El Toro Pizza & Restaurant

El Toro Pizza & Restaurant Geelong

They commenced their family-owned business way back in 1974 and developed their passion for creating great food, great service, and a cozy atmosphere.

Authentic ingredients and a perfectly charred crust integrated into well-invested pizzas have made El Toro Pizza & Restaurant one of the city’s favorites.

Unlike many others, El Toro Pizza & Restaurant approaches customers in a friendlier way. In other words, you can easily order and contact them via social media – Facebook page.

Don’t forget to look for their special deals and take advantage of those for a bargain. Don’t be fooled by the bargain prices, the pizzas all have a premium taste that is worth your penny.

10. Hustle Gourmet Pizza

Hustle Gourmet Pizza Geelong

Hustle Gourmet Pizza brings New York style to Geelong in each of their outstanding dishes. They believe that good things happen to those who hustle and they hustle to turn their vision into a reality and make their gourmet thrive.

That’s also their background story for an impressive name. They keep their customers coming back by finger-licking delicious food that may beat your hunger. Their great range of options is made to suit everyone’s taste buds.

At Hustle, you will not only be served with the fresh and high-quality ingredients combined in their pizzas and salads but also offered mouth-watering desserts and beverages.


Now you know all the key features of what the best pizza has and you have a list of worthy pizzerias in your hand. It’s time to head to your most favorable option and enjoy your finger-licking delicious pizza. 

In case any inconvenience hinders you from heading out, go for the one with an available delivery service. Great crust, sauces, cheese, and toppings are four vital elements to look for in your next serving to ensure joy during your meal.

Last but not least, many people overestimate imported ingredients from countries that are more famous for their pizza tradition. But actually, that might be a misconception. Great pizza can be made with local ingredients, and imported ingredients can still just create a mediocre pizza. 

The key factor doesn’t reside in luxurious imported ingredients. Any pizzerias ranging from tiny, family-owned ones, the hip newcomers to reputed restaurants can be ones you may want to stick to as long as they maintain the best relationships with their purveyors.

Do you or someone that you know own a pizzeria in Geelong that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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