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The 6 Best Pet Shops In Geelong

The 6 Best Pet Shops In Geelong

If you are a proud and loving pet owner, you will want to treat your pets and provide the best products possible to help give them the highest quality of life and make them feel a part of the family. We’re delighted that we have some great picks for pet shops here in Geelong, so we have picked out for you our top 6 based on their excellence in customer care, their knowledgeable staff, the quality and range of their products, their extensive range of services and we have considered the unique traits that set them apart from the competition. All of the entries on our list will provide advice and suggestions, help you make the right picks for your pets, offer affordable and fair prices and offer services such as deliveries, grooming and more. 

 We understand pets are not just pets, they are your family, a source of love and friendship and that as a pet owner you want nothing but the best for your furry, feathery or scaly friend, so we have made sure to select the pet stores that have top testimonials, experience serving the community and have only the best recommendations. We have included pet stores that also provide animal care services such as healthcare and grooming. We have also tried to include a few entries that provide for not only cats & dogs but birds, reptiles and fish too. You can find all manner of products from food items & health supplements, to stylish coats & jackets and even personalized luxury bowls. Whether you are a professional breeder or just a family with pets to care for, you will find all your requirements met by the entries on our list below. So, if you are as passionate about pets as we are, read on to find out more about the best pet shops here in Geelong.  

1. Pets Domain

Pets Domain Geelong

Pets Domain, located just north of Geelong in Corio, is a one-stop-shop for all your pet product needs. Whether you have a furry, feathered or scaly friend, they are sure to stock some great products that will make both you and your pet happy. They have a huge range of pet food, clothes & accessories, leads, collars & harnesses, carriages & kennels, bowls, bedding toys and more. They offer some of the best prices around and if you like what they offer, you can join up for their +PLUS loyalty program to receive special offers, discounts & rewards. If you are looking to add a pet member to your family you can check out Pets Domain adoption days where you can find a new pet ethically and safely. Get in touch with Pets Domain today so you can get the best products at the best prices for your best friend.

2. PETstock

PETstock Geelong

PETstock is a family-owned & locally run business that has been operating here in Victoria since 2002. The staff at PETstock are experts in their trade and have been highly trained in order to bring the most professional and dedicated service possible. They understand that your animals are not just pets, but are valued and loved by family members and friends who you want to provide the best for in terms of quality of life, health and happiness. PETstock goes the extra mile to provide a top-quality experience for their customers and their services go much further than just stocking your standards pet shop products, at PETstock you can make use of their DIY pet wash, puppy school, pet adoption services, cat boarding, pet ID tags, water testing and more. They offer nationwide delivery on their products and you can visit their store located in Corio to the North of Geelong.

3. Pooches On Pakington

Pooches On Pakington Geelong

If you are looking to pamper your precious pet and provide the perfect products for your pint-sized pals, look no further than Pooches on Pakington. They have a passionate and innovative team that can provide style and elegance for your furry friends. Pooches on Pakington provide a wide range of functional and durable products that are not only comfortable and well-designed but fashionable and stylish too. If you are looking for the perfect treat for your pet, you can check out their delicious snacks, designer accessories, toys, stylish coats & jackets, bedding & bowls and even a pet bakery. They are located in Geelong west where you can book an appointment with one of their expert team or pop in to browse their great selection of pet products.

4. Pawfect Pets

Pawfect Pets Geelong

Pawfect Pets strive to help you provide the best lives possible for your beloved pets. They understand the unconditional love we have for our animal friends and they aim to provide the best products possible from the best manufacturers from around Australia. Their top-quality customer services are well known and their stores are famous for their top treats, accessories, food, toys and more, and we highly recommend their popular pick and mix pet treat stations which provide an amazing variety of delicious treats for a range of pets. They are also expert providers of pet health products and grooming services, from health supplements, a wide range of shampoo & conditioners, pet skin care products and a selection of medicines and remedies for many common ailments. To provide the perfect care for your pets, we recommend checking out Pawfect Pets located in Belmont, Geelong and throughout Victoria.

5. Family Pet & Aquarium

Family Pet & Aquarium Geelong

As their name suggests, Family Pet & Aquarium are a family-owned and run business based here in Geelong. They have been operating and providing for the pet-owner community for over 23 years and they put pride and passion into their work and practice. They have assembled a great team of knowledgeable and experienced staff members that can assist you with their wide range of products and services for all manner of pets. The stock food and snacks from bugs for your scaly friends to fish food, dog treats, bird feed, cat food and frozen foods. You can also browse their amazing aquarium or selection of reptiles if you are looking for some new additions to your home. At Family Pet & Aquarium they want to provide a shopping experience that you and your family can enjoy together, so why not pay them a visit and treat your family and pets today.

6. Fur Baby Boutique

Fur Baby Boutique Geelong

Fur Baby Boutique started when the owner of the boutique could not find a suitable bowl for her fur baby. She wanted something which would suit her style and was personalised for her and her lovely pup named Benson. After spending a few months in search of the perfect bowl she realised she wanted to make products for her furry friends which not only suit the family’s style and looked gorgeous but would last a lifetime too. She adds an extra special touch to the bowls because who doesn’t love something personalized uniquely for them. At Fur Baby Boutique you can spoil your pets with high-end products, designer bowls and more. The elegant and beautifully designed products you can find here add value to your home aesthetic and allow you to have a chance to provide a bit of luxury for your prized pets.


We hope you have enjoyed our list and found the information helpful in your quest to provide the best for your pets. From finding new additions to your family, be it a goldfish or an adopted puppy, there is something for everyone who is passionate about pets here in Geelong. There is a huge range of top-quality products available from the entries on our list, so you can select from the most affordable to most luxurious options for your beloved pets. You can find a vast array of tasty treats, a huge selection of supplements & health products, professional grooming and skincare services, more accessories than you can imagine, practical products such as bedding, carriages, kennels & feeders and a range of food that will take care of any animals needs and requirements and even some entries which provide the perfect ways to pamper your pets with stylish jackets or personalized bowls. All the stores we mentioned have friendly, experienced and passionate staff who can provide expert advice and assistance and help your shopping experience be enjoyable and stress-free. We’re certain that one of the entries on our list will become your trusted and favoured pet shop of choice in Geelong.

Do you or someone that you know own a pet shop that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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