The 8 Best Geelong Family Lawyers


Nothing is more important than family and protecting your family is at the top of most people’s priorities, in most cases, there are legal implications that come with most of these family-related decisions. This is when a family lawyer is needed.

Family lawyers help their clients with a variety of legal issues that pertain to the family. They can assist with things like divorce, child custody, and adoption. They also help families negotiate prenuptial agreements and handle other legal matters that may arise within the family unit. Family lawyers are trained to provide both legal and emotional support to their clients, which can be invaluable during times of stress and upheaval.

No matter what kind of legal issue you are facing, a family lawyer can help. They will work with you to find the best possible solution for your particular situation. If you are going through a divorce, for example, a family lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and ensure that you get what is rightfully yours. Likewise, if you are going through a child custody dispute or adoption process, they can help guide you through the legal system and make sure that your rights as a parent are protected.

Geelong has an amazing group of legal professionals to help guide you through any legal matters concerned with the family. We’ve put together a list of the best Geelong family lawyers to help make the process a bit easier.

1. Cahill & Rowe Family Law

Cahill And Rowe Family Law In Geelong

Cahill & Rowe Family Law is one of the leading family law firms in Geelong. Their experienced team of family lawyers specializes in all aspects of family law, including divorce, child custody and support, property settlements, and more. With over many years of experience in the field, they have a deep understanding of complex legal issues related to family law, as well as the emotional and personal struggles that often go along with these issues. They are committed to providing clients with top-quality legal representation, no matter what their situation may be. Whether you are just starting a divorce proceeding or receiving child support payments after your divorce was finalized, the team at Cahill & Rowe Family Law can help you navigate the legal landscape and achieve the best possible outcome for your family. Contact Cahill & Rowe Family Law today to schedule a consultation with one of their experienced family lawyers.

2. Van Beveren Lawyers

Van Beveren Lawyers Geelong

Van Beveren Lawyers has been providing legal services to the Geelong community for many years. They are a team of experienced and dedicated lawyers who are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

They understand that dealing with legal issues can be stressful, so we take a personalised approach to every case. Thye will explain your options and help you make informed decisions about your future.

They have a broad range of expertise, including family law, criminal law, conveyancing, wills and estates, commercial law, and more. Whether you are facing a legal issue for the first time or need expert advice on an ongoing matter, they can help.

3. Geelong Legal

Geelong Legal

Geelong Legal is a law firm located in Geelong, Victoria. They specialize in family and criminal law services, providing legal representation to individuals, businesses, and other organizations throughout the region.

With years of experience in the legal field, Geelong Legal has built a reputation for being one of the best law firms in the region. They provide a wide range of services, including helping with wills and probate, conveyancing, debt recovery, family and contract law.

Aside from their legal expertise, Geelong Legal makes themselves accessible to clients at all times. Their attorneys are available 24 hours a day for emergencies or anytime you need quick legal advice on a pressing matter.

4. Harwood Andrews

Harwood Andrews Geelong

Harwood Andrews is one of the oldest and most respected firms in Geelong. They have been helping people with their legal needs, whatever they may be, for years.

The lawyers at Harwood Andrews have a wealth of experience and expertise that they use to provide clients with quality advice and representation. Whether you need help with wills and estates, family law, or other matters, you can be confident that they will work tirelessly to help you reach a successful outcome.

Harwood Andrews is dedicated to client care, and they ensure that clients feel supported and informed at every step of their legal journey. Their lawyers understand the stress and difficulty that comes with dealing with all kinds of legal issues, and they do everything in their power to make the process easier for you.

5. Trapski Family Law

Trapski Family Law

The Trapski Family Law team in Geelong is headed up by Accredited Specialist in Family Law, Alison Trapski. Alison and her team are passionate about providing the best possible outcome for their clients and their families.

The team at Trapski Family Law understands that going through a divorce or separation can be one of the most stressful times in your life. They are here to help you through the process and make sure that you get the best possible outcome for you and your family.

They offer a range of services including:

  • divorce and separation
  • property settlements
  • spousal maintenance
  • child custody and visitation
  • child support

If you are going through a divorce or separation, the team at Trapski Family Law can help you. Contact them today to find out more.

6. Wightons Lawyers

Wightons Lawyers Geelong

Wightons Lawyers is a leading law firm based in Geelong. The firm has a strong reputation for providing quality legal services to clients in a range of different industries.

The firm has a team of experienced lawyers who can provide advice on a wide range of legal matters, including business law, property law, and family law.

At Wightons Lawyers, they understand that navigating the legal system can be a daunting experience for many people. That’s why they work closely with their clients to ensure they always receive the individualized attention and support they need when dealing with complex legal issues. Whether you need assistance drafting a business contract or are going through a divorce, the team at Wightons Lawyers can help you protect your interests and achieve a favourable outcome.

7. Coulter Legal

Coulter Legal Geelong

Looking for a reliable and experienced legal team in Geelong? Look no further than Coulter Legal! With so many years of experience providing expert legal advice to individuals and businesses throughout the region, they are here to help you navigate through even the most complex legal issues.

At Coulter Legal, they pride themselves on their commitment to client satisfaction. They understand that the legal process can be daunting and confusing, which is why they will always take the time to explain things in a way that you can understand. They also know that every case is different, which is why they will tailor their approach to suit your individual needs.

8. Pearsons Lawyers

Pearsons Family Law Geelong

Pearsons Family Law in Geelong is a long-standing and well-respected law firm specializing in family law. The team of experienced lawyers at Pearsons has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of family law, including divorce, property settlements, child custody and support, spousal maintenance, and more.

Whether you need help navigating the complicated legal processes involved in a divorce, or you just have some questions about your situation and what to do next, Pearsons Family Law is here to provide expert advice and guidance every step of the way. So if you’re looking for a family law firm in Geelong with a reputation for delivering outstanding results, look no further than Pearsons.


When it comes to divorce, adoption or custody law it makes sense to get a professional involved. Using a good family lawyer can often make the process you’re going through a lot faster and reduces the stresses associated on you and your family. Fortunately Geelong has a span of great lawyers spread throughout the city and most of them have great family law departments.

If you’re looking for professional help while navigating family law, then we highly suggest having a look through our list of the best Geelong family lawyers.

Do you or someone that you know own a law firm that deals with family law, that should be on this list, let us know at:

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The 7 Best Geelong Locksmiths


We looked for Geelong locksmiths that’ll help you out with all your safety needs. Included on our list are quick locksmiths, who offer professional services and provide quality products. 

We also focused on locksmiths that provide 24-hour services so you can be sure you’ll have a locksmith any time of the day. Included on the list are locksmiths that offer additional services, like engraving, gifts, and trophies.

Let’s take a look at the 7 best Geelong locksmiths!

1. Rocky’s City By The Bay Locksmiths

Rocky's City By The Bay Locksmiths Geelong

Rocky’s City by the Bay Locksmiths is open 24 hours/ 7 days a week. They are a Geelong locksmith that can get you out of a jam any time of the day. They provide quality locksmith services to both residential and business customers. They’ve been in business for 35 years so you can be sure they know what they’re doing. 

Having an MLAA (Business Member of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australia), Rocky’s have only the best security products and trusted service. They use brands such as Lockwood, Kaba, Abus, Dorma, and Padde. 

What service you’re needing, they’ve got it. They’ll install new locks for buildings and gates. They also install restricted and master key systems. If you are in a bit of a pickle, Rocky’s can come by and supply new keys and lock re-keying.

Just a few of their other services include lock servicing repairs, strike adjustments, and auto locks. You can contact them for a free onsite quote and security survey.

2. Geelong Locksmiths

Geelong Locksmiths

Geelong Locksmiths focuses on domestic, commercial, and automotive locksmithing. Having serviced Geelong since 1963, they are well established in Geelong’s locksmith world. 

They offer services and products tailored to customers’ budgets. Geelong Locksmiths has a wide range of durable security devices. Locking devices, batteries, mechanical locks, and cash and fire safes are available. They also have electronic security products in stock.

Their automotive service is particularly popular, as they offer a wide range of automotive services. If you get locked out of your car, or it’s stuck in the ignition, they’ll be able to have you back on the road. They can help with emergency lockouts, new keys cutting, and new remotes. They are also able to extract broken keys and duplicate keys.

Another 24 hour/ 7 days a week locksmith, they provide highly professional services for the Greater City of Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, and Surf Coast. You’ll find them located just a few minutes from Geelong City Hall, a very central location.

3. Mister Minit

Mister Minit Geelong

Mister Minit, “Real people, fixing real problems.”

Mister Minit has a wide range of services including car key services. But, they also specialise in gift engraving and pet tag engraving. 

As part of their key services, they offer key duplications for car keys, remotes, proximity keys, and integrated keys. They understand safety technology has become quite intricate, so they can help fix or duplicate complicated systems for you. 

They also offer access cards and RFID services. These are often used to gain access to apartments, hotels, and buildings nowadays. Mister Minit can duplicate and install RFID badges, cards, and keyrings. 

Their engraving and design services are top-notch. Your pet deserves the best pet tag to ensure their safety. Mister Minit has adorable pet identification tags of all colours, shapes, and sizes. But, if you’re looking to engrave a gift for a special person, they’ll also engrave anything from candles, barware, and pens to necklaces and knives.

4. Stan Wootton Locksmiths

Stan Wootton Locksmiths Geelong

Looking for the right lock, cut key, or engraved trophy, Stan Wootton Locksmiths is your go-to guy. No matter what, from key cutting to delicate rotary and laser engravings they have steady hands to guarantee great customer service. 

SW Locksmiths, located in the heart of Geelong, offer hardware, locks, and keys. They can both install and uninstall key and security systems. If there’s a key emergency they’ll be there as soon as possible. They’ll help you out from beginning to end!

One of the highlights of SW Locksmiths is their trophy, engraving, and giftware services. A lot of Geelong clubs and sporting organisations use SW Locksmiths services. Their sister company, Champion Trophies have many different materials and designs to support an array of different sports. But if you’re looking for a customised trophy they’ll do that too! 

SW Locksmith also has a 24-hour emergency locksmith service you can contact to bring someone out to your residential, automotive, or commercial property.

5. Oz Wide Locksmiths

Oz Wide Locksmiths Geelong

Oz Wide Locksmiths is another top-rated Geelong locksmith that provides locksmith and security services. 

You’ll find they focus a lot on security as they offer alarm and CCTV systems, locksmithing, and 24-hour emergency services. They are a member of the LGA (Locksmith Guild of Australia) so you know you’ll be satisfied with their professional services. 

Oz Wide Locksmiths are experts at restricted keying systems and transponder key systems. These systems are advanced, using Lockwood products. They can’t be duplicated without authorisation, but Oz Wide Locksmiths is able to duplicate and program it onsite.

They’ve got a 24-hour mobile service that you can’t miss, it’s a bright green van. This is a great service for a not-so-great situation. Oz Wide Locksmiths are often called out for residential and commercial properties that have been burgled. Also if you’ve been locked out of your car or house in the early hours of the morning they can help you out!

6. Locktec Locksmiths

Locktec Locksmiths Geelong

Locktec Locksmiths is a professional locksmith service that’ll assist you with any locksmithing needs quickly and effectively. They understand the inconvenience it can cause so they work to ensure there’s minimal impact on your day-to-day plans. 

Their services include garage remotes, automotive locksmith services, house locks, digital locks, and car locks. What’s fantastic about Locktec Locksmiths is that they have the latest technology on board so they can cut transponder keys and remotes on site. 

If you take a look at their reviews you’ll find they’ve got an impeccable reputation so give Locktec Locksmiths ago when you need.

7. Detail Locksmiths

Detail Locksmiths Geelong

Detail Locksmiths service Geelong, Surfcoast, bellarine, Armstrong Creek, and Bannockburn. If you’re needing a locksmith in any of these areas they’ve got a professional team that are qualified and licensed. 

Detail Locksmiths offer loads of services like key cuts, broken locks, damaged keys and can upgrade security systems. Be sure to see their different numbers to call. There’s one number for general key locksmith services and a different number for automotive locksmiths. 

You can submit an online submission with requests and they’ll get back to you with feedback and a quote.


There are many different locksmiths that can help you out in a jam. They’ll help provide you the greatest security as well as a few extra services. They are able to provide you with top services. If you’re looking for something simple like having a key cut or if you need a high tech security system installed, they are able to help with any locksmith needs you require. 

It’s important to have a locksmith you can trust to ensure your family or work offices are safe. Investing in hiring well-known and reviewed locksmiths will help minimise risks so you can sleep well at night knowing you’re safe. But, if you are just looking for a key cut or to fix a broken lock, these Geelong locksmiths can easily fix a simple problem. 

All on our list are fantastic so give one a try!

Are you or someone that you know a locksmith, that should be on this list, let us know at:

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The 10 Best Furniture Stores In Geelong


There’s no place like home. Whether you are an interior design lover or looking for a bargain, our list of the 10 best furniture stores in Geelong will have you wanting to revamp your whole house!

There are a bunch of fantastic furniture stores in Geelong that stock all the best furniture items. If you’ve got the exact look already planned, these stores are filled to the brim with trendy furniture, unique pieces, and luxurious items. 

If you’re not quite sure what style you’re looking for, you can browse catalogues until inspiration hits. There are also a lot of sales you can look through to find an absolute bargain. 

The stores have eclectic collections of both international and local brands so you have the chance to completely immerse yourself into the world of interior decor. If you’re not quite sure about interior design, when visiting the store, staff will help you with colour palettes, material options and are clued up on the latest trends. 

Let’s take a look at Geelong’s top 10 best furniture stores. It was difficult to narrow it down to 10 but these stores are Geelong gems!

1. Early Settler

Early Settler Geelong

Starting off the list, Early Settler is all about stylish living that is still comfy and affordable. They offer furniture with accents of classical, rustic, French provincial, and urban furniture. It sounds costly but actually, their prices are pretty good!

Since opening in 1985, Settler has grown to become a 56-strong network of stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. With a user-friendly website that’s easy to navigate, you can shop online and get your furniture and homeware delivered. 

They cover all the different rooms in your house. They’ve got furniture for the kitchen and dining rooms to lounges and offices. Early Settler also stocks homeware products like lighting, rugs, heating, locks, and latches. You can decorate your house from scratch! 

Check out their website or visit their store to see all the gorgeous furniture you could add to your house.

2. Focus on Furniture

Focus on Furniture Geelong

Another huge collection of furniture, Focus on Furniture works to keep their standards high while providing customers with the best style, quality, functionality, and value available. 

On their site, they have a fantastic catalogue that’s updated frequently, so you can find the best pieces and browse to find some inspiration. In their catalogue, you’ll see some prime examples of the beautiful and elegant furniture they have in stock. 

They sell all types of furniture from lounges and sofas, bedrooms and all things dining and lounge related. 

Focus on Furniture also has a VIP Loyalty Lounge service where you can get the red carpet treatment, or a blue, patterned carpet treatment, whichever you fancy. Sign up and get word on the latest product ranges and inspiration.

3. Fantastic Furniture

Fantastic Furniture Geelong

One of Australia’s best-valued furniture and bedding shops, Fantastic Furniture’s Geelong branch offers a wide variety of all things furniture. They’ve got over 80 stores around Australia, so you can be sure you’re dealing with one of the best.

They have got sofas, dining tables, office furniture, beds, kids’ furniture, mattresses, and bedding just to name a few. What’s great about Fantastic Furniture is that it’s able to suit every style and every budget. No matter what feel or cost you’re looking for, you’re able to easily create a home you love. 

They’ve got a ‘My Choice’ option where you can choose from over 50 fabrics to be sure you’re getting exactly what you want. There’s also a ‘30 day change of mind policy’ as they understand sometimes a piece just doesn’t work in your home. 

Fantastic Furniture works with Afterpay, so you can buy now and pay later. No need to wait for your savings to buffer.

4. OZ Design Furniture Geelong

OZ Design Furniture Geelong

OZ Design Furniture Geelong is a great store and site to visit if you’re still looking for inspiration. They’ve got design trends, inspiration, and catalogues that’ll help you out. Another great thing about this store is that they focus on Australian-made products. 

There are a lot of different types of furniture and collections to choose from. They’ve even got an extensive clearance sale section to take advantage of!

Their showroom is in Geelong West head there if you’re in the area!

5. Schots Home Emporium

Schots Home Emporium Geelong

Schots Home Emporium looks to art, architecture, and design, blending the past and present to gather the ultimate eclectic range. They’ll only provide pieces with personality and sophistication.  

Curating furniture and lighting very specifically, you’ll find their collection boasts the highest quality craftsmanship. Whether a beautiful reproduction of classic pieces or cutting edge design, they’ve got a little for everyone. 

Their goal is to offer all the fixtures so their customers can decorate their home from top to bottom. They’ve got fireplaces, unique lighting, sinks, tapware, and so much more. 

Using the best leathers and reclaimed timbers, Schots Home Emporium works hard to be aware of trends but knows classic and sophisticated style will always be in vogue.

6. Bayside Furniture

Bayside Furniture Geelong

Established in 2001, Bayside Furnitures are wholesalers who import and sell solid wood interior and outdoor furniture. This store is definitely your go-to if you’re revamping your patio or outdoors. 

At Bayside Furniture you’ll find high-end collections for all different spaces in your house. The outdoor collection has outdoor tables, seating, and sun lounges to turn your backyard into a resort. 

They have a main office, showroom, and warehouse in Geelong Victoria. You can explore their many different collections!

7. Ampersand Home

Ampersand Home Geelong

A gorgeous furniture and lifestyle store, Ampersand Home focuses on stocking furniture made by local talent. It’s a great way to support Geelong’s local businesses. 

Their furniture includes bedroom tables, sofas, and a lot of outdoor furniture. Customers spend ages browsing all the furniture they have to offer. Also, if you’re looking for a gift or two, Ampersand Home sells gorgeous gifts, clothes and art.

This is the spot for outdoor furniture. They have trendy furniture designs that are perfect for outdoor spaces. You’ll find outdoor dining tables, chairs, and lounge sets. On their site there’s lots of sales to find a good deal for your balcony, garden or patio. 

So, why not “breathe in the style that is Amplesand…”

8. Geelong Furniture By Design

Geelong Furniture By Design

With more than 60 years of experience, Geelong Furniture Design can custom design and custom-make any individual piece you want. Supplying a wide range of timber and stained or painted finishes, your custom-designed furniture will be one of a kind.

Geelong Furniture By Design focuses on sourcing sustainable resources. They use many types of Australian Timber, such as recycled messmate, red gum, and American oak. You can design your dream furniture while still ensuring it’s environmentally friendly. 

You’ll find they focus on tables, but there are loads of different options. Coffee tables, desks, dining, extension tables, and hall tables are just a few opinions they specialise in. 

Their store is down in Geelong West if you’d like to take a look at their showroom. Or you can contact them for a free quote!

9. Berkowitz Furniture

Berkowitz Furniture Geelong

What’s great about Berkowitz Furniture is that they provide furniture care and leather & fabric protection programs. 

Berkowitz Furniture has a long history. They started as a cabinet making company in 1912. After relocating to Australia they’ve become a leading furniture making company. 

On their site, you can also browse through their clearance sale. There are top-notch brand-new furniture pieces at very responsible prices. 

Berkowitz Furniture stocks many popular furniture brands, such as Garstone, IMG, Molmic, Moran, Stressless, and Weave. Check out a showroom today and see the awesome furniture available.

10. Livingetc

Livingetc Geelong

Livingetc doesn’t only sell furniture, they also have an array of household items to spruce up your current decor situation. If you’ve got the basics down with standard furniture such as a sofa or bed, but looking for a little something extra, you can find plants, mirrors, pillows, etc. 

You can visit their showroom to really visualise and bring your vision to life. The showroom is constantly evolving, reflecting Livingetc’s exceptional and innovative approach to design. 

The furniture store carries premium brands like Ethnicraft, Bayliss, and Hermon. If you’re looking for some in-depth advice about decorating the perfect space, Livingetc’s teams are experienced designers and stylists and you can book a consultation to help you enhance your individual style.


To sum it up, you’ve got an array of choices to choose from. Geelong’s furniture stores are professional and well stocked  to make your home perfect! From locally sourced furniture to international luxury brands, Geelong furniture stores have got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for a sofa or table to complete your house or wanting to completely revamp your house, these furniture stores provide many options for you. You’ll find everything from beds, sofas, tables to outdoor furniture to desks and recliner chairs. 
Each of these stores ensure professional services and top quality furniture so you can be sure you are getting the best of the best. Take a look at their website catalogues or browse their showrooms to find the perfect furniture piece for your home.

Do you or someone that you know own a furniture store, that should be on this list, let us know at:

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The 7 Best Real Estate Agents In Geelong


Home sweet home! There’s nothing better than getting to say that out loud. The right house, office or commercial space is extremely important and can be the difference between a house and a home, or business and successful business. Going about this alone can be daunting but not to worry, there are individuals available that specialize in the property hunting game. These time savers are known as real estate agents.

Finding the right real estate agent is extremely important in order for you to have a comfortable and reassuring  property hunting experience. 

We’ve got a list of the best real estate agents in Geelong. Whether you’re looking to rent an apartment, buying your first home or downsizing, these licensed agents will have you covered!

1. Real Core Properties

Real Core Properties Geelong

Whether you’re looking to sell or rent a property, Real Core Property has a large team to help you out. Their agents are passionate and knowledgeable, only looking to achieve the best results for clients. 

Real Core Properties, has been in business for over 43 years, focusing on residential sales, farming, and englobo land, property management, and house and land. From start to end they’ll assist you as a full-service agency. 

Contact them if you have any questions or schedule a free consultation with a specialist.  They’ve also got a fantastic blog with lots of property suggestions and advice.

2. Geelong Real Estate Co.

Geelong Real Estate Co.

Geelong Real Estate Co. focuses on excellence, professionalism, dedication, and innovation. The team, led by Ricky Forte, will guide you through the process and help you with the direction that’s best for your real estate needs. 

On their site, you can fill in your property details and get a market appraisal. In their reviews, many past clients have left positive reviews about thorough and well-detailed appraisal responses. 

Contact their office for more information about how they can help you with your real estate needs.

3. Ray White

Ray White Geelong

With knowledge, skill, and experience, it’s no wonder Ray White has sold more properties in Australia than any other real estate group. Luckily, there’s a Geelong branch that offers real estate services for buying, renting, and selling. 

If you’re looking to buy, they have residential properties and vacant land for sale, which you can check out online as well as book to view in person. There are also upcoming auctions that Ray White facilitates but you’ll have to contact the Geelong branch for the details. 

There are also properties listed for rent as well as a landlord & tenant portal to track lease agreements, financial activity, and view maintenance reports. 

If you’re looking for a national well-run real estate company, Ray White is definitely the way to go.

4. McGrath Estate Agents

McGrath Estate Agents Geelong

McGrath Estate Agents offers industry-leading sales and property management services. With a strong team of licensed professionals as well as local experts, McGrath knows the ins and outs of what’s happening locally.

The Geelong/Newtown team knows their area incredibly well and this is the reason they get top results. Through their site, you can request a sales appraisal or a rental appraisal to get a general idea of where your property is at in the market. They have both sales and rental listings and can support you in the ‘science of selling’ or ‘art of negotiating’. 

If you’re just looking to get into an investment property, take a look at their page as they have lots of expert tips and advice to help you!

5. Hayeswinckle

Hayeswinckle Geelong

Hayeswinkle sells more property than any other real estate business in Geelong, they’ve sold over 14,600 properties and have 42 agents. Focused on simply getting your property sold at the highest price, it’s no wonder Hayeswinckle is considered one of the best in Geelong. 

Offering an array of real estate agency services, Hayeswinckle can help you out with buying residential properties, land, and auctions. They also handle residential rentals, appraisals, maintenance requests, and sales appraisals. 

Contact Hayeswinckle online or visit one of their branches for more details about how they can help you further.

6. Wilsons Real Estate

Wilsons Real Estate Geelong

A long and proud history, Wilsons Real Estate has been around since 1972, cementing itself as a foundation of Geelong real estate. 

They provide quality service, advice, and results which is why they’ve achieved stunning outcomes for clients and sold some of Geelong’s landmark properties. Wilsons Real Estate has a team of salespeople carefully selected to help negotiate, and provide meaningful advice on property marketing. 

Wilsons provides buying, selling, and leasing services. If you’re looking to buy, Wilsons focuses on residential and commercial properties. They can help with residential, commercial, property management, landlord & tenant leasing services.

7. Buxton

Buxton Geelong

Buxton offers buying, renting, and selling property services for residential and commercial properties. No one knows the local market better than agents who live in the neighborhoods themselves. Why not get hands-on local property experience?

From schools to public access, Buxton knows everything there is to know about a location. It’s positives and drawbacks. There’s a reason why Buxton holds great currency in the Geelong area. 

Their Geelong offices have been open since 2012 and with unrelenting drive and customer service, Buxton is a great choice for a well-established local agency. 

Contact them for a look at gorgeous Geelong properties.


With such beautiful properties and locations in Geelong, it’s no wonder there are many brilliant real estate agents in Geelong. Depending on what you’re looking for, a national agency, or a locally owned company, hopefully, one of these top-reviewed real estate agencies will fit your property needs.

Are you or someone that you know a real estate agent, that should be on this list, let us know at:

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The 5 Best Places To Get Firewood In Geelong


Who doesn’t love a barbie? Hamburgers, marshmallows over the fire, and of course, an ice-cold beer. Or perhaps, you’re needing a truckload of firewood for a bonfire. Whatever the reason, be sure to go to one of these best places for firewood in Geelong. 

Let’s take a look at the 5 best places to get firewood in Geelong so then you’ll be sure to keep warm on those particularly chilly Geelong nights!

1. Lee’s Red Gum Firewood

Lee's Red Gum Firewood Geelong

“We’ve got the firewood that will keep on burning.”

Let’s start with Lee’s Red Gum Firewood, a family-run business that’s been supplying the Greater Geelong area for 5 years. They supply dry Red Gum and Sugar Gum to residential and commercial customers. 

They have a range of woods to choose from. From Red Gum, Blue Gum, Premium Mixed Gum, and also Kindling. Selling firewood by 5kg to 20kgs, Lee’s Red Gum Firewood is 100% seasoned and ready to burn. You can purchase all you need from their yard in North Geelong. 

For a small fee, they can also deliver to Meredith, Teasdale, Queenscliff, Bannockburn, Ceres, and many more places. Just contact them for more details about pricing. 

A bonus, they sell merch and accessories! So, if you’re needing to buy some wood and pick up a beanie or a jumper, you’ve got a one-stop shop.

2. Royale Firewood

Royale Firewood Geelong

One of Geelong’s leading firewood suppliers, Royale Firewood is a locally run family business and the best source for pre-split, dried, and burn-ready firewood. They provide sustainably sourced products perfect for cooking, combustible wood burners, and open fireplaces. They also sell bagged kindling, standard split firewood, and double split wood as loose loads. 

Royale Firewood does deliver but if you’re out and about and looking to pick up a few bags they’ve also got a full drive-through service to make it even easier. They’ve got NMI trade-approved scales used for weighing so you’ll be sure you get exactly what you pay for. Product weights can be catered to customers’ needs ranging from 10kg, 15kg up to 1-tonne amounts. 

Sustainability is incredibly important and Royale Firewood takes it very seriously. You can be sure all their firewood comes from sustainably sourced environments, harvested from managed plantations and forests under the instruction of the government.  

Visit their yard in North Geelong for firewood and cooking accessories or contact them for wholesale rates on bagged products.

3. Pyroclassic Fires

Pyroclassic Fires Geelong

Not quite firewood itself, rather Pyroclassic Fires sells the wood burners and brilliant sustainable ones at that. 

New Zealand’s cleanest, most efficient wood fire burner, Pyroclassic Fires provides an ultra-low emission burner where a single load of wood will burn for up to 12 hours. You can burn less wood and still keep yourself warm. 

The burner was developed by scientists at the DSIR (Department of Scientific & Industrial Research) and they built a thermal mass capable of absorbing and storing an abundance of heat for long periods of time. If you use a Pyro Fire burner it’ll help conserve natural resources and remove tonnes of CO2 from the environment. 

Not only are they the greenest and most efficient wood burner in Australia, but they also look pretty great too!  There are more than 100 color variations you can choose from to find the perfect match. They are designed to look modern and sleek, and easily able to adapt to your room decor. 

Pre Order the perfect color Pyroclassic burner and you’ll be sure to stay warm all winter.

4. Flintstones Garden Supply Centre

Flintstones Garden Supply Centre Geelong

Flintstones Garden Supply Centre has been servicing the Greater Geelong area for over 40 years. They’re open 7 days a week so whether you’re looking for help with a commercial project or picking up a weekend’s worth of firewood there’s an abundance of different types of wood products. 

In the timber section, you’ll find railway sleepers, brush fence panels, treated pine, garden stakes, and firewood. Their firewood, split Red Gum, is available for pick up or delivery. It’s available for purchase by the meter or in convenient 20kg bags.

At Flintstones you’ll also find a large range of landscape and garden supplies including, sand, soil, pebbles, mulch, and bark. If you’re looking for bricklaying or building materials Flintstones Garden Supply Centre is your one-stop-shop.

They are located in Grovedale. Their centre and trucks aren’t easy to miss if you’ve watched the Flintstone cartoon. The logo is just the same!

5. Riverina Redgum Firewood Supplies

Riverina Redgum Firewood Supplies Geelong

Riverina Redgum Firewood Supplies is a family-owned and operated retail firewood business with 31 years of experience. They specialise in red gum firewood and will always have a large stockpile that spans over three acres.

Riverina focuses on red gum because it burns longer, hotter, and cleaner than other woods. Here you’ll find they’ll cater to all different types of orders, and any size requirement you need. They are very aware that some private local operators might not be measuring correctly. Riverina makes sure that you aren’t losing out.

You can visit their woodyard and use their drive-through service, it’s super quick and easy and their certified weighbridge measures weight accurately so you’ll get what you pay for. Riverina is located about 7km from Geelong central but they can also deliver anywhere in the Bellarine peninsula.


Geelong has so many fantastic places to find firewood. You can find a couple of bags at the garden centres or go to a supplier, and use their super easy drive-through options. And, if you really don’t want to leave the house, these places to get firewood all do delivery! 

Whether you’re looking for a boot full, or a truck full of firewood you’ll find top-quality firewood in Geelong!

Do you or someone that you know own a place where you can get firewood, that should be on this list, let us know at:

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The 8 Best Places For Men’s Haircuts In Geelong


Nothing quite as good as a great haircut, but nothing’s quite so bad as a bad haircut. The fear of walking out of the barber and wanting to immediately put on a hat and hide. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of top-quality cuts and shaves. 

Whether you’re looking for a scissor cut, a skin fade, or a beard trim there are some fantastic options that’ll leave you looking your best. For all the Geelong gentlemen out there, here’s a list of the 8 best places for men’s haircuts in Geelong.

1. The Streets Barbershop

The Streets Barbershop Geelong

“Welcome to The Streets Barbershop- where it’s not just about providing a service, but about being of service.” 

The Street Barbershop is all about the people. Directors Richard and Pierre look to re-invent the art of barbering by drawing from the past and looking to the future to create a community through experience, passion, and initiative. 

They provide an array of different services which include beard trimming/shaping, standard haircuts, skin fades, and buzz cuts. They’ve got a brilliant online booking system where you can choose which service you’d like (it shows the cost and time it’ll take), choose your gents’ hairdresser, and the timing that suits you. 

They also provide coffee by Melbourne’s very own Tin Man coffee so you can sip on an espresso while you wait.

2. Sloane Barbers

Sloane Barbers Geelong

One of Geelong’s leading barber specialists, Sloane Barbers provides lots of different types of services. With a relaxed atmosphere and easy-going staff, you’ll have a great experience while you get the perfect cut!

They provide men’s cuts, fades, and shaves depending on what you need. They also have preschool and primary school junior cuts with hairdressers that are experienced in cutting children’s hair. 

They have a number of great packages at a good price, such as a skin fade and beard trim at $60. Also, if you’re a fan of King Brown Pomade male grooming products, Sloane Barbers are suppliers and stock their products in their shop. 

Visit their barber on Malop street or go online and make a booking.

3. Alamarah Barbers

AAlamarah Barbers Geelong

Alamarah Barbers provides men of all ages that flawless ‘look’ with the ultimate grooming style and premium services. 

They provide haircutting, shaving, skin fade, and hairstyling services, with branches in Geelong CBD and Geelong West. All of their staff are well qualified and skilled to give you the best cut at a good price.

The barbershop also stocks loads of different top brands so you can keep your style looking great between cuts. Just a few brands stocked include Gummy, King Brown Pomade, Muk, Red One and Uppercut.

4. The Geelong Barbershop

The Geelong Barbershop

The Geelong Barbershop provides services for cuts, skin fades, shaves, and beard trims. They also cut hair for teens and boys under 12. 

If you’re looking for a barber on a budget, The Geelong Barbershop has great services at great prices. They also have a seniors and students discount!

They are a traditional English barber and no appointments are required. All you need to do is rock up and get sharp!

5. Rex & Ross Barber

Rex & Ross Barber Geelong

Rex & Ross Barber in Geelong is a boutique men’s grooming establishment with a twist. Opening in 2017, two friends, Rex & Ross, looked to create a space where a gent could grab a trim, relax with a cold beer or coffee, and watch some sports. The ultimate grooming experience, you’ll want to visit every day. 

Rex & Ross Barber provides hair cut, skin fade, buzz cut, and beard trimming services. Be sure to book because although they do take walk-ins, the more popular times like late nights and Saturday mornings are busy so be sure to book your slot at their Newtown or Geelong West location. 

With a talented team of barbers, a barista, and a fully stocked bar, you’ll get great service as well as a complimentary beverage! Plus, they have strong free WIFI.

6. Blind Barbery

Blind Barbery Geelong

Blind Barbey opened in September 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic. Although fairly new to Geelong, gents’ hairdressers have worked in Melbourne, London and Tehran before settling in Geelong. 

Blending traditional and fashionable, they provide classic cuts, traditional cut-throat shaves, and the latest fades. Blind Barbery is known for its mullets if that’s what you’re looking for! 

Check out their work on Instagram, @blind_barbery. They’ve got lots of photos of their work and if you like one, use it as a reference so you know for sure what you’ll get. 

If you’re in East Geelong, take a look at their place on Myers street or book your appointment through their website.

7. Steve Connoley’s Men’s Hair Design

Steve Connoley's Men's Hair Design Geelong

Sit back and relax with Steve Connoley’s Men’s Hair Design. Whether you’re after a fresh new look, a new color style, or just a trim, there are passionate, friendly, and experienced stylists to consult you on all your hairdressing needs. 

You can trust you’ll get an expert opinion before your cut, as Connoley’s is very specific about consulting their customers before getting to work. They can also figure out what kind of products will suit you best. 

Steve Connoley’s Men’s Hair Design is located in Geelong East but if you’re situated in North Geelong you can also book with Ben Connoley’s Men’s Hair Design.

8. Hunter Barbershop

Hunter Barbershop Geelong

Opening its doors in 2018, Hunter Barbershop has experienced barbers that are the best at their trade, specialising in all classic and trending haircutting techniques. From fades, shaves, and beards to cutthroat shaves and mullets. 

Hunter Barbershop is old school as they believe in the importance of good conversation and banter, meaning they don’t offer free WIFI. But, if you’ve forgotten how to speak to people without using text and emojis, they can provide you with a little liquid courage in the form of Flying Brick Cider, and Furphy Refreshing Ale. 

They also stock lots of men’s grooming products including Tucker Browne, and Pure Rain. Book online or give them a call for an appointment. But, heads up, there’s no religion talk, no politics talk, and no phones during services.


And there we have it. There’s a place for gentlemen looking for the spiffiest of spots, a perfect haircut for kids, or just in and out quick trim. Whatever look and experience you’re going for, Geelong has some fantastic places to give a go!

Do you or someone that you know own a barber shop, that should be on this list, let us know at:

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The 8 Best Camping Stores In Geelong


A camping holiday is simply put, great fun. We get to immerse ourselves in nature and experience that raw instinct we all know and love. Instincts such as lighting a fire are primal and are as close to our forefathers as we can get. That feeling we get when sitting around the fire with your loved ones, is some of our most cherished memories. Whether we are conversing about our lives or barely saying a word, the fire dances as we peer deeper into conversation and thought.

The simplicity of a good camping trip should never be overlooked or over complicated. You need the bare essentials to make it memorable for the entire family. In one weekend camping trip, you and the entire family can cover all the needs of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. The fundamental physiological needs are met by lighting the fire and proceeding to relax next to it. Safety needs are met with your shelter, whether that be a tent, camper trailer or caravan. Love and belonging needs are materialised through your friends and family sharing the experience with you and finally your self esteem shoots through the roof when you have proved to yourself you can live out in the wild, so to say. Setting up camp, just the way you like it, is not a chore, but more of a delicate plan that you find delight in executing.

The great thing about camping in Australia, is that you can choose a wide variety of environments to enjoy your weekend away in. We are spoilt for choice really, having the option to camp by the shore, in the woods or out in the hot and dry Outback. Each has its own unique beauty, requiring slightly different gear in order to make the most of it and keep the entire family comfortable and entertained.

We have looked far and wide to find the eight best camping stores in Geelong, let’s have a look.

1. BCF

BCF, an acronym for boating, camping and fishing, caters for the camp experience near any body of water. Fishing has become synonymous with camping, as it adds such a large experience to the entire outing. Therefore, if you are looking to go on a fishing trip, BCF has you covered and then some.

BCF will have you hook, line and sinker. Here you can find all the basics needed to camp, but more importantly, they stock the greatest array of gadgets around town. Anything anyone has used to catch fish successfully, they have it. It’s also worth taking note, they offer an incredible price guarantee deal, where they promise to match any quote you can find if it’s lower than they are offering.

There is no need to fish around any further, BCF is a one stop shop that will have you looking around in amazement at all the gadgets and toys on offer, who knew camping and fishing could be so advanced. In the store you will find knowledgeable and friendly staff, who would be more than willing to offer you the best advice. BCF regularly runs discount specials, so why not go have a look right now?   

2. Firefly Camping Gear

Firefly Camping Gear Geelong

Offering the most affordable camping gear in and around Geelong, be sure to have a look at Firefly Camping Gear. Firefly provides customers with their own branded gear, adding that personal touch and care to their products. Specialising in camper trailers, which are a must see at their store, don’t be too quick to overlook the other prime products on show.

Highly recommended with great reviews, are the foldable solar panels, which make camping in even the remotest of environments viable. Firefly understands our need to go out and get stuck in the wilderness for a bit every now and again, and as a result, they are determined to set you up purely in order for you to unleash your natural instinct.

3. Elite Outdoor Gear

Elite Outdoor Gear Geelong

One of the greatest pleasures when going camping is getting to play with the equipment you bought in preparation for the adventure. If out in the bush, with no electricity, running water or any amenity you hold near and dear, your tools come into play in a major way. Crucial tasks, such as collecting firewood or making a clearing for your shelter, can be a tough ask when placed deep out in the outdoors.

Elite Outdoor Gear stocks the best gadgets, tools and toys an adventure camper could ask for. They have it all, meaning you will have the answer for any tough questions posed by nature. Specialising in, as the name states, elite gear that will perform in the toughest of conditions and environments, you won’t be left needing more. 

They offer free shipping, nationwide, for any order over ninety-nine dollars, an Australia warranty and a thirty day return policy. Elite Outdoor Gear don’t much about, they offer the best gear in the industry, which is why they are comfortable offering these great services.

Equipment varies largely, offering knives, multitools, lights, power, survival and watches, keeping you alive and even comfortable in the great outdoors. There is definitely a tool for you here, which would add buckets of fun to your next adventure camping trip. 

4. Geelong 4WD and Camping

Geelong 4WD and Camping

Geelong 4WD and Camping is the perfect place if you enjoy the four wheel driving adventure during your weekend camping trip. 4×4 driving has become widely popular, as more of us want to get out into the middle of nowhere during our little time off. These lot cater specifically to the motor enthusiast, supplying and providing the best parts and accessories in and around Geelong.

At Geelong 4WD and Camping they understand how intimidating it can be when first starting out as a 4×4 adventurer. They are happy to walk you through all the recommended accessories and parts, making it easy for you to understand why any specific part will help your new or old motor. They aim to make your experience as comfortable as possible, which is exactly what you will get. 

You can fit just about anything to your vehicle here, from showers and fridges, to roof racks and tow bars. Personally I love the idea of having my tent set up on the roof of my motor vehicle, meaning I can conveniently set it up and safely stay out of any wildlife trail. 

Aching to get off the beaten track? Go visit Geelong 4WD and camping to get you set up for success. 

5. The Outdoor Sportsman

The Outdoor Sportsman Geelong

To add more adventure to your camping trip, you can hunt for your own food. It adds a lot to the experience of immersing yourself into the wild. The Outdoor Sportsman specifically caters to your hunting needs.

All the accessories needed for your rifle, ammunition and or maintenance, The Outdoor Sportsman has trained professionals on hand to show you the ropes. Shooting live ammunition is not for everyone, and that is why The Outdoor Sportsman sports the best in archery equipment in and around Geelong. Looking for the best knife to skin your way out of a hungry situation? They have you covered.

Once you have caught your prey, you will need to make a campfire. Carrying a bunch of firewood or charcoal from the city to your camp is unnecessarily adding weight to the journey, that’s why The Outdoor Sportsman stocks the best axes for your convenience. Collecting firewood is made easy with these top of the range axes, not to mention the great satisfaction you’ll have when burning your personally chopped firewood.

6. Kathmandu

Kathmandu Geelong

Kathmandu, taking their name from the notorious town at the foothills of Mount Everest, is a worldwide supplier of the best and trendiest outdoor clothing known to man. The quality of their products can’t be denied, as it is one of the most used brands by the best climbers in the world.

Geelong gets real cold in the winter, making it a tough call to go camping during these frosty months, but if you kit yourself out in Kathmandu, you eliminate the dangers the cold brings. Stay snug and get to enjoy the crisp and clear air when using their gear.

Jump to their website here and benefit from the specials they regularly run. Specials such as 30% off all purchases or free delivery nationwide for any order over 30 aud. Why wait? Get warm and trendy with ease from the comfort of your home.

7. Anaconda

Anaconda Geelong

Whether you are a novice or an experienced camper, looking to go fishing, four wheel driving, climbing or just have a grand old time in and around your campsite, Anaconda is truly the store for you, meaning, anyone who is going to go camping near Geelong, needs to visit this stores’ site at least once. Anaconda thoughtfully provides emergency services if you happen to get stuck out in the wild, which is always good to know, whether you are an experienced or novice camper.

Furthermore, Anaconda is the leader in water sports equipment around town, offering all the bits and pieces needed to stay safe and the highest quality kayaks, paddle boards and boating gear. In fact, any outdoor activity, chances are Anaconda has products on hand to introduce you to the sport or improve your current set up. Their cycling department is well stocked and has specialised trained staff on hand in every department.

8. Macpac

Macpac Geelong

Macpac is a camping clothing and gear brand, providing high quality, yet affordable products nationwide and in New Zealand. They have made a name for themselves by being one of the only locally owned outdoor gear brands, ensuring repeat business by supplying customers with a friendly service and top notch product. They also stock other international brands.

Their camping ground products are really impressive, as they are made to easily fit in the back of your ute without taking much space. They are neat and tidy designs. For those campers who enjoy the outdoors, but don’t want to spend too much time setting up camp, Macpac is the place for you. They stock instant tents and hammocks, making your time from arrival to relaxation that much shorter. They also cover all the other basic needs when camping in their product range. 

Have a look now on their site here, to see what they are currently offering on clearance. 


These stores have honestly covered all our needs and wants we could possibly want or need once out in the wild. There are no more excuses that can ring true, as they have thought of everything and included enough diverse products to make anyone and everyone feel comfortable out in the great outdoors.

Once you try camping, you will probably feel the need to go again soon after. It does work that way, that even the most hesitant of campers end up not wanting to go, but needing to go for their own sanity. It’s a beautiful transformation in most of these previous resistant campers. The immersion in nature rings true emotions and deep feelings in all of us, just as it did to our forefathers. We satisfy our primal urges and reset our modern minds to think fresh and clear, without distraction. Relaxing outdoors, often in the middle of nowhere next to an open fire next to the ones closest to you, is the truest form of disconnecting and enjoying your family time.

Visit any of these stores’ websites via our links provided to get you started on your journey or to better prepare for your next camping adventure. Have fun and stay safe out there! 

Do you or someone that you know own a camping store, that should be on this list, let us know at:

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The 2 Best Golf Shops In Geelong


With many golf clubs in Geelong it’s no wonder there are fantastic golf shops in Geelong serving golf enthusiasts from professionals to leisurely players. 

Geelong’s golf shops provide anything you’d need from clubs and balls to clothing from head to toe. Fortunately you don’t have to travel far to ensure you have everything you’d need for a golf day in the sun. 

Here’s our pick of the top 2 best gold shops in Geelong, there’s a hole in one!

1. Drummond Golf

Drummond Golf Geelong

Drummond Golf is a top golf shop in Geelong carrying loads of stock ranging from clothing, bags, buggies, clubs, accessories and GPS rangefinders. 

Their store’s focus is of course the clubs. They’ve got all types of clubs you could potentially need. Drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters are all available in top brands. Their shoes and clothing also have a wide range of mens and womens clothing, headwear and shoes  so you’re fully prepared for a golf day. 

There’s a junior’s range because all tour pros had to start somewhere. Included are junior golf clubs, buggies, gloves and clothing to kit out your kids. You’ll also find starter packs for different ages that make fun birthday or christmas presents. 

Drummond Golf  holds golf events so be sure to check their websites for upcoming events. On their site they also have an extensive golf blog keeping you updated about golf news, tour updates and new products. Whether you’re a beginner player or advanced they’ve got course reviews to help you select the next course you’ll visit. 

Their site has specials with fantastic discounts on products. You’ll find clubs, buggies, and gloves at great prices. Or, you could become a Drummond club member currently priced at $39,95 per month. You’ll have access to member golf days, specials at driving ranges and invites to VIP shopping nights.

2. X-Golf

X-Golf Geelong

X-Golf is Geelong’s ultimate indoor golf experience with food, drinks and play. There aren’t only a shop, supplying franchise supply collections like merchandise, caddy uniforms, and consumables, they have golf simulators offering the ultimate golfing experience year round. 

Here you can relax in their welcoming atmosphere where all levels of golfers can practice their golfing game. Their golfing simulation technology offers players unparalleled accuracy and realism. Using camera systems, infrared, impact sensors and gaming software they are able to provide a realistic and sophisticated real game like play. 

They’ve also got a fully-licensed bar just adding to the fun, as well as a restaurant serving pub style food and pizzas. Although there’s a bar, X-Golf is also a family-friendly venue where kids are welcome. They have easier modes so beginners can learn the basics. There’s a range of courses like a pirate island theme to keep young kids engaged. If they get tired of golf, no problem, there’s also a games room to entertain!

You can book a tee time or golf lessons through their site or sign up for a membership. They also hold private events like end of year functions, christmas parties, and buck parties, so you can par-tee. The venue is ideal as it includes packages for different budgets. 

X- Golf is open from 10am 7-days a week but be sure to book as the 5 simulators are very popular, especially during the winter.


Whether you’re looking for specialty brand clubs, the best clothes and accessories or a full golfing experience, Drummond Golf and X-Golf are sure to impress you!

Do you or someone that you know own a golf shop, that should be on this list, let us know at:

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The 4 Best Geelong Gun Shops


As gun safety is a top priority in Australia it’s important to get firearms, ammunition and general gun gear from well established and licensed businesses. 

On the list are only the best of the best Geelong gun shops with great recommendations and have official firearm dealers licences following gun laws of Australia. 

Be sure to hold your NSW firearms licence that’s been renewed annually as gun shops will check to see you’re abiding by laws and regulations. If all checks out you’re good to go! You’ll find some of the best customer service around and top brand products for your hunting, gun clubs, firearms collection, or rural occupation needs. 

Let’s take a look at the 4 best Geelong gun shops. 

1. Wild Outdoors Australia

Wild Outdoors Australia Geelong

Starting off the list with a bang, Wild Outdoors Australia is one of the top Geelong gun shops as they truly stock anything gun related you could think of. From firearms, ammunition and optics, to clothing, knives and hunting targets.You’ll certainly find what you’re looking for.

Wildlife Outdoors Australia stocks many firearms as well as used firearms. You can check out their website to browse through some great used goods deals for sale.

Specialising in hunting and shooting accessories, they source hunting gear directly from overseas, bringing customers an array of products they wouldn’t normally find available in Australia. They are also the sole importer and distributor of Beavertail Stealth 2000 boats. 

Among their hunting products you can duck, deer and fox gear to help and improve your hunting experience. They also have dog gear if you’ve got a pro-hunting dog helping you out! 

The company also stocks many high quality featured brands such as DIANA, GRS, Pelican, Yeti and Realtree so you can be sure you’re purchasing the best of the best guns and accessories. 

Give Wildlife Outdoors Australia a call or drop by their store in North Shore to find exactly what you’re looking for.

2. The Outdoor Sportsman

The Outdoor Sportsman Geelong

The Outdoor Sportsman aims to offer superior customer services and a positive experience for all customers. They’ll assist you with any queries or provide you with some recommendations you may be looking for. 

They’ve been serving Geelong’s outdoorsmen since 1974 filling the gap for a quality gun shop giving genuine advice, safety tips and satisfaction. With over 40 years of experience you’ll be sure to receive top quality and dedicated service. 

The Outdoor Sportsman stock a huge range of products including accessories, ammunition, archery, axes, binoculars, clothing, knives and scopes. Although they have a wide range of hunting equipment you’ll also be able to purchase firearms and ammunition. 

They also have a huge range of top quality knives ranging in specifications. Blades from 9.5cm  to 12.5cms with many sizes in between. All coming with genuine leather pouches and a sheath lifetime warranty.  Their hunting clothing and boots are carefully designed to camouflage and help hunters in difficult weather conditions and terrain. 

They are located in Geelong West and you can even pick up a gift card for a licensed gun enthusiast!

3. Armor Antiques

Armor Antiques Geelong

Armor Antiques is a truly unique business where you could spend hours browsing the shop, soaking up all the military history it holds. 

Specialising in all types of military antiques, and I mean all types! You’ll find antique weapons, uniforms, medals, helmets and militaria from all around the world. Even if you aren’t particularly a gun enthusiast, stopping by Armor Antiques is well worth the trip. You can also browse and pick up antique prints and photos. 

They have sourced an array of military memorabilia taking great care to ensure its in op condition. If you’d like to view what they have in store, they’ve got all their stock on their website in high resolution pictures so you can see the condition of the items perfectly. 

In their store you’ll find sword and sword fittings from around the world but particularly a collection of antique Japanese swords. Medals, jewellery and badges range from Australian military, WW1, WW2, and Russian military forces. 

If you’re specifically looking for a gun purchase, they also have many different types of antique firearms, such as rifles and shotguns. 

4. Winchester Australia

Winchester Australia Geelong

Last on the list, Winchester Australia is a manufacturer and distributor providing gear and arms to Geelong’s shooting sports community for more than 50 years. They are now primarily a major importer and distributor of firearms and ammunition for private, law enforcement and military use so you know they are a bigger player in Geelong’s shooting industry. 

They sell some of the top brands including CZ, Steyr, Daisy, Meopta optics, and Browning. These brands provide firearms including shotguns, rifles, pistols, air rifles  and contracted rifles. Included in the store are also ammunition, optics, and gun accessories. 

If you’re particularly looking for clay targets, Winchester Australia specialise and will be one of the only shops in Geelong providing quality clay targets. If you’re only looking for specific gun accessories or parts they sell parts and can help you fit them. 

Take advantage of the current clearance sale to grab a few of your favourite products. Check out their online shop while stocks last. If you’re looking to go to the store you’ll find their shop in Moolap.


On the list there are a variety of gun stores providing different products and specialties for customers’ specific needs. Whether you’re looking for firearms and ammunition for hunting or wanting to find a specialised antique gun there are gun shops in Geelong to suit your needs.

Do you or someone that you know own gun shop, that should be on this list, let us know at:

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The 4 Best Geelong Taxi Services


If you’re looking for a great Geelong taxi service look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the top 4 best taxi services around! 

There are plenty of taxi services people are looking for and Geelong’s taxi companies cater to an array of transport needs. On our list we highlight a few of the popular transport service options you could need. Everyday services, airport transfers, tourist trips and medical transport services are just a few of the options offered.

All the taxi companies on the list are reliable and safe with top notch vehicles and fantastic reviews. Getting around Geelong has never been easier! Let’s dive into the ultimate Geelong taxi list.

1. Taxi Geelong

Taxi Geelong

Starting off with a company named Taxi Geelong, what you see is what you get. Taxi Geelong strives to provide exceptional service and a fast and easy way to book your ride, 

They provide reliable transport around town and to the airport, making them a great choice for out of town visitors.Taxi Geelong has a huge fleet and each one of their cars is equipped with a GPS- computerised dispatching system so you can go where you need to be safely and on time.

An easy to use payment method, where you can choose from credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Payor,  make your trip even easier. 

If you visit their website you can book a taxi instantly. Just choose your pick up location, select the best deal,and book your taxi. As easy as that!

2. Geelong Taxi Network

Geelong Taxi Network

Geelong Taxi Network Has a fleet of cabs with nearly 150 vehicles working across Geeling, the Surf Coast, and the Bellarine Peninsula. They take pride in their cabs ensuring customers with pristine vehicles, both inside and out. 

They’re a professionally trained and trust taxi service that work 24/7 so you can contact them any time of the day. Also, if you’re looking for wheelchair-accessible taxis, they have a range of standard Sedans as wella s wheelchair-accessible maxi taxis providing disabled transportation service for Geelong the district. 

Geelong Taxi Network has an extra awesome addition, they’ve got a great app you can download. Download the app to your smartphone, Apple iOs or Android,  to make booking a taxi even easier. But, if you want, you can also call them or simply hail one from the street. 

Download their app or contact them for a safe and easily accessible experience.

3. Taxi Geelong Services 24/7

Taxi Geelong Services 247

Taxi Geelong Services 24/7 provides taxi services for standard, business, and VIP travel needs. Focusing on airport transfer services, they offer travel to any of Mebourne’s major airports. 

The company has over 20 years of experience so pick ups and operations are always running smoothly and safely. Each of their drives are fully CRB checked and CPVV accredited so you can set your mind at ease that your trip will be safe. 

They also ensure a fixed-fee service beforehand so there aren’t any unexpected costs and you can just pay with the fitted card machine to enable a quick end to the trip before your flight. 

Taxi Geelong Services 24/7 also has a standard taxi system perfect for short distance journeys like office pick ups or from a party or event. Again, a fixed-fee service so you don’t have to stress. 

They are a great and trusted airport service so if you’re looking for an airport transfer they’re definitely the best option!

4. Bellarine Rideshare

Bellarine Rideshare Geelong

Bellarine Rideshare focuses on serving the Bellarine Peninsula and Geelong areas. They provide a personalised service offering tailored transport solutions to assist you to your chosen destination. 

Bellarine Rideshare offers specialised services such as wedding pick up and drop offs, winery tours, and ferry pick up and returns.  If you’re from out of town this taxi service is great for tourists with all it’s fun options. 

When taking a winery tour, you don’t have to have a designated driver with Bellarine Rideshare. They match wineries that you wish to visit and transport you as you hop. Plus, you’ll be dropped off at your hotel or home when you’re all wine-d out! 

ANother great service they offer is that they offer a medical appointment service. They take great care in transporting patients to healthcare facilities and medical appointments. If they have notice they’ll also be more than happy to wait for you and return you home safe and sound.

If you’re concerned about your driver, Bellarine Rideshare has male and female drivers so you have a choice about which kind of driver you feel comfortable with.


There are plenty of different services and choices when it comes to taxi services in Geelong. If you’re looking for airport services there’s reliable and fantastic options to start off your holiday. If you’re just looking to get from A to B within Geelong, taxi services and apps make it super simple to take you where you need to be. We hope you’ve found the perfect service for your transport needs. Visit their websites or give them a call if you’re looking for any further information.

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