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The 8 Best Nurseries In Geelong

The 8 Best Nurseries In Geelong

If you enjoy gardening or you have been looking to update your home with some new plants and pots, we have brought you the list of the 8 best nurseries in Geelong. The list is a compilation of the best nurseries in Geelong which stock a vast variety of plants, trees, shrubs, groundcovers and fruit trees. Some of the nurseries on the list include cafes and parks which invite customers to stay for some more fun and happy experiences inside the nursery premises. All of the nurseries listed here have wonderful knowledgeable staff that you can ask for advice about anything to do with taking care of a plant.  We have got you covered from exotic to drought-tolerant to shrubs to fruit trees to edibles for your vegetable garden and all manner of pots and fertilizers. All your gardening essentials can be found in this list of the best nurseries in Geelong. Give it a read and pick your spot to go and attend to all your gardening desires and callings. At a few of the nurseries in Geelong, you can meet some highly trained horticulture staff to get a more in-depth understanding of plants and the maintenance of your garden. We have also mentioned who to go to if you are looking for a designer for your garden. So if you’re in Geelong and you’re looking for the best nurseries and garden experts in the area, have a read of our list and find the best nursery option for you.

1. Boomaroo Nurseries

Boomaroo Nurseries Geelong

Boomaroo Nurseries is known for its premium-quality commercial seedlings, Greenlife products, customer service and innovative approach to horticultural production. They have been in operation for over 30 years and have expanded to include facilities including their location in Lara, Victoria as well as stores in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania. They supply fresh produce growers and Greenlife retailers. They are committed to developing long-term partnerships to deliver products tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

Boomaro started as a small family garden in Werribee where their cell-grown transplantable seedlings offered growers significant benefits against any other traditional direct seeding with benefits including crop uniformity, larger yield and reduced production costs. This realisation by the Jacometti brothers revolutionised the vegetable growing industry.

2. Dacol Wholesale Nursery

Dacol Wholesale Nursery Geelong

Dacol Wholesale Nursery is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 25 years and they are located in You Yangs in Lara Victoria, 30kms from Melbourne and 15kms from Geelong. They grow top quality plants for the retail and landscaping market in a friendly professional manner. They specialise in trees, Shrubs and groundcovers from 140mm pots to 400-litre tubs. They deliver to nurseries in Geelong and Melbourne weekly and delivery to regional areas can be arranged too. They have a small range of trees, mostly Conifers and Pittosporums and they grow a large range of small, medium and tall shrubs for the modern garden. Shrubs can provide dense coverage which can provide a lovely screening effect. They also have a range of ground covers that help to minimize weeds and have a lovely draping effect with some plants and colourful flowers. They also have bamboo, mainly clumping varieties which are great for screening especially when space is limited.

3. Roraima Nursery

Roraima Nursery Geelong

Roraima Nursery is situated in the Lara suburb to the north of Geelong. Roraima Nursery is unique and exciting specialising in unusual, exotic, drought-tolerant and architectural plants. The nursery also offers a vast variety of natives, perennials, ferns, palms, bottle trees and one of the largest selections of cacti & succulents. Roraima Nursery is set within two acres with a stunning display of gardens, the nursery is a source of inspiration for plant enthusiasts and gardeners. The nursery is also home to a garden café called Flame Tree Coffee Van. They serve coffee, hot chocolate, tea and snacks under the shade of their beautiful trees. At this café, you can also purchase handmade concrete pots by Waja creations planted with cacti & succulents. The pots are bursting with personality and will add great style to any place. We recommend Roraima not only for some great plants but a great day out too.

4. Geelong Community Nursery

Geelong Community Nursery

5. Wombat Gully Plant Farm

Wombat Gully Plant Farm Geelong

Wombat Gully Plant Farm Geelong is one of the largest retail nurseries in the region. They were established in 1998 and cover over 2.5 acres, it’s a real treasure trove for gardeners and plant enthusiasts. They believe gardening should be affordable to everyone and at Wombat Gully Plant Farm Geelong they offer reasonable prices while keeping their plants and products to a high standard. They have a great range of trees from fruiting to ornamental, perennials & roses, herbs & seedlings and as well as a range of natives & grasses.

The staff at Wombat Gully Plant Farm are highly knowledgeable and they can advise and help on all your gardening questions and requirements including plant selection and maintenance. Having your own dream garden is easier with Wombat Gully Plant Farm. You can visit them at their Moolap nursery 7 days a week.

6. Diaco’s Garden Nursery

Diaco's Garden Nursery Geelong

If you are looking for a large range of indoor & outdoor plants Diaco’s Garden Nursery is the place to go. They are a Melbourne based garden & nursery that have all your garden essentials such as compost, potting mixes and fertilizers. There is no other garden centre around with such a variety of plants, shrubs, trees, palms, ferns, fruit trees, and ornamentals. They also offer gardening tools and pots so you will have available all you need for gardening at one place at Diaco’s Garden Nursery.

Their staff are passionate about plants and gardening which means they know what they are doing when it comes to recommendations on how to care for plants. If you would like some help in designing your garden, you can ask them, they would love the chance to show their passion and talent in design.

7. Van Loons Nursery

With a huge selection of top quality plants, edibles for your vegetable garden, a large selection of lush indoor plants and a beautiful atrium where you can browse their popular homewares and gift shop, everything you need is available at Van Loons Nursery, an award-winning destination garden center on the Bellarine Peninsula. Van Loon’s café serves delicious home-style meals including a mouth-watering selection of homemade cakes as well as local wines and beers. They have a highly trained staff of horticulturalists who you can consult for all your plant-related questions and queries. They also have a popular VIP garden club where you can accrue points with every purchase. If you are visiting with the family they also have a kids playground the little ones can enjoy while you browse. Van Loons is one of our top picks for a great nursery and an entertaining outing all the family can enjoy.

8. Nick’s Natives: Indigenous plants of the Bellarine Peninsula

Nick's Natives Geelong

Nick’s Natives is one of the top specialists in local and indigenous plants found around the Bellarine Peninsula area. They operate with an ethos of promoting the biodiversity of our region by growing, selling and working with customers to provide attractive and appealing plants that occur naturally in the region and can be both aesthetically pleasing and work perfectly with the local climate. Their seed is sourced sustainably and ethically by themselves or by their partners at Victoria Native Seed. They also use locally procured soils and fertilizers so your entire garden can be in sync with the beautiful and pristine natural environment that we have on our doorstep. You can find their nursery out near Ocean Grove on the Bellarine Peninsula, a short drive from Geelong. They provide a great way to have an attractive garden while simultaneously promoting the well-being of our local environment.


We hope you found all your solutions in the list above which covers all the best nurseries in Geelong. Each of the nurseries mentioned above has its own specialties and uniqueness as well as offering a great range and selection of trees, shrubs, plants, groundcovers & fruit trees, and plant-related services. All of them are customer friendly and with staff who are passionate about gardening. The list covers a range from expensive to reasonable to cheap and sustainable. Each nursery offers delivery services and are also great spots to pick up garden accessories, pots, succulents or cacti or perhaps a gift for a friend. You can also reach out to them in case you want some advice on gardening or plant care and speak to a trained professional. Some can even help you design your own dream garden.  Each nursery offers its own experience and story. We hope you found the one which you like and inspires you. Let your inner gardener shine today, pay a visit to some of the best nurseries in Geelong and have a great day out.

Do you or someone that you know own a nursery, that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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