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The 8 Best Places For Men’s Haircuts In Geelong

The 8 Best Places For Men’s Haircuts In Geelong

Nothing quite as good as a great haircut, but nothing’s quite so bad as a bad haircut. The fear of walking out of the barber and wanting to immediately put on a hat and hide. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of top-quality cuts and shaves. 

Whether you’re looking for a scissor cut, a skin fade, or a beard trim there are some fantastic options that’ll leave you looking your best. For all the Geelong gentlemen out there, here’s a list of the 8 best places for men’s haircuts in Geelong.

1. The Streets Barbershop

The Streets Barbershop Geelong

“Welcome to The Streets Barbershop- where it’s not just about providing a service, but about being of service.” 

The Street Barbershop is all about the people. Directors Richard and Pierre look to re-invent the art of barbering by drawing from the past and looking to the future to create a community through experience, passion, and initiative. 

They provide an array of different services which include beard trimming/shaping, standard haircuts, skin fades, and buzz cuts. They’ve got a brilliant online booking system where you can choose which service you’d like (it shows the cost and time it’ll take), choose your gents’ hairdresser, and the timing that suits you. 

They also provide coffee by Melbourne’s very own Tin Man coffee so you can sip on an espresso while you wait.

2. Sloane Barbers

Sloane Barbers Geelong

One of Geelong’s leading barber specialists, Sloane Barbers provides lots of different types of services. With a relaxed atmosphere and easy-going staff, you’ll have a great experience while you get the perfect cut!

They provide men’s cuts, fades, and shaves depending on what you need. They also have preschool and primary school junior cuts with hairdressers that are experienced in cutting children’s hair. 

They have a number of great packages at a good price, such as a skin fade and beard trim at $60. Also, if you’re a fan of King Brown Pomade male grooming products, Sloane Barbers are suppliers and stock their products in their shop. 

Visit their barber on Malop street or go online and make a booking.

3. Alamarah Barbers

AAlamarah Barbers Geelong

Alamarah Barbers provides men of all ages that flawless ‘look’ with the ultimate grooming style and premium services. 

They provide haircutting, shaving, skin fade, and hairstyling services, with branches in Geelong CBD and Geelong West. All of their staff are well qualified and skilled to give you the best cut at a good price.

The barbershop also stocks loads of different top brands so you can keep your style looking great between cuts. Just a few brands stocked include Gummy, King Brown Pomade, Muk, Red One and Uppercut.

4. The Geelong Barbershop

The Geelong Barbershop

The Geelong Barbershop provides services for cuts, skin fades, shaves, and beard trims. They also cut hair for teens and boys under 12. 

If you’re looking for a barber on a budget, The Geelong Barbershop has great services at great prices. They also have a seniors and students discount!

They are a traditional English barber and no appointments are required. All you need to do is rock up and get sharp!

5. Rex & Ross Barber

Rex & Ross Barber Geelong

Rex & Ross Barber in Geelong is a boutique men’s grooming establishment with a twist. Opening in 2017, two friends, Rex & Ross, looked to create a space where a gent could grab a trim, relax with a cold beer or coffee, and watch some sports. The ultimate grooming experience, you’ll want to visit every day. 

Rex & Ross Barber provides hair cut, skin fade, buzz cut, and beard trimming services. Be sure to book because although they do take walk-ins, the more popular times like late nights and Saturday mornings are busy so be sure to book your slot at their Newtown or Geelong West location. 

With a talented team of barbers, a barista, and a fully stocked bar, you’ll get great service as well as a complimentary beverage! Plus, they have strong free WIFI.

6. Blind Barbery

Blind Barbery Geelong

Blind Barbey opened in September 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic. Although fairly new to Geelong, gents’ hairdressers have worked in Melbourne, London and Tehran before settling in Geelong. 

Blending traditional and fashionable, they provide classic cuts, traditional cut-throat shaves, and the latest fades. Blind Barbery is known for its mullets if that’s what you’re looking for! 

Check out their work on Instagram, @blind_barbery. They’ve got lots of photos of their work and if you like one, use it as a reference so you know for sure what you’ll get. 

If you’re in East Geelong, take a look at their place on Myers street or book your appointment through their website.

7. Steve Connoley’s Men’s Hair Design

Steve Connoley's Men's Hair Design Geelong

Sit back and relax with Steve Connoley’s Men’s Hair Design. Whether you’re after a fresh new look, a new color style, or just a trim, there are passionate, friendly, and experienced stylists to consult you on all your hairdressing needs. 

You can trust you’ll get an expert opinion before your cut, as Connoley’s is very specific about consulting their customers before getting to work. They can also figure out what kind of products will suit you best. 

Steve Connoley’s Men’s Hair Design is located in Geelong East but if you’re situated in North Geelong you can also book with Ben Connoley’s Men’s Hair Design.

8. Hunter Barbershop

Hunter Barbershop Geelong

Opening its doors in 2018, Hunter Barbershop has experienced barbers that are the best at their trade, specialising in all classic and trending haircutting techniques. From fades, shaves, and beards to cutthroat shaves and mullets. 

Hunter Barbershop is old school as they believe in the importance of good conversation and banter, meaning they don’t offer free WIFI. But, if you’ve forgotten how to speak to people without using text and emojis, they can provide you with a little liquid courage in the form of Flying Brick Cider, and Furphy Refreshing Ale. 

They also stock lots of men’s grooming products including Tucker Browne, and Pure Rain. Book online or give them a call for an appointment. But, heads up, there’s no religion talk, no politics talk, and no phones during services.


And there we have it. There’s a place for gentlemen looking for the spiffiest of spots, a perfect haircut for kids, or just in and out quick trim. Whatever look and experience you’re going for, Geelong has some fantastic places to give a go!

Do you or someone that you know own a barber shop, that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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