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The 8 Best Places For A Massage In Geelong

The 8 Best Places For A Massage In Geelong

Find a little sanctuary in the city at one of these top places to get a massage in Geelong. Leading such busy lives where we’re running from work to home, shopping and socialising, it’s important to carve some time out for yourself.If you’re in need of a bit of pampering and r&r, a massage clinic is the place to be. 

Each of these businesses on the list has a variety of massages and specialises in specific types of treatment. From a traditional Taiwan deep tissue to cupping and dry needling, there’s a place in Geelong that’ll help relieve your stress and improve any body pain. 

These brilliant massage clinics come with high recommendations, so you are sure to have a relaxing time. We’ve looked at various treatments, courses available, and unique specialisations to try. Touch the body, heal the mind, calm the spirit. Let’s look at the eight best places for a massage in Geelong. Why not treat yourself today?

1. Mahayana Massage

Mahayana Massage Geelong

Mahayana Massage focuses on a holistic experience by using ancient healing techniques worldwide with 100% Australian natural essential oils. Here, they focus on engaging all the scenes, selecting your personal oil, all with the aim to heal.

Mahayana offers relaxation massages and a hot stone massage, similar to that you would see in massage clinics. These aim to release tension and relieve stress and pain.

A few treatments originating in ancient Egypt, China, and Japan are pretty unique. If you’re up for it, cupping is said to improve circulation, and fresh blood follows, or a Nuru massage session that uses elbows and knees to rebalance the body’s Chi. If you’re looking for a unique treatment that is a little less intense, you can book a crystal healing session and cleanse the chakras.

2. Orchid Taiwan Massage

Orchid Taiwan Massage Geelong

Work Life balance starts here at Orchid Taiwan Massage. With a wide range of massage services, there’ll be a little something for everyone, and they accommodate firm pressure or gentle massages. 

A highlight at Orchid Taiwan Massage is the exfoliation treatment which removes all dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and soft. They also got a trigger point massage to release knots and tension. If you become a regular, you can join the rewards loyalty program and receive many benefits. They are open every day from 10 am to 10 pm to visit after work or when the mood hits.

3. W Massage & Spa

W Massage & Spa Geelong

If you’re in the Hamlyn Heights area and need a massage, W Massage & Spa is a cosy little massage clinic to visit. Each day there are three therapists, so you are sure to get a booking or even walk in. 

Known for its super friendly staff, the massage clinic has regulars that give positive testimonials. There are four services available, although there’s not plenty to choose from, they do these four very well. A relaxation, combination, head, neck and shoulder, and back pain massage are their specialties. These massages help with pain relief, reduce stress, and generally relax your body. 

Give this small massage clinic a try and pamper yourself!

4. Touch Point Massage

Touch Point Massage Geelong

TouchPoint Massage is a trusted Geelong establishment with over ten years of remedial experience. They pride themselves on being ‘passionate about your wellbeing’, so you’re in good hands with the Touch Point team.

This massage clinic focuses on relieving pain and preventing injury. If you’re up for a hard deep tissue massage, or a soothing, relaxing treatment, they can specifically tailor to each client’s need. They’ve got many treatments and services available such as sports massages, pregnancy, and postpartum massages, body maintenance sessions, and a corporate massage (focusing on stress relief). 

If you’re dying for a massage but can’t get to their Geelong or Richmond clinics, there’s a mobile massage service that’ll come to you anywhere, anytime. If you’re a massage junkie, Touch Point has Gold Member prices and packages available.

5. Max Therapy

Max Therapy Geelong

Max Therapy incorporates contemporary and traditional Chinese massage techniques. They focus on providing natural therapy services at affordable prices. If you’re looking for an oil massage, Chinese massage, or remedial massage in Geelong, give Max Therapy a go. 

At Max Therapy, their qualified therapists provide a variety of massages. If you’re suffering from muscular or skeletal dysfunctions, remedial massages often help relieve these issues. If you’re on your feet all day, their reflexology foot bath focuses on key pressure points that’ll help different functions all over the body. You could also get an oil massage, a Max Therapy signature treatment. 

They also specialize in acupressure and acupuncture treatments. In this holistic approach, therapists apply pressure or needles to specific acupuncture points in the body to heal illnesses and ailments. Max Therapy is an excellent spot for some pampering, a brilliant blend of traditional and contemporary.

6. Balance for You

Balance For You Geelong

Balance for you is an excellent place for a massage in Geelong, and they also offer so much more. Not only do they have treatments and massages, but they also have loads of courses and workshops for different interests and skills.

These workshops are accredited with IICT, so you can apply for CPE points, membership, and insurance cover. There are different levels of courses you could take. Certificate courses include massages, cupping, reiki, and even tarot cards. 

There’s also some light mini workshops and online courses to introduce you to the massage world. Aromatherapy intro, chakra balancing, and Unicron energy healing are a few options. Who’d have thought there’s a course on Unicron energy healing?

Balance For You offers remedial massages, reflexology, body balance, and even ear candling if you’re just looking for some relaxing downtime while focusing on self care.

7. Note To Self Massage Therapy

Note To Self Geelong

In the Highton region is a small massage clinic run by Leanne, who is a qualified in-house therapist. When visiting Note to Self Massage Therapy, you’ll receive one-on-one service in a more intimate setting.

She focuses on tailored remedial massages to relieve discomfort and relax the mind and body. Many treatments focus on specific areas like the headache treatment, frozen shoulder, and hip treatment massage. They also have full-body massages to put you in a state of pure bliss. 

Make a note of this massage clinic; she won’t disappoint.

8. Coral Chinese Massage

Coral Chinese Massage Geelong

If you’re into traditional Chinese massages and want an authentic experience Coral. They’re so authentic that if you don’t speak Chinese then you’re probably going to have a tough time even navigating through the services on their website.

If you’re in the Leopold area, stop by Coral Chinese Massage for a perfectly pressured traditional Chinese massage. They’ll tackle all your knots and will leave you feeling much better.


We hope you find the perfect massage you’re looking for to soothe your mind and heal your body. Whether you’re looking for a classic remedial massage or brave enough to try acupuncture, these massages in Geelong will give you the chance to take a well-deserved break. Who knows, maybe you’ll take some courses at Balance for You. 

From essential oils, needles, cups, and good ole’ hands, these massage clinics certifiably know what they’re doing. After reading all about relaxation and massages, you are sure to be booking an appointment as soon as possible!

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