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The 10 Best Draftsman In Geelong

The 10 Best Draftsman In Geelong

If you’re planning to build your dream home in the near future, it’s time to get serious about your architectural design. And no dream home comes stock off the shelf. Unless it’s your dream to live in a cookie-cutter home like everyone else. Designing a custom home entails a lot of consideration of the needs and wants of everyone in your family.

Think about all the things related to your home that are causing you trouble. Whether it’s the location of the laundry room or the lack of proper ventilation in the kitchen, make sure you make a list of everything that you need to make your life more pleasant before even considering the next step. 

Once you’ve got a good idea of the things you need and things that are open to compromise, it’s time to take the next step and get serious about the construction of your home.  

Making your own floor plan or exterior requires a draftsman to design your home’s layout and architectural features unless you’re going to move into a lean-to. But chances are you don’t know the first thing about hiring a draftsman that knows what they’re doing. I mean, it’s not something people usually do more than once in their lives. Most people probably never will hire one at all. 

There are a lot of things to consider and after you’ve narrowed it down, you’ll want to inspect their gallery, testimonials, and any online reviews you can find. You might even want some references from your draftsman so you can talk with their previous clients. 

It’s pretty complicated and that’s why we’ve made sure to include a handy dandy guide to getting the draftsman in Geelong that you need to see your dream home’s construction through to the end with as few problems as possible.

1. Holman Designs

Holman Designs Geelong

Holman Designs is an architectural design company providing draftsman services to Geelong residents. They specialize in modern residential designs for luxury homes at an affordable price. Holman Designs produce homes with a unique look that’ll make your neighbors jealous. 

Because they’re a premium quality service, they consider all of your wants and needs when putting your home together. And communicating well is probably the most important aspect of building a dream home. It just wouldn’t be your dream home if it wasn’t tailored to your every want and need, right?

Holman Designs is available for consultations but you’ll need to make an appointment first. And you’ll find out that appointments are the norm when it comes to finding a draftsman.

2. McMullan Design

McMullan Design Geelong

McMullan Design is a design company that’s been doing work and building houses for over 30 years. And they’ve been providing draftsmen to Geelong people for the entire time. This architectural design company works with all kinds of different people and companies. They design all kinds of modern buildings for just about every application out there.

They do other stuff too. So if you need a variety of services, they might be the choice for you. They also specialize in interior design and work with all kinds of government agencies for city planning and permit applications. So that means they can help you get the stamps and approvals that you need. 

They can offer you all kinds of designs and aesthetics depending on what you like. They seem to be pretty good with both traditional and ultramodern buildings.

3. Corinthian Design Studio

Corinthian Design Studio Geelong

Corinthian Design Studio does things a little differently. Like many of the Geelong draftsman and architectural companies listed here, they have their own unique list of services and expertise that only they can provide. 

Corinthian Design Studio tends to produce buildings and residences that give off a distinctly minimalist look without sacrificing any of the features that the average person has come to rely on.  

This company often builds other kinds of residential buildings. For example, they sometimes build small multi-unit domiciles for real-estate development. This ability of theirs can benefit regular people too. 

Small multi-unit houses can satisfy some of the different living situations that we find ourselves in. If you have an aging parent that wants to live independently, you might be able to compromise with them if they have their own attached unit. 

There are lots of situations where you might want to have a family member attached but not living with you in the common space. 

4. KVA Design

KVA Designers Geelong

KVA Design is another architectural design firm that provides a variety of services. Their specialty is making energy-efficient homes for regular people. And they can do it in many different styles so most people ought to be able to find the look that you’re wanting.

The homes they’ve built vary greatly in appearance. So if you really want something unique and you think you might need a builder that isn’t stuck designing in the same general design style, then this company might be what you’re looking for.

They’ve got three basic aesthetics to choose from with countless styles and variations for each one. You can go with a classic look that everyone is already familiar with if you want a warm and inviting atmosphere. They also make beach-style homes and modern-contemporary if that’s what you’re into.

5. Tony Preiato & Associates

Tony Preiato Geelong

This agency provides Geelong with draftsman services and has etched out their own little niche. Tony Preiato & Associates specializes in the construction of townhomes. This kind of company may not be suitable for the average dream home. It’s a little bit better suited for developers.

Yet, there are still lots of situations where a townhome might be your best option. This is the case in many urban situations. So if your lot is pretty small but you’re looking for significant space, it’s time to build up. 

When it comes to townhome construction, they’ve got more than one choice to pick from. They offer a few basic styles. Some of their designs are classic in appearance while others are more modern or contemporary. So have a look around their site and see if their services suit your needs.

6. Draftsman Geelong

Draftsman Geelong

Draftsman Geelong is a company that mostly handles smaller projects. If you were looking for a company to help you draft up some plans for an extension or small architectural build on your property, then you’ll definitely want to look around their services. 

This company doesn’t design homes from scratch. Instead, they help you turn your existing house into the home of your dreams. Architectural renovation and small outdoor structures are their specialties. They have extensive experience making pergolas, decks, carports, and similar outcroppings. 

Draftsman Geelong is customer-oriented and friendly in its approach. They will hold your hand through the entire process. From your consultation, through the design and permit process, all the way until your project is completed. 

7. Ivelja Design

Ivelja Design Geelong

Ivelja Design is a full-scale property development firm working in partnership with Projeckt Evolve. They offer draftsman services with many pre-existing designs to use as a foundation. They work with commercial real estate developers frequently to build luxury units and townhomes. 

They can do anything, but if you’re breaking ground on a big project, they’re worth looking into. Like some of the other full-service firms in this article, they’ll help you from start to finish. And that’s going to reduce your burden. Unless you love working with bureaucracy. 

They’ll offer quotes if you contact them. So if you think they might be a good fit for you and your development idea, go ahead and give them a ring. They’ve got some interesting ideas and some unique design concepts that they use to implement your dream home.

8. Geelong Budget Drafting

Geelong Budget Drafting

Geelong Budget Drafting provides a variety of draftsman services that you might find useful. And they can do it more affordable than the other Geelong draftsman services available in the area. They can give you a quote without pressuring you or making you feel obligated to settle on them. 

They mostly work with individuals to design spacious new homes with open floor plans. They also are well-known for completing smaller projects like extensions, refurbs, and outdoor projects such as a verandah. If you want to jazz up your yard with a parking overhang or some outdoor recreational space, they can make those kinds of changes for you.

Geelong Budget Drafting will render your project plan in a 3D walkable format. That means you can take a virtual tour and have a look around before settling on a final plan. Some people find that useful to improve their design. They should offer you a lower price for all of this since they are a budget drafting service.

9. Peter Rechenberg Design

Peter Rechenberg Design Geelong

Peter Rechenberg Design is a local design firm that offers Geelong draftsman services for a lot of different projects. They aren’t limited to any one aspect of project planning. 

So if you want a new custom dream home drafted up to your specific desires, they can do it. But if you’re looking to develop your existing home into your dream home, they can do that too. They also work to add additions and exterior structures to beef up your residence. 

They have a lot of credibility in the area because they also work with major developers to design multi-residential estate projects. So they’ve got a lot of experience working with every aspect of home design and implementation.

10. Michael Higgins Building Design

Michael Higgins Building Design Geelong

Michael Higgins Building Design is a premier architectural firm working in the Geelong area. They offer premium quality architectural drafting services for residents and developers in the region. They differ from the others in this list in that they specialize in beautiful, modern dream home residential buildings.

They can really make some beautiful designs with a lot of interesting embellishments and they tend to implement some fresh new ideas into their layouts. They’ve got a lot of examples on their website of the various design options and layouts that they’ve implemented. 

Since they’re custom home designers, you can pick and choose the elements that you like and they can put it all together for you in a plan that suits your family’s practical needs while providing a unique space that you can brag about to your friends.

So you’ve got a lot of choices for Geelong draftsmen in the local area. However, each one is quite a bit different as we’ve shown. Picking the right one for you should be pretty easy at this point because each firm has its own areas of expertise. 

Yet, you’ll probably want to have a few companies on the hook at the same time until you get the opportunity to have multiple discussions with the designer and receive a quote. Everyone’s budget is different and it’s important to find a designer that’s well within your range. Overextending your finances could lead to an unfinished build or at least an unfurnished home. 

And don’t forget, communication is key, so if you’re finding the company hard to work with, it’s time to check someone else out and give them a shot. Making sure that your concerns are heard and resolved is the only way to successfully build the home of dreams. Otherwise, you’ll just see their failures every time you look around your house. 

Are you or someone that you know a draftsman and should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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