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The 7 Best Places For LED Lighting In Geelong

The 7 Best Places For LED Lighting In Geelong

If you hadn’t noticed until now, the lighting industry has gone through a revolution with the invention of the LED light. From residential to industrial, flashlights to floodlights, LEDs have replaced the antiquated incandescents and even made energy-saving coils look out of date. As energy costs rise, and efficiency becomes an environmental obligation, it is down to you to modernize your lighting situation and jump on the LED train. 

As you will see from some of the impressive portfolios demonstrated by the companies on this list, there is no reason why you should sacrifice function or aesthetics in order to save money or save the environment. If you have come this far, that means you are already considering LEDs for your next lighting purchase, so we have compiled a list of some truly unique, extensive, and stylish companies based in and around Geelong that can provide some of the best LED solutions in the business. From tiny components to industrial projects, neons, strip lights, or intelligent systems, there is something for every lighting need available here in our city.

So if you are looking to brighten up your property, replace your inefficient lights, create a beautiful interior, or just find a replacement part, there is a company for you on our list of the 7 best places for LED lighting in Geelong. So read on to become enlightened on the subject of lights and don’t be left in the dark with anything less than the best. 

1. LED Light Co.

LED Light Co Geelong

Our first entry is a local company based in the Geelong suburb of Newcome, LED light Co is a family-run business that has been in the lighting and electronics business since 1980. They stock a wide range of LED lights and are specialists in replacement and additional lights for vehicles, and from the evidence from their work, the difference is night and day when it comes to lighting the road with LEDs or traditional car lights. They also stock a huge range of other lighting such as light bars, strip lights, work lights, loom kits, accessories, and personal lights. You can visit their warehouse Mondays to Fridays or you can browse their selection online and make your order today.

2. Sonic Lighting

Sonic Lighting Geelong

Next, we have a locally grown company that has expanded to provide their services nationwide. Sonic lighting are architectural lighting specialists that have been in business since 1995 and are located in North Geelong. They make the most of their skills by teaming up with experts to give their customers the best possible results from electrical engineers, architects, contractors, and interior designers. They will put together a great team that can deliver top results for your project. You can browse their page to see some examples of their stunning and professional work, or you can visit their showroom Mondays through Fridays. If you can’t make it to their shop, you can even book an online video consultation.

3. Beacon Lighting

Beacon Lighting Geelong

Beacon Lighting is one of the biggest names in the industry throughout the whole of Australia. From their humble Melbourne based beginnings in 1967, they have grown to more than 110 stores around the country and over 1000 permanent team members. Their top-quality services cover almost every aspect of lighting, from indoor & outdoor, smart lighting, fans, pendants, and almost anything else you might need in your private or commercial property. They have an extensive online catalog you can browse, with many products exclusive to Beacon. Their services also include things like electrician finder, after sale assistance, and a number of payment options that make it possible for every budget to brighten up their project with some of the best lighting around. You can visit their showroom store in North Geelong which is open 6 days a week.

4. ESIC Lighting

ESIC Lighting Geelong

Our next entry is a company you should get to know if you are an owner of any commercial or industrial properties because these guys can not only provide some great options for lighting purchases but strive to bring you the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solutions. They are experts in low-cost lighting upgrades and can even exchange your obsolete bulbs with the latest in LED systems, claiming that they can help you save up to 95% in energy consumption from your lighting. If you are looking for specialist installations such as intelligent lighting controls, motion-sensing lighting, or even daylight harvesting systems, they have you covered. You can contact them for an online quotation or to book an on-site audit, or you can visit their Geelong location in Bell Park to the north of the city.  

5. Volka Lighting

Volka Lighting Geelong

Volka lighting is a company that can cover almost all of your lighting needs, from complete installation to minor replacement parts. They are experts in LEDS and stock everything from the tiniest one point LEDs to huge, high-powered flood lighting systems. Based in the far southwest of Melbourne at Hoppers crossing, they have built one of the most extensive lighting companies in Victoria. You can browse their website for their extensive range of products, or contact them for a consultation on your residential, corporate or industrial lighting project. There are no jobs too small or too big that they can not handle, and with their reputable customer service team, you are sure to find the solution to your lighting needs through Volka Lighting.

6. Bluelab Design

Bluelab Design Geelong

For some of the sleekest and most stylish lighting and design in Geelong, look no further than Bluelab design. Established for over 12 years, the company was started by lighting designer Penny and her husband Marcus and they have become one of the top companies in town for custom bespoke lighting and specialist lighting projects. They strive to bring their clients top-quality, stylish, and energy-saving lighting options for projects from small to large and they have an impressive list of previous clients and an incredible portfolio to browse. If you are looking for something unique, modern, and efficient, Penny & Marcus can provide it.  You can visit them in the North Geelong store or contact them online to book a consultation.

7. Custom Neon


For our final entry on the list, we have a company that is a little bit more niche, but with a product, we are certain you will be tempted once you check out their impressive portfolio. Custom Neon does exactly what you would imagine, they custom make neon LED lights to suit your exact requirements. There are few things that you can add to your home or business that can brighten up a place like some neon lights, however, like their well-known predecessors, these modern neon’s are completely LED, energy-saving, and affordable. With Custom Neon, you can upload your own designs, and their professional and dedicated team can deliver your easy to install lights quickly and at a competitive price. You can check out their webpage, contact their staff or drop into their North Geelong store to get your custom neon lights today.


We hope our list has shed some light on the great options available for LEDs here in Geelong. We are delighted to bring to you these 7 great companies that should cover any needs you might have when it comes to LEDs and professional lighting solutions. 

From car headlights to Neon signs, head torches, or football field floods, we struggle to see how you can’t be impressed with the luminous entries on our list. 

So, the next time one of your bulbs goes dark, or the batteries on your flashlight run out at that crucial moment, we hope you check out our entries and find the perfect LED solution for your lighting requirements. So don’t wait until you’re left in the shadows, contact one of these industry professionals and impress your neighbors or clients with a new set of top-quality LED lights.

Do you or someone that you know own a LED lighting store in Geelong that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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