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We present to you the 5 best laundromats in Geelong. These laundromats are not simple laundromats, each one has a speciality and all of them have great customer service and only top quality machines. They stock all kinds of washing substances from eco-friendly to imported products and can provide for heavy commercial loads or express options for those on a tight schedule. Some of them are located in great spots where you can find plenty of parking space for your vehicle, which makes dropping off and picking up your laundry easy and convenient. Most of the laundromats are open each day of the week, and some even on public holidays. This list highlights the best heavy washing, commercial washing, doona washing, gentle washing and intelligent logic control drying laundromats in the Geelong area. Some of the entries on our list offer delivery services or personalized cleaning services, you only need to call them to arrange. In the list below we have also shared a few stories from the laundromats which we find inspiring to see people are making a difference even with small steps such as making a laundromat environmentally friendly. We also have tried to highlight the professionalism, hygiene standards and maintenance of laundromats, so we have only included those businesses that are known to uphold high standards of practice.  This list will change your laundry experience because the places listed below go the extra mile to make your laundry experience as easy and comfortable as possible. So prepare your laundry load and head to one of the laundromats on our list and enjoy the best laundry services in town.

1. Eco Laundry Room

Eco Laundry Room Geelong

Eco Laundry Room has replaced the old-school, dull laundromat with a high-tech laundry experience with the main focus on preserving the environment. The founders of Eco Laundry Room were already practicing an environmentally friendly lifestyle at home, it made perfect sense to bring it into business, making a difference to the planet one wash at a time. They have multi-sized washers and dryers for all your laundry requirements. They also have Australian made eco-friendly washing powders available for purchase in-store. Stores provide 24/7 access and practice daily sanitisation at all their laundromats from floor to ceiling, including machines. In addition, they also provide a free drum clean service option to rinse the washer with hot water before use of the machine and they also have special offers and discounts for their loyalty cardholder customers. They are open from 6 am till late every day of the week, all year.

2. Blue Hippo Laundry

Blue Hippo Geelong

Blue Hippo Laundry have locations throughout Victoria, including right here in Geelong. They run USA made machines and guarantee customer service at all their Laundromats. Blue Hippo Laundry offers a commercial wash service that can be perfect for businesses in the community such as Airbnb, childcare, spas, health services, sports clubs, hair salons and more. Pick up and delivery are available, just give them a call to arrange. They also specialise in doona washing, their mega load machines come in various sizes perfect for king, queen or single doonas. They are known for their reliable and fast service, Blue Hippo Laundry also offers express wash services to get through your week’s laundry in 23 minutes. They have various sizes of machines available from 9kg to 40kg to make your wash as efficient as possible. They are open 24/7 including public holidays.

3. Green Laundry

Green Laundry Geelong

Green Laundry is a self-serving, high quality, clean and modern laundromat. They have ample parking space, easy access and free WIFI available at all their locations. You can also enjoy freshly ground coffee from their barista-quality coffee vending machines. Green Laundry knows how to make your laundry experience hassle-free and comfortable. They use the latest state of the art machines which are efficient and environment friendly. Their high tech washers come in sizes of 8kg, 14kg, and 20kg and can tell when to be gentle and when to use power. In the washers at Green Laundry, you can easily wash large items such as blankets, sleeping bags and doona. All the dryers at Green Laundry are high quality and fitted with intelligent logic control, which allows the dryer to accurately maintain the humidity and temperature for quick drying. They are open every day of the week from 6am to 10pm.

4. Belmont Bubbles

Belmont Bubbles Geelong

From hi-tech and hip to old-school and reliable, our next entry is a classic coin-operated laundromat that is family owned and run with care. They are located in the southern suburb of Belmont and provide a range of services aside from their reliable washer and dryer machines. They have a friendly and affordable wash, dry & fold service and offer both pick-up and delivery. They can also handle all of your large scale laundry with their large front loaders able to fit even kingside doonas. You can find their friendly and reliable, self-service or personalized service, operating 7 days a week from 6am to 10pm.

5. Soap Bar Launderette

Soap Bar Launderette Geelong

Soap Bar Launderette was founded by a group of friends who took over their local laundromat when it closed down. They added some music, food and Jenga and created more than just a launderette, but a vibe too. They replaced the old coin-operated machines with a hi-tech array of machines that can email you receipts and send an SMS when your wash or dry is done. At Soap Bar Launderette they have plenty of space for you to relax and enjoy a coffee or juice, and plenty of parking space for your vehicle too. They have an environmentally friendly express drying service that can dry two loads of washing in an astonishing 24 minutes. If you need to get in touch they have a 24/7 customer service hotline and their locations are open 7 days a week from 6am to 11:30pm.


We hope you have found an entry on our list that sounds like the right laundromat for you. We have covered everything from the most hi-tech machines to the most comfortable places with the best vibes. We have mentioned several locations that provide easy access parking, comfortable areas for waiting and enjoying a coffee and provide free wifi for you to pass the time or get some work done while you wait. If you have large loads of laundry or don’t have the time to make it to the laundromat, use one of the pick-up and delivery services that we have included. With the services above, doing the laundry no longer needs to be an arduous chore, but can be a stress-free and enjoyable experience. All the entries on our list put great effort into their customer care, provide their services from convenient locations at competitive prices and take pride in their solid testimonials from their Geelong customer base. So don’t hesitate any longer and pay a visit to one of these top companies and make use of some of the best laundromats here in Geelong city.

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