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Along with being a great place to go sightseeing and surfing, Geelong is well-known for its superb range of high-quality restaurants, especially those focusing on authentic Italian cuisine. Many of Geelong’s Italian restaurants are conveniently located in some of the city’s most interesting districts including Eastern Beach, Central, Pakington Street, and the Waterfront. 

For fans of Italian food, then you will probably enjoy the Italian food on offer throughout the day in Geelong whether it be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The majority of Italian restaurants in Geelong serve a wide variety of Italian dishes including salads, starters, pizzas, pasta, and desserts as well as offering some excellent specials for those who like to try new food. 

Italian food is an important part of Geelong’s restaurant culture and is many people’s first choice when it comes to everyday eating and many of the restaurants have been around for several decades. 

Our guide to the best Italian restaurant in Geelong has been carefully put together based on the quality and range of cuisine, the standard of service, and location. Whether you are looking for a place to eat with the family or go on a fancy date, you are sure to find something suitable from the list of restaurants below.

1. Two Sugars on Pako

Two Sugars on Pako Geelong

Located in central Geelong, the Two Sugars Cafe, Pizza Bar, and Italian restaurant is a great place to enjoy a meal with your partner or family. Two Sugars serves a great range of both authentic pizza and other Italian dishes as well as some excellent gourmet food. 

Lunch specials are served from 11.30 am to 3 pm daily, the menu offers a choice of pizza or special for $20 with an option to add a house wine or Moretti beer for an extra $5. The classic Italian-style pizzas including the margherita, pizza bianca, cappricciosa, and daviola are cooked in a wood-fired oven. Also featured on the lunch menu at this popular Italian restaurant in Geelong are Italian dishes such as pappardelle al funghi, maccheroni di nicola, and ricotta gnocchi al pesto, as well as gourmet lunch classics such as grilled beef salad, club sandwich, and beef burger.

2. Enzo’s On Pako

Enzo's On Pako Geelong

Enzo’s has been serving pizza on Pakington Street in central Geelong for almost 20 years and is popular among locals and tourists alike. Feeding the whole family at this much-loved Italian restaurant in Geelong is easy with a great variety of Italian cuisine on offer ranging from classic pizzas to plates of pasta and risotto, all freshly made from high-quality ingredients. 

If you are looking for an Italian restaurant in Geelong with a great selection of pasta dishes, risotto and salads then you would likely be interested in the menu at Enzo’s. Its mouth-watering pasta dishes include marinara Napoletana, al Funghi, carbonara, and traditional meatballs whilst the risotto menu features a seafood Napoli Pescatore risotto, chicken risotto, and hot and spicy risotto.  

Also on Enzo in Pako’s extensive menu are desserts such as cassata, gelato, Tartufo, and tiramisu, and a selection of beers, soft drinks and sparkling wines. 

Delivery service is available to several suburbs in Geelong including Belmont, Highton, and North Shore.

3. Pizza Bar

Pizza Bar Geelong

Easy to find on Geelong’s popular Pakington Street, Pizza Bar is rated as one of the finest Italian restaurants in the Geelong area as it offers a wide range of authentic and delicious starters, classic meat, or vegetarian pizzas, desserts, and sides. 

Amongst the starters on the menu are a wood oven-fired cheesy sourdough flatbread, buttermilk fried chicken dippers marinated with a blend of 15 spices, cheese arancini with Bolognese sauce, and fried calamari salad. 

The dessert menu is appealing to almost anyone with a sweet tooth and is comprised of 

classics such as churros, dessert pizza with Nutella, marshmallows, and strawberries and ice cream.

Pizza Bar is open 7 days a week from 5 pm with kids being able to get pizzas for $5 after 6 pm every night. For adults looking for a fun night out, the bar has a cocktail happy hour from 7 pm to 9 pm when you can enjoy a classic cocktail for only $10.

4. La Campagnola Pizzeria & Gelateria

La Campagnola Pizzeria & Gelateria Geelong

Situated on the pleasant Shannon Avenue close to Manifold Heights, La Campagnola Pizzeria & Gelateria is an affordable and popular Italian restaurant in Geelong well-known for its excellent range of classic pizzas like the Amalfi, Messina, and Primavera. 

La Campagnola’s pizza menu features bestsellers including the Texan cheesy meat pizza, chicken and avocado, and spicy terra Rossa pizza topped with Sopressa hot salami, feta, and fresh thyme. For those dining with others, there are great value pizza bundles for families and groups in addition to a choice of Hawaiian, Margherita, and Aussie style kids size pizzas are available for $6.

Also on the menu are six superbly presented and great tasting pasta dishes ranging from pollo e pesto to arrabiata and classic bolognese. This top-notch Italian restaurant in Geelong also has great quality side dishes to accompany their authentic plates of pasta and pizzas, most notably their loaves of baked garlic bread, and focaccia with garlic and rosemary or olive and chilli.

5. La Porchetta

La Porchetta Geelong

Within walking distance of the landscaped gardens and pavilion of Johnstone Park, this well-established Italian restaurant in Geelong boasts a comprehensive and varied menu that caters to both meat-eaters and vegans. 

Customers can choose from 15 styles of pasta dishes including the chef’s selection of spaghetti bolognese, fettuccine carbonara, and spaghetti Pescatore, other popular dishes include gnocchi pesto, lasagna, and penne spinach, and pumpkin alfredo. La Porchetta’s menu also gives you the choice of five different types of pasta noodle, spaghetti, fettuccine, gnocchi, penne or tortellini. 

Also on the menu are classic mains such as 350 gram T-bone, porterhouse, and rib-eye steaks cooking to your liking and served with either Italian salad, seasonal vegetables, chips, or mashed potato. 

The pizzas come in small, medium, or large sizes and the menu has enough range to cater to almost anyone’s preferences. Vegetarian diners often enjoy the Focaccia garlic and cheese, Margherita and mushrooms pizzas whilst the marinara, Capricciosa, and smoked salmon are regular choices for seafood eaters.

6. La Vista

La Vista Geelong

Providing some of the most authentic Italian cuisine in Geelong, La Vista can be found in the centre of Geelong CBD on the Corner of Bellarine and Brougham Street and the location boasts an awesome view of Eastern Beach and Geelong esplanade. 

La Vista’s extensive menu of authentic Italian dishes contains all the breads, salads, entrees, pastas, risottos, and meat and poultry dishes any diner would expect from an Italian eatery. 

A satisfying three-course meal at La Vista typically starts with the choice of bruschetta seasoned with tomato, basil, and Bocconcini or grilled pane di casa with warm olives partnered with either a classic Italian or chicken caesar salad. Antipasto, calamari fritti, fresh mussels, and oysters also make delicious entree options to start a meal. 

As main courses, La Vista offers a mouth-watering selection of pasta, risottos, and meat and poultry-based mains. The traditional pasta dishes on the menu range from spaghetti dishes to linguine and gnocchi. 

7. Caruggi

Caruggi Geelong

Named after the medieval centre of Genoa famous for its small shops selling artisanal local cuisine, Caruggi is a stylish Italian restaurant in Geelong with lunch and dinner menus that focus on serving classic dishes cooked following traditional recipes and cooking techniques. 

Featured on both the lunch and dinner menus is focaccia col formaggio, a specialty from the chef’s hometown of Recco located on the Ligurian Coast. This oven-baked pizza dish consists of two layers of thin dough filled with creamy handmade crecenza cheese. Also found on Caruggi’s lunch menu is a simple yet quality list of artisan pasta including orecchiette, linguini, pansotti, and spaghetti. 

If you are looking for somewhere nice to eat in the evening, Caruggi’s carefully put together dinner menu offers a delicious selection of antipasti, pasta and salad dishes. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays guests can treat themselves to a Ligurian Feast of anchovies, Carpaccio style fish of the day, focaccia col formaggio, mussels, pesto Genovese, pansotti and a choice of dessert.

8. Lipari

Lipari Geelong

Easy to find in the heart of central Geelong, Lipari is the place to go if you are craving traditional Italian food, especially pasta. Lipari is also a great choice for any occasion as it has a welcoming service, warm atmosphere and wide range of starters, pasta, salads and wines.

From the starters, diners can choose from classics such as bruschetta with ham and cheese or vegetables, sun-dried tomato bread, and minestrone. If you are looking for a light bite to eat, try one of Lipari’s fresh caesar, tuna or avocado prawn salads. 

When it comes to pasta dishes, Lipari has a menu of 15 different sauces including bolognese, carbonara, napoletana primavera and pesto. Other favourite main dishes at Lipari can be found on their secondi menu which features veal parmigiana or scallopini, chicken schnitzel or parmigiana, and chicken and spinach ricotta.

9. Pizzeria Adamo

Pizzeria Adamo Geelong

This family-owned Italian restaurant in Geelong is conveniently located in the heart of the city close to some of the city’s best tourist attractions and the owner, Adamo is well-known for passionately creating authentic pizza and pasta, as well as starters, salads, and desserts. 

Pizza Adamo’s starter menu has a good range of excellent value starters including bruschetta focaccia, Sicilian style arancini, and salumi misto. Following the starters, there are a great variety of white or red pizzas including classics such as gorgonzola, funghi, quattro formaggi, margherita, and napolitana. 

As well as boasting a superb pizza menu, Adamo’s also has one of the finest pasta menus in Geelong featuring perfectly cooked artisanal sauces with a choice of fettuccine, penne (gluten-free option), and house made gnocchi. 

Rated as one of the best Italian restaurants in Geelong to visit for dinner, Pizza Alamo is open every day between 5 and 9 pm.

10. El Toro

El Toro Geelong

This family-owned and run Italian restaurant in Geelong was founded in 1974 and continues to this day to passionately prepare and serve high quality food that is popular amongst locals and tourists alike. Located close to Kardinia Park in Geelong CBD, El Toro is a safe bet if you are looking for a place to enjoy a meal with excellent service and a warm atmosphere.

The menu at El Toro is full of authentic and classic starters, gourmet pizzas, mains, and pasta. Amongst the starters are bruschetta, meat antipasto, soup of the day, arancine, and Portarlington mussels. These make for excellent appetisers before a gourmet pizza such as the genovese with pesto, goat cheese, roast peppers, rocket, and semi-dried tomatoes.

Guests who prefer pasta dishes will be sure to enjoy El Toro’s selection of fettuccine, spaghetti, penne, gnocchi, tortellini available with a range of sauces such as the marinara with tiger prawns, fish, scallops, mussels, calamari, napolitana sauce.

11. Azzurra Trattoria

Azzurra Trattoria Geelong

Within a five minutes walk from Kardinia Park Stadium, Azzurra Trattoria is the perfect place to enjoy some classic Italian food after watching a game of football. The restaurant regularly hosts dinner parties of all sizes and the trattoria feast featuring multiple dishes over three courses is a favourite for many diners. One such trattoria feast on their menu is the Mangia Mangia consisting of pane, antipasti, primi, dolci and gnocchi or pasta.

As a starter, guests can choose from loaves of traditional baked Italian bread with either dried oregano, cheese blend, garlic, or a mixture of them all. Azzurra Trattoria’s is also renowned for its specialty, hand-rolled ricotta gnocchi with spinach and tomato and hand-rolled potato gnocchi in ragu. 

To round off a delicious meal, this fine dining Italian restaurant in Geelong offers a choice of either tiramisu made with layers of Espresso, Marsala soaked sponge cake, and creamed mascarpone or Cannoli consisting of homemade pastry shells filled with ricotta and candied fruit.

12. Eastside Pizza & Pasta

Eastside Pizza & Pasta Geelong

Located close to some of Geelong’s most popular tourist attractions such as Eastern Beach and the botanical gardens, Eastside Pizza & Pasta has an extensive menu with a great selection of focaccia bread, traditional and gourmet pizzas, pasta, risotto, salads, and desserts. 

The restaurant’s experienced chefs make use of classic ingredients to create traditional pizzas such as capricosa and margherita that come in a range of sizes including small, medium, large, family and king. Gourmet pizzas are also available in the large size only, with popular choices including the pescatore and piccante. 

Eastside’s specialty pizzas include the Eastside Special with toppings of tomato, cheese, ham, bacon, hot salami, onions, mushrooms, capsicum, pineapple, garlic, and herbs. For starters, Eastside has a good variety of focaccia with a choice of garlic, mozzarella, evoo, oregano, and basil for seasoning and toppings. 

Special offers include two large plates of pasta for $30.90, two large traditional pizzas for $32.90 or a combo of any large pizza and garlic bread for $35.90.

13. Pompei on Pakington

Pompei on Pakington Geelong

Pompei on Pakington is another excellent choice when looking for an authentic Italian restaurant in Geelong and the family who runs it cook their food with passion using only the finest locally sourced and imported ingredients. 

The modern and comfortable atmosphere at Pompei on Pakington is perfect for enjoying Italian fine dining either for a quiet dinner with your partner or larger dinner parties with friends and family. The short yet sophisticated menu includes starters such as sardines on toasted sourdough bread with lemon, parsley, olive oil, salt and chilli and sharers for two like antipasti Italian meats, bocconcini, house dip olives, grilled vegetables, bread, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. 

Also on Pompei’s menu is their homemade pasta including lasagna, gnocchi al fungo, fettuccini with prawns, and sauce containing garlic, white wine, parsley, chilli, and lemon, and desserts like chocolate and almond torte with mascarpone, warm chocolate sauce, and almond praline.

14. I Ragazzi

I Ragazzi Geelong

I Ragazzi can be found within a short walking distance from the picturesque Barwon Valley Park and promenade running along the river. Popular items on the menu are the prosciutto pizza, casarecce meatballs and gnocchi sorrentina which you can enjoy with e with a cold and refreshing Menabrea beer.

This well established Italian restaurant in Geelong has a great selection of gourmet pizzas costing between $22 for a margherita and $27 for a pizza n’duja with toppings of tomato, cherry tomatoes, caramelized onion, nduja and stracciatella cheese. The two stand out dishes on I Ragazzi’s pasta menu are the pappardelle slowed cooked duck ragu and the veal and pork casarecce meatballs. 

For diners looking for gluten-free Italian food, this is probably the Italian restaurant in Geelong with the best range of gluten-free pizza and pasta including classic pizzas such as the capricciosa topped with tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushroom, artichokes and olives and the pomodoro gnocchi with mozzarella and basil.

15. Gusto Highton

Gusto Highton Geelong

Whilst still respecting Australia’s modern dining scene, the experienced management of Gusto Highton draw on both local and international cultures to bring the aromas, flavours and textures of Italy to Geelong. 

Their menu offers a great range of savoury and sweet Italian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is served until 2 pm with delicious choices including chilli and avocado smash on toasted sourdough with poached eggs, goats cheese, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms.

Gusto Highton serves lunch from noon and their menu is full of affordable and filling options such as traditional spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna and seafood risotto. Also available at lunchtime is a superb range of wood-fired pizzas.

During dinner service, this Italian restaurant in Geelong offers an extensive selection of authentic and classic cuisine perfect for a three-course meal. 


In addition to being a great place to visit for sightseeing and surfing, Geelong is also famous for its modern and varied dining culture which includes a great choice when it comes to Italian cuisine. Many of Geelong’s most well-known and visited Italian restaurants are conveniently located close to the main tourist attractions such as the Barwon River, Eastern Beach and Kardinia Park Stadium.

If you love Italian food then checking out some of Geelong’s Italian restaurants is a must as all of the places in our guide offer a range of classic and authentic Italian dishes including breakfasts, antipasti, pizza, pasta, risotto and desserts. 

Whichever time of day it is and whether you want a quiet meal with a friend or a large dinner party with your family, you can always find an Italian restaurant in Geelong that has authentic and delicious food and a warm atmosphere.

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