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The 10 Best Health Food Stores In Geelong

The 10 Best Health Food Stores In Geelong
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You may know Geelong City because of it’s irresistible location on The Surf Coast, Just west of Melbourne, you may know it for it’s waterfront esplanade and botanical gardens, but what you may not know it’s also a hotpot of health food stores, organics wholesalers and health & wellness services. With the growing trend for eating green and reducing our impact on the earth, there has been a surge in the number of retailers and providers that have set up shop in this charming part of the state of Victoria. 

We have compiled this guide for the top health food stores in Geelong to benefit you, whether you are visiting for the day or a long term resident. From delivery services, to in store experiences, online blogs and recipes to professional experts, we have it all available through these amazing companies and organizations. We are delighted to have these establishments as part of our community here, and we hope you get to enjoy them as much as we enjoy writing about them. 

If you want to lead a healthy life, while promoting local businesses and make a commitment to keeping our city green and ethical, you can find all your food and household needs through these top 10 recommended businesses here in Geelong.

So, without further ado, read on for our guide to the top health food stores in Geelong that are simply mouth-watering.

1. Valerie’s Pantry – Bulk Wholefoods Geelong

For one the top choices for health food stores in Geelong, Valerie’s Pantry should be high on your shopping list. Established in 2017 by Katherine Reynolds, a Geelong girl with a passion for providing healthy foods, it has become a popular and successful provider for the local community. They aim to help their customers reduce waste and packaging whilst providing ethical, non-toxic and chemical free products including home and beauty products, wholefoods and more. You can find their extensive product list online, or pay them a visit at their Belmont High Street store and fill your pantry with Valerie’s ethical products.

2. The Source Bulk Foods Geelong


Another great stop for your health food needs is The Source Bulk Foods. Initially founded in Byron Bay in 2012 and has gone on to become Australia’s biggest bulk food retail store with over 60 locations around the country. One of the main aims of The Source is to promote healthy foods at a reasonable price. They specialize in over 50 everyday essential food and home items and over the years have worked to make their prices as low as possible. With the great success they have achieved, they have put that effort back into the community and to providing more for their customers. They have raised over 75,000 AUD to support Sea Shepherd which helps to protect our oceans, and they have built an incredible website with blogs, recipes and a full list of their amazingly priced products.

3. Organic Mojo

Organic Mojo Geelong

Organic Mojo is a small store with a big heart and can be found right in the center of Geelong. They specialize in organic fresh, refrigerated and frozen goods and will deliver to your door up to 100km away. You can choose from their selection of delivery boxes of fruit and veg, or customize your order to suit your needs. If you are looking for an organic food store in Newtown suburb or close to the city center, you can visit their store where their friendly and welcoming staff can introduce you to their in store produce including frozen goods, meat, sweets, drink and specialty items. If you want a local community vibe whether you’re near or far from Geelong, get in touch with Organic Mojo.   

4. Organic Larder – Geelong Organics & Health Foods

Organic Larder Geelong

A veteran of the health food stores in Geelong is Organic Larder. They have been on the scene since 2000 with a commitment to bring top quality, local, fresh organic foods to the Geelong area. Located in Malop Street, a few blocks from the beach and downtown, they have been providing to and building the community from their store for decades. You can find their full range of health foods and products in store or online, and you can even follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with their activities and produce. They also work with Feed Me Bellarine food sharing program by donating fresh fruit and veg and giving their surplus to the programs for local families in need. Support the community and stock your pantry with quality healthy foods. 

5. The Herbal Apothecary

The Herbal Apothecary Geelong

For a one stop shop for all your herbal solutions, look no further than the Herbal Apothecary. Whether you are looking for herbs for cooking, medicine or fragrance, you will be delighted at their range. Established in 2017 by Naturopath Michelle Reynolds with an ecological and ethical mindset and an aim to bring the ancient knowledge of herbs to the city of Geelong. Their product line includes extracts & tonics, herbal tea blends, essential oils, remedy kits, body care and a selection of books on herbs and health. You can visit their store in Geelong West, or make an appointment at their Naturopathic and Psychology clinics. Whether you’re a herbal expert or a novice, you are sure to enjoy the experience of visiting and learning in this unique Geelong health store.

6. Mammoth Health

Mammoth Health Geelong

If you are searching for an organization that cares about your health and wellness and can provide a professional and dedicated service, Mammoth Health Shop & Clinic may be just what you are looking for. Located in Highton Village, you can book a consultation with one of their team to determine the best and most effective diet and treatments for any underlying issues or for your general health, and help to build a well balanced plan catered specifically for you. They have an extensive range of supplements and treatments in their store, and you can follow their blog to receive discounts and the latest updates on their products. If you are in Geelong City, book a consultation and start to make your life healthier.

7. Go Vita

Go Vita Geelong

As one of Australia’s biggest health food chains, they have stores throughout the country including their spot in Ocean Grove, which serves as an outlet in The Surf Coast and stocks all the great produce and products from Go Vita. You shop using their online store, where you can find a full list of whole foods, supplements, meat & dairy and household products. You can also meet the local team based in Ocean Grove such as naturopath Lynda Harding or naturopath and hypnotherapist Kristi Grbin, who can tailor their service to your specific needs, or you can make use of their extensive online resources such as blogs, guides and recipes. You can even consider opening your own Go Vita franchise. If you want the security, support and resources of an expansive and established company, Go Vita is about as professional as they come.

8. Mother Nature’s Wholefoods & Organics

Mother Natures Geelong

Founded by Alana and Alana, Mother Nature’s Wholefoods & Organics specializes in home delivery of locally sourced organic wholefoods and groceries. They provide a passionate and professional service with a smile and aim to support the community through their health food outreach. You can pick up from the curb for free at their store in Geelong North or get free delivery on orders over $50 all the way to Ballarat and Melbourne West. You can make a custom order or try one of their recommended weekly shop boxes. For a delivery service that brings a wholesome touch to their wholesale groceries, you should definitely check out what Mother Nature’s wholefoods & Organics have on offer.

9. Bliss & Co Wholefoods

Bliss & Co Geelong

Bliss & Co Wholefoods is a local, family run wholefoods retailer that aims to promote local produce and provide good foods, reduce waste and not only cater for you and your family, but your pets too. Established in 2017, co-founder Nat is a trained veterinarian, and has created a special raw foods section for pets, so you can ensure every member in your household is eating well and reducing their impact. They are passionate about reducing waste and allow customers to use their own containers or provide brown paper, compostable bags and liquid pouches. Their range of produce from Torquay to the peninsula include butters, breads, muesli, olive oil, honey and even tonic. For a great local service dedicated to you, your family and your pets, check out Bliss & Co online or in their Ocean Grove store.

10. Eastside Wholefoods

Eastside Wholefoods Geelong

Finally we have Eastside Whole Foods, in East Geelong. Specializing in plant based groceries and bulk products. They have an impressive selection and provide delivery and collection services in and around the city. Their product lines include snacks, nuts & seeds, breakfast items, fruit, grains, legumes, baking goods and more. Their ethos is to help make better choices for our planet through healthy and ethical foods and services, and they are a great edition to the Geelong health food scene. You can pop into their store or browse their product list online, there’s guaranteed to be some tasty treats or useful goods that you’ll be able to make great use of at home.


If you are a resident or visitor in and around Geelong, you will be pleasantly surprised at the great range of health food stores, services and products on offer in our vibrant city. From the local health startups bringing you a taste of the community, to the nationwide franchises and chains that have been helping make Australia more healthy for decades, we have the whole range of establishments on show. In this everchanging day in age, it’s more important than ever to lead a healthy lifestyle and to reduce our impact on the planet. By getting to know some of these retailers and services, you have enough options and choice to find the right products and items that you and your family require, whilst also supporting businesses that are dedicated to keeping our city clean & green and giving back to the community in which we live. We hope this guide has provided a helpful insight to the Geelong City health food store community and you find everything you need for your healthy lifestyle.

Do you or someone that you know own a health food shop or store that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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