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The 7 Best Places For Clothing Alterations In Geelong

The 7 Best Places For Clothing Alterations In Geelong

There are a number of reasons why you should be using clothing alterations services if you aren’t already. Clothing and fabric repairs and alterations can be an important service whether you work in the clothing industry or a commercial business from hospitality to health care or are simply looking to make better use of your wardrobe. From simple repairs to tailoring your prized suits and dresses, refitting those out of shape clothes or outfitting an entire hotel with bedspreads, we are fortunate to be home to a great range of tailors, dry cleaners and clothing alterations specialists that can take care of your needs here in Geelong.

Since we have such a plethora of tailoring and alteration options in our city, we have decided to compile a list of our top picks of the companies that are either the most established and dependable or bring something unique in style or quality. From personalized boutiques to statewide chains, relative newcomers to well-established names, there is an alterations specialist for everyone’s tastes, styles and needs that make it on to our list. So whether you are in need of some quick stitching or repairs, or have a prized suit or dress that needs due care and attention we are certain you will find what you need from one of our picks for the 7 best places for clothing alterations in Geelong.

1. Tamara Alterations

Tamara Alterations Geelong

Our first entry on the list is located in Ballarat and was founded by company namesake Tamara Sizenko. Tamara and her team have set up a well-established boutique that has been operating for over 12 years and is one of the most trusted names in tailoring in the region. Providing alterations and repairs for all types of clothing and fabrics, they are a one-stop-shop for a loyal base of repeat customers.  With a motto that states that there’s nothing too short, too long, too tight or too loose that they can’t alter and repair. So if you are looking for an alteration specialist in Ballarat, or want to work with one of the most trusted names in the business, we recommend Tamara Alterations for your clothing needs.

2. Cristin Alteration

Cristin Alteration Geelong

Our next entry is a third-generation member of a tailoring dynasty. Owner Cristina has been tailoring all of her life and brings her heritage and experience to her North Geelong store Cristin Alterations. A specialist in all kinds of clothing repairs for both men and women, you can browse her extensive list of services online, including such things as zipper repairs, hems for pants & jeans, sleeve shortening, buttonholes, vent making, and a whole host of others. Cristina also has a flair for slim fit and modern cull alterations, so she can bring you a tailoring service with style. Every bit of her handiwork comes with a 1 month guarantee and Cristina’s personal guarantee of your satisfaction. For a top-quality service with a personal touch and decades of experience, look no further than Cristina for your tailoring needs.

3. Crest Dry Cleaners

Crest Dry Cleaners Geelong

Crest Dry Cleaners is a family-run, local business that has become one of the main names in the dry cleaning & clothing alterations industry here in Geelong. Initially founded in 1987 in South Australia, Crest now calls Geelong home and has expanded to their current 4 stores based throughout the city. Way more than just a dry cleaners, they are also one of the best spots in town for clothing repairs and alterations. With professionals at each location that can take care of hems, waists, zips, pockets, sleeves and even beading and trim work. They are a company that has gained a huge amount of experience and have worked with a range of commercial clients from industries as varied as hospitality, education and aviation. For one of the most established and well-known names for clothing care and repair, you should have Crest Dry Cleaners high on your list.

4. Alterations NOW

Alterations NOW Geelong

Alterations Now is a company that is tailored specifically for providing clothing alterations for all types of garments. They have become one of the most well known and dependable names in clothing alterations and have stores throughout Victoria and Queensland, including 4 locations here in Geelong. They can take care of all kinds of alterations including embroidery, tailoring’s, repairs and resizing garments to fit your body size. If you work in the clothing industry or you have a need for a regular alterations specialist, you can opt to make an account with Alterations Now and receive perks such as discounts, express services, pick up and delivery and monthly payment. For one of the most extensive and reliable services for personal to commercial tailoring and repairs, Alternation Now is one of the best in town.

5. Amir’s Alterations

Amir's Alterations Geelong

For a tailor with a personal touch, meet Amir and his specialist store Amir’s Alterations. Located in the heart of central Geelong, Amir is a specialist in all kinds of tailoring and alterations and is especially well known for his work with suits and gowns, with some top testimonials attesting to his great work with making your suit fit as perfectly as possible or making seamless alterations to your prized evening gown. Amir provides a wide range of other services such as dry cleaning, factory price suits, and alterations on household items, basic clothes and more. If you are looking for a professional tailor who will work with you personally for a great price and top service, then Amir’s Alterations may be the choice for you.

6. Spic n Span Dry Cleaners

Spic n Span Dry Cleaners Geelong

Spic n Span is one of the most established names in dry cleaning and clothing alterations in Geelong. They have been operating from their Belmont store for a whopping 60 years, and bring their knowledge and experience to their top quality services. They provide cleaning services for a huge range of items from suits and clothing, bedspreads and quilts as well as commercial dry cleaning from hospitality, schools and medical centers. They also offer a professional alteration service that covers all clothing for men, women and children. With so many years of experience and a loyal base of repeat customers, there are few other companies as well known and trusted as Spic N Span to put your faith in when it comes to making alterations to your prized garments. 

7. OG Alterations

OG Alterations Geelong

Our final entry is one of the most unique and personal options here in Geelong. OG Alterations was founded by Soriya Monika who brings her style, passion and international experience to her work. Inspired by décor, fabrics, architecture and garment making, Soriya not only provides alteration services but has her own bespoke clothing line, Apsara, which specializes in kimono robes for men, women and children, and is well worth checking out for any fan of these exotic and comfortable gowns. For alterations, she provides a wide range of services including Shortening & Lengthening, resizing and tapering, zips & elastic as well as formal work for wedding parties, suits and evening gowns. You can find OG Alterations over in Ocean Grove, and this unique boutique is one of our top picks for personalization, care and style.


So, before you throw out that jacket with the busted zipper, or go on your next shopping spree, why not check out your wardrobe and see what can be repaired, repurposed or altered so that you can get more from your garments and keep your clothes lasting for longer. There’s a huge range of options for trusted tailors, careful cleaners and attentive alteration specialists that can put their expertise and knowledge to work on your favourite fabrics and prized possessions.  

We hope you have enjoyed our list and have found some companies to check out the next time you need your garments altered. We’re proud to be home to such a great selection of specialists and professionals, so we’re certain that one or more of our picks will be the company that leaves you delighted with their work and looking great in your garments. So why not pop in to one of these spots today and make the most of your wardrobe. 

Do you or someone that you know own a clothing alterations business that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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