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This category covers anything home and garden related in Geelong.

Furniture Store Geelong

The 10 Best Furniture Stores In Geelong

There’s no place like home. Whether you are an interior design lover or looking for a bargain, our list of the 10 best furniture stores in Geelong will have you wanting to revamp your...
House In Geelong

The 7 Best Real Estate Agents In Geelong

Home sweet home! There’s nothing better than getting to say that out loud. The right house, office or commercial space is extremely important and can be the difference between a house and a home,...
Firewood Geelong

The 5 Best Places To Get Firewood In Geelong

Who doesn’t love a barbie? Hamburgers, marshmallows over the fire, and of course, an ice-cold beer. Or perhaps, you’re needing a truckload of firewood for a bonfire. Whatever the reason, be sure to go...
Plumber Toolbox In Geelong

The 10 Best Plumbers In Geelong

To live comfortably at home means the insides of our homes need to be working smoothly. Small to large issues might arise and you’ll find your dad, husband or brother will, at times, pretending...
Shoe Repair Geelong

The 4 Best Places For Shoe Repair In Geelong

Some pairs of shoes hold memories, they have been there at your best and worst times, carrying you on forward through it all. Letting go becomes nigh impossible, as they mean more to you...
Arborist Geelong

The 7 Best Arborists In Geelong

Just like many metropolitan areas in Australia, it is important for residents of Geelong to keep their gardens and yards clean, safe and tidy. A big part of this is keeping bushes and trees...
Roofing Geelong

The 7 Best Places For Roofing In Geelong

Needing a roofing specialist but not sure where to begin? Take a look at this list of top roofing companies in Geelong. Keep a roof over your head and try one of the 7 best...
Hospital In Geelong

The 4 Best Hospitals In Geelong

Most people take their health seriously and part of that is finding a quality hospital with doctors and nurses experienced and specialised in the right field to take care of your medical issue. Fortunately,...
Pet Shop Geelong

The 6 Best Pet Shops In Geelong

If you are a proud and loving pet owner, you will want to treat your pets and provide the best products possible to help give them the highest quality of life and make them...
painters Geelong

The 8 Best Painters In Geelong

Whether you are a new homeowner, an owner of a commercial property or you have some difficult repaint job that requires skill, expertise and just the right colour, painting and decorating can be a...


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