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The 10 Best Car Wreckers In Geelong

The 10 Best Car Wreckers In Geelong

Do you have a rusty old banger taking up space on your property, gathering dust, and providing no service to anyone? Did you realize you could have a small fortune sitting on your drive or in your garage? Or, perhaps you or someone you know has had the misfortune of being involved in an auto accident that has written off a vehicle and you’re in need of a professional towing service to take it off your hands? or maybe you have inherited a heap of scrap that you don’t know what to do with. If you fall into any of these categories, you might be in need of good-quality car wreckers based in Geelong. Fortunately, our city is home to some great companies that provide extensive wreckage services as well as emergency towing, scrap metal buying, used and new parts providers, and more. 

 When it comes to dismantling cars and getting a good price for your unwanted or unneeded vehicles, you want to go with a company that can provide a hassle-free and honest service, so you get the most for your car. With that in mind, we have compiled an extensive list of the 10 best car wreckers in Geelong, from brand-specific experts to 365 days a year removal services and environmentally conscious companies that do their best to reuse, recycle and repurpose your vehicle. There are some great choices here in Geelong, and we’re certain you’ll find the best company for your needs if you read on through this list.

1. Jollys Auto Parts

Jollys Auto Parts Geelong

We start our list with a great locally-grown wreckers company with yards in Geelong, Ringwood & Dandenong. They are experts in car removal and wrecking services, with a focus on reusing and recycling as much as possible from your wrecks or unused cars. They have a 24-hour removal service that is available throughout Geelong and the greater Melbourne area, so in the difficult circumstance of a wrecked vehicle, they will be on call to remove it from the streets at any hour. They also take a range of scrap metals and parts and offer some of the most competitive prices around. If you are looking for parts or used second-hand cars, they have over 3,000 vehicles stored at their 3 locations and a top-quality online search system for you to find the right make and model. Check them out today for more info on their wide range of services.

2. Junk Car Removal Geelong

Junk Car Removal Geelong

Junk Car Removal Geelong, located in the northern auburn of Corio, is one of the cities top services for car removal and wreckage services. Established over 20 years ago, they have extensive experience with the assessment, removal, repair, wrecking, and scraping of cars and vehicles. You can contact them for a free quote and speak to one of their experts to get a professional and honest assessment of your vehicle and its worth. They provide 24 hour pick up and can pay on the spot through electronic transfer or cheque. They can take everything from cars, utes, 4x4s, trucks and even buses. For an extensive service that offers great prices for your used or unwanted vehicles, we recommend checking out this highly recommendable and highly rated company.

3. Garden City Auto Wreckers

Garden City Auto Wreckers Geelong

Our next entry is another locally grown business located to the north of Geelong. Garden City Auto Wreckage is located in the suburb of Norlane, and they specialize in towing services, car removal, gearbox and engine pickups as well as spare parts, mechanical repairs and used car sales. Their towing service covers a wide range of vehicles from motorbikes to boats and is available for breakdown pick ups and car removal. If you are looking to scrap your vehicle, they can arrange a free pick up service and transfer the cash directly to your account on arrival. They also have a wide range of spare parts and replacements, with each item coming with a 30-day warranty. You can also check out their website for a full list of their used cars and find out more about their range of services.

4. Geelong Cash For Cars 247

Geelong Cash For Cars 247

One of our top picks for a minimum fuss service for car removal and wreckage is Geelong Cash For Cars 247. They are located in North Geelong and provide one of the quickest and most extensive towing and removal services in town. As their name suggests, they provide a cash for car service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They offer some of the best prices around for scrap or wrecked cars and pay upon pick up. Their team are experts at disassembly, recycling, and safe & environmentally friendly disposal. There are no make or models they don’t accept, so if you are in an accident or have an unused car, contact them today for a quotation, free pick up, or emergency towing service.

5. Wolfsburg Automotive

Wolfsburg Automotive Geelong

Named after the German city in which Volkswagen was founded, this specialist company buys and sells parts both new and used for some of the major car brands that fall under the VW banner. Whether you are a VW, Audi, Porsche, or Mini Cooper owner, Wolfburg Automotive is a company you should get acquainted with. Opening their doors for the first time in 1979, Gary Collins and his team have decades of experience working with VW cars, from wreckage recovery, buying and selling of old parts, importing and sourcing new parts and accessories As well as installation services. They are now located to the north of Geelong in the North Shore suburb, with their services available weekdays from 8:30 to 5:30 pm.

6. Friend’s Holden Wreckers

Friend's Holden Wreckers Geelong

Friends Holden Records is another well-established and locally grown company that offers a wide range of services from wrecking, used car parts, restored and reconditioned parts, non-genuine parts, fitting services, and of course towing services. Founded in 1962, they have gained a huge amount of experience in a range of vehicles, and are specialists in their namesake car manufacturer, Holden, working with models from their golden age up to today, including commodores, VB’s, HQ’s, WB Kingswood, Mnaros and GTS. If you have a Holden restoration project, or you are looking to add a classic Holden to your car collection, Friends is a place you should get to know. They are based in North Geelong and you can find a full list of their services on their web page. If you have an old Holden rotting away in storage, give them a call and see what it’s worth.

7. Grant’s Auto Dismantlers

Grant's Auto Dismantlers Geelong

For our first entry on our list based in the south of the city, Grant’s Auto dismantlers is another great local, family-run business with decades of experience in the business.  Founded by David Walpole over 30 years ago, they are expert wreckers and also stock an extensive range of new and used parts as well as repaired and reconditioned vehicles. They service the greater Geelong area, Mondays to Fridays. They are specialists in 4×4 replacement and refurbished parts, and are one of the top suppliers in Victoria, with a dedicated team that will go to great lengths to find the parts you need. They put customer care at the top of their priority list, and aim to keep their customers coming back to use their services again and again.

8. Portside Auto Wreckers

Portside Auto Wreckers Geelong

Portside Auto Wreckers are located in the port district of Moolap, just east of Geelong City. They are a family-run company that has been established in the area for over 40 years. They provide towing and wreckage services along with expert part replacement and fitting, second-hand tire and battery solutions, second-hand car sales, and free car removal for late model cars. If you have any make or model of used or unwanted cars, they will provide a free quote, free removal, and give a competitive price for your vehicle or scrap metal. They are another company that does their utmost to recycle and repurpose their vehicles and have a commitment to an ecologically friendly service.

9. Sunshine Wreckers

Sunshine Wreckers Geelong

Sunshine Wreckers have been in business since 1997, with their first location based in Sunshine, a western suburb of Melbourne, and their second here in Geelong’s eastern suburb of Breakwater. They are considered one of the top used part dealerships in the region, and they pride themselves on their top-quality customer service.  They are experts in wreckage services for passenger cars, SUVs, $x4s, and a range of commercial vehicles. They outfit panels and transmission systems and provide mechanic and electrician services. Their courier delivery services for parts can reach the furthest regions of the country and they guarantee your parts will arrive speedily and in the best condition. For wreckage and parts service providers, they are another of our top picks in Geelong.

10. Sells Auto Parts Ford Wreckers

Sells Auto Parts Ford Wreckers Geelong

For the final entry on our list, we have a resident of Moolap, in the east of Geelong. They provide services for a wide range of makes and models but primarily function as Ford specialists. They offer wreckage services for a number of Ford models, from Falcons to Escapes and many in between. They have their own storage yard where they keep their vast stock of Ford vehicles where they source their pulled parts and offer next-day delivery services throughout The Melbourne Metro area and Geelong. You can contact them through their website for more details, or check out their Moolap yard Mondays to Fridays 9am to 5pm.


We hope our list has been of assistance in helping you find a quality and reliable car wrecking service here in Geelong. Getting rid of wrecked or unwanted vehicles can be a hassle, so we hope one of these 10 great companies can help you get a good price for your car and can reduce the stress that comes with removing your car responsibility. Spare parts, scrap metal, and repurposing auto components is a lucrative trade, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t pick up a fair price for your unneeded vehicle. Each of these companies has made it onto our list due to their expertise, experience, testimonials, and reputations as trustworthy, accredited, and professional car wrecker providers. So we’re sure you can find the right company to take care of your wrecked or unwanted vehicle. So don’t hesitate, and contact one to pick up your car today.

Do you or someone that you know own a car wreckers in Geelong that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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