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The 8 Best Places For Car Accessories In Geelong

The 8 Best Places For Car Accessories In Geelong

It’s inevitable that every vehicle will need a replacement part at some point, either that or the standard car accessories are not up to the job, or you might have needs that go beyond the factory-issued accessories. Finding the right parts from a reliable company can be a difficult task, so we have compiled a list of the most experienced, reputable, and passionate car accessories and art specialists in Geelong. 

Whether you need a simple replacement part of a whole engine repaired or replaced, there are some world-class options for auto parts and car accessories here in Geelong. From around Melbourne, Geelong, and throughout Victoria, we are home to some of the world’s best auto-part experts. Our city is home to specialists from family-run car enthusiasts to world-renowned companies and even Formula 1 champion producing teams. There is really a solution for any spare part you may need or any accessories you may desire, right here in our city. 

So if you are looking to upgrade your 4×4, outfit your fleet with the top in technology or just replace a headlamp, there is something for every vehicle owner on our list of the 8 best places for car accessories in Geelong. 

We have picked out some of the stand-out companies that operate in our area, so you can easily find the best company to suit your needs. We hope you enjoy our list and find the right parts and accessories specialist for you and your vehicle.

1. Jollys Auto Parts Geelong

Jollys Auto Parts Geelong

Our first entry is a car wrecker and parts provider that has 3 locations throughout the greater Melbourne area, including their yard in Corio, just North of Geelong. Their yards are open 7 days a week, and if there is a part that you can’t find at your nearest location, their team will scour the vast array of auto parts at their other sites. They have an easy-to-use and convenient service on their website which allows you to search for the make and model of any part you need and see if they have it in stock. They are also one of the top used cars, buyers and sellers, in Victoria, and have over 3000 vehicles at their locations. If you head to one of their yards, you can even bring your own tools to pull the parts you need.

2. Burson Auto Parts

Burson Auto Parts Geelong

Our next entry is one of the largest and most experienced auto-parts dealerships in Australia. Founded in 1971 by partners Garry and Ron, they have built a service that now boasts 200 auto parts stores across the nation, including 3 in Geelong, with a nationwide team of 1,800 employees and a fleet of 800 delivery vehicles. Their main distribution center, located in Preston, East Melbourne, is 14,660 square meters and is home to almost any auto part you may need. They have an extensive service on their website, where you can browse their huge range of products, or speak to one of their knowledgeable customer service team who can provide for your needs from minor parts and accessories to commercial vehicle solutions. For one of the most established names in the business and one of the biggest networks for auto parts in the country, Burson is a top pick.

3. ARB 4×4 Accessories Geelong

ARB 4x4 Accessories Geelong

ARB is one of the biggest names in 4×4 accessories, not only in Victoria but around the globe. Since 1975 they have been producing, sourcing, and selling 4×4 and off-road vehicle parts out of their Melbourne headquarters. Founded by Tony Brown, he aimed to fulfill the need for quality parts designed for the tough conditions of the Australian outback. From their humble origins, they have gone on to become a truly global operation, with offices across the continents and a network that includes more than 100 countries. They now import and export a wide range of vehicle parts and accessories for off-road driving, and you will be able to find any part for your 4×4 needs. If you are needing something custom-built, you can speak to their dedicated team for a consultation, and make your vehicle the best it can be.

4. Supercheap Auto North Geelong

Supercheap Auto North Geelong

Our next entry is another company that started wit5h humble beginnings and has gone on to become one the biggest names in the game both nationally and abroad. Since 1972, Supercheap auto has gone from being a family-run mail-order business into a company listed on the Australian stock exchange with over 300 stores in Australia and New Zealand and over 3,800 employees. As their name suggests, they strive to bring high-quality products at the cheapest prices around, and their impressive portfolio of parts has over 10,000 items, ensuring that you will find the parts you need, without breaking the bank. They are not just specialists for vehicle accessories, but also stock DIY, touring, and home equipment. You can visit their store in North Geelong, or contact them for more information on their wide range of services.

5. Corio Auto Parts

Corio Auto Parts Geelong

For a Geelong-based car wreckage and parts specialist, Corio Auto Parts is another great option for any vehicle owner. Also founded in the 1970s, they put their decades of experience into their range of services and are one of the best providers for wreckage services and aftermarket parts. From their huge yard located in Corio, they aim to offer good money for wrecked vehicles and used cars in order to salvage as much usable material and spare parts as possible. They provide wreckage collection services with onsite cash payment and can assist you in salvaging the most from your vehicle. From the wreckage services they provide a huge stock of used parts and can provide for a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars, 4×4’s, and commercial vehicles. You can use their online part finder or contact one of their customer services team members.

6. Repco Geelong

Repco Geelong

Another huge name in Auto parts with a worldwide reputation is Repco. Not just one of the oldest companies on our list, but one of the oldest auto companies in Australia, being found way back in 1922. They have been listed on the Australian stock exchange since 1937 and have even developed Formula One champion racing engines and have 8 race victories to their name. The company currently has over 2,000 employees and over 400 stores in Australia and New Zealand including its location in central Geelong. Their Geelong location specializes in spare and replacement parts and has a wide range of products and accessories. From tools & equipment, 4×4 & off-road vehicle parts, batteries & electrical parts, in-car tech, and more. From their headquarters in Melbourne, Repco runs one of the most outstanding car accessory companies in the whole nation.

7. Auto One Newcomb

Auto One Newcomb Geelong

Although a relative newcomer to the scene, Auto one, based in the suburb of Newcombe is a family-run auto-part business that brings 35 years of experience to their 2013 established business. The McNamara family are avid car enthusiasts who take pride in their work and strive to provide a top-quality service to their loyal customer base. They offer a range of parts and products as well as specialist fitting services. They are open 7 days a week and most bank holidays and their services include fitting for batteries, racks, platforms, seat covers, and wiper blades, as well as a host of other services including electrical testing, polishing and painting, oil filters, and spare part installations. If you are looking for a locally run business that puts care into their work, Auto One could be the company for you.

8. Parts 4 Automotive Ocean Grove

Parts 4 Automotive Ocean Grove Geelong

Our final entry is a Network or locally owned store located throughout the entire nation, with our closest one located a short drive over in Ocean Grove. Founded in 2001, they have established themselves as a reputable organization that aims to use their network of stores to get the best deals from suppliers so they can provide products for their customers at the lowest price. They pride themselves on their well-stocked stores and a large range of products and even offer memberships for their repeat customers. They are open 7 days a week, and their dedicated team can help you find the products and accessories you need,  and their mechanics can provide installation & fitting services for whatever vehicle you own. 


So there you have it, parts and pieces for every vehicle, from salvaged resources to top-of-the-line tech, we are certain you can make the most of your car with the specialists we have here in town. We are honored to be home to some of these incredibly experienced companies with decades and even centuries of heritage. 

From these passionate professionals, you will be able to find everything you could possibly need to get your vehicle back to its best or to customize it specifically for your needs. Our nation has a long and successful relationship with automobiles of all kinds and that is represented here in the form of these top, top businesses. 

We hope our list has been useful to you on your search for the best option for car accessories in Geelong, and we hope you join the list of loyal customers, members and add to the testimonials that these companies have earned through their hard work, dedication and years of service. 

And we hope to see you showing off your slick new accessories on the streets of Geelong soon.

Do you or someone that you know own a car accessories shop in Geelong that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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