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The 4 Best Places For Canvas Repairs In Geelong

The 4 Best Places For Canvas Repairs In Geelong

We have a go to list if you are looking for canvas repairs in Geelong. The list below consists of businesses that are the most effective & cost-friendly and are working with canvas repairs in Geelong. We understand that sometimes it may be hard to find a reliable service when in need, Which is why we have created this list of services that are not only reliable and cost-effective but also offers range, variety, experience, and deliver their work in a timely fashion. All the services below have more than a decade of experience in the industry and a few even with centuries. All of the services below have one thing in common, prioritizing their customers,  which means they will listen to your requirements and suggest the best choice and will follow your lead. Many of the brands have outlets around Australia, so service and delivery are easier and quicker whilst maintaining high quality and style. Nowadays there are no more delays in finding your perfect service provider to cater for your needs and to your taste and style. Read on to find out more about each brand and companies from the roughest and toughest to the most aesthetic and high-class. We hope this page answers all your canvas & tarp questions and you find the service of choice for you.

1. ABC Tarps

ABC Tarps Geelong

ABC Tarps have been supplying the construction, sporting and agricultural industries with reliable, high-quality Poly Tarps for over two decades. They have the largest range of ready-made tarps in Australia with Outlets throughout the country, enabling quick delivery. They are quick to take customer requests, maintaining great quality for an economical price, and delivering to even the most off-grid locations. They are committed to supplying the highest quality Poly tarps and associated products made to suit all Australian conditions. All products are sold under the brand name “Duratarp ” – a brand name that reflects the products they make – Durable Tarpaulins.

Their track record of service over 20 years has enabled them to retain a loyal customer base who purchase from them regularly and consistently refer new customers to them. Over the past decades, they have expanded the product range; supplying quality roofing tarps, floor sheets, hay covers, grain covers and container liners across Australia. All their locations are stocked with affordable, durable and versatile, and available for quick delivery. Their customer-first philosophy is their main priority, which is why they continue to deliver personalised service in a timely manner with high customer satisfaction.

2. Blackmans Leather

Blackmans Leather Geelong

Blackmans Leather was established in 1950 since then it has gained an immense reputation for outstanding craftsmanship and quality within the automobile industry. Their clients include the most prestigious car dealers, retailers and trade businesses. Blackmans Leather in Geelong opened its doors in 2012 to bring its service to Geelong, The Bellarine Peninsula, and western Victorian districts. They have designed interiors for some of the most prestigious personalities and celebrities in Victoria. They also bagged an award by Ford mustang for their interior work. Their work speaks of class and dedication. Blackmans Leather Geelong has a skilled team with a great sense of aesthetics who work with enthusiasm and vision. Their work is professional, incorporating all the requirements of the client.

3. Wyett Manufacturing Company

Wyett Manufacturing Company Geelong

Wyett Manufacturing was established in 1917 and has been producing customised canvas goods for Australia and its military for nearly 100 years. The business has remained with the same family for all this time and the vast experience in manufacturing and repair of canvas products means there is very little that they haven’t encountered. As a preferred supplier to the Australian Army, they make sure to meet the rigorous military standards with the ability to withstand the harshest treatment of their products. Their service is not only in Geelong and surrounding districts but Melbourne and interstate too. Amongst the wide range of canvas products they manufacture here in Geelong are truck tarpaulins, tents, annexes, boat covers, shade sails and awnings and more. The reason Wyett Manufacturing has remained in business all these years is because of its commitment to deliver quality canvas products to its customers.

4. Prestige Caravan Repair Centre

Prestige Caravan Repair Centre Geelong

Prestige Caravan Repair Centre in Geelong is a family-owned business that has been operating for more than 30 years. They specialize in the service and repair of all makes and models of caravans and camper trailers. They stock a wide range of accessories and spare parts for most makes and models on-site and can source parts that they don’t have in stock. They are an accredited Jayco outlet meaning all major insurance companies and warranty agents recognise the repairs & work of Prestige Caravan Repair Center. They carry a wide range of spare parts for most makes and models. Whether it be updating your interior or remodeling to accommodate your changing needs, they can modify your caravan to suit your needs. Their work also includes outback specialist services such as solar panel installation and custom bike racks.


We hope you have found this list useful and informative about canvas repairs in Geelong, which you can use at any time you are in need of canvas related services in our city. The brands above are expanding with outlets all over Australia to make their services more reachable and affordable. Some brands are even able to deliver to those off-grid and difficult to reach locations, you just have to call them to arrange. All the businesses we have mentioned are amazing at personalizing and repairing with style, which speaks to their dedication and customer service. The services listed above are not only for repairing, they also have a wide range of products from tarps to accessories and spare parts. Many of them will be happy to meet you on-site to discuss and fully understand your requirements and then suggest the most suitable choices which match your needs. Pass on the information to anyone who you think can benefit from the companies on this list.

Do you or someone that you know own a business that does canvas repairs, that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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