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The 8 Best Camping Stores In Geelong

The 8 Best Camping Stores In Geelong

A camping holiday is simply put, great fun. We get to immerse ourselves in nature and experience that raw instinct we all know and love. Instincts such as lighting a fire are primal and are as close to our forefathers as we can get. That feeling we get when sitting around the fire with your loved ones, is some of our most cherished memories. Whether we are conversing about our lives or barely saying a word, the fire dances as we peer deeper into conversation and thought.

The simplicity of a good camping trip should never be overlooked or over complicated. You need the bare essentials to make it memorable for the entire family. In one weekend camping trip, you and the entire family can cover all the needs of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. The fundamental physiological needs are met by lighting the fire and proceeding to relax next to it. Safety needs are met with your shelter, whether that be a tent, camper trailer or caravan. Love and belonging needs are materialised through your friends and family sharing the experience with you and finally your self esteem shoots through the roof when you have proved to yourself you can live out in the wild, so to say. Setting up camp, just the way you like it, is not a chore, but more of a delicate plan that you find delight in executing.

The great thing about camping in Australia, is that you can choose a wide variety of environments to enjoy your weekend away in. We are spoilt for choice really, having the option to camp by the shore, in the woods or out in the hot and dry Outback. Each has its own unique beauty, requiring slightly different gear in order to make the most of it and keep the entire family comfortable and entertained.

We have looked far and wide to find the eight best camping stores in Geelong, let’s have a look.

1. BCF

BCF, an acronym for boating, camping and fishing, caters for the camp experience near any body of water. Fishing has become synonymous with camping, as it adds such a large experience to the entire outing. Therefore, if you are looking to go on a fishing trip, BCF has you covered and then some.

BCF will have you hook, line and sinker. Here you can find all the basics needed to camp, but more importantly, they stock the greatest array of gadgets around town. Anything anyone has used to catch fish successfully, they have it. It’s also worth taking note, they offer an incredible price guarantee deal, where they promise to match any quote you can find if it’s lower than they are offering.

There is no need to fish around any further, BCF is a one stop shop that will have you looking around in amazement at all the gadgets and toys on offer, who knew camping and fishing could be so advanced. In the store you will find knowledgeable and friendly staff, who would be more than willing to offer you the best advice. BCF regularly runs discount specials, so why not go have a look right now?   

2. Firefly Camping Gear

Firefly Camping Gear Geelong

Offering the most affordable camping gear in and around Geelong, be sure to have a look at Firefly Camping Gear. Firefly provides customers with their own branded gear, adding that personal touch and care to their products. Specialising in camper trailers, which are a must see at their store, don’t be too quick to overlook the other prime products on show.

Highly recommended with great reviews, are the foldable solar panels, which make camping in even the remotest of environments viable. Firefly understands our need to go out and get stuck in the wilderness for a bit every now and again, and as a result, they are determined to set you up purely in order for you to unleash your natural instinct.

3. Elite Outdoor Gear

Elite Outdoor Gear Geelong

One of the greatest pleasures when going camping is getting to play with the equipment you bought in preparation for the adventure. If out in the bush, with no electricity, running water or any amenity you hold near and dear, your tools come into play in a major way. Crucial tasks, such as collecting firewood or making a clearing for your shelter, can be a tough ask when placed deep out in the outdoors.

Elite Outdoor Gear stocks the best gadgets, tools and toys an adventure camper could ask for. They have it all, meaning you will have the answer for any tough questions posed by nature. Specialising in, as the name states, elite gear that will perform in the toughest of conditions and environments, you won’t be left needing more. 

They offer free shipping, nationwide, for any order over ninety-nine dollars, an Australia warranty and a thirty day return policy. Elite Outdoor Gear don’t much about, they offer the best gear in the industry, which is why they are comfortable offering these great services.

Equipment varies largely, offering knives, multitools, lights, power, survival and watches, keeping you alive and even comfortable in the great outdoors. There is definitely a tool for you here, which would add buckets of fun to your next adventure camping trip. 

4. Geelong 4WD and Camping

Geelong 4WD and Camping

Geelong 4WD and Camping is the perfect place if you enjoy the four wheel driving adventure during your weekend camping trip. 4×4 driving has become widely popular, as more of us want to get out into the middle of nowhere during our little time off. These lot cater specifically to the motor enthusiast, supplying and providing the best parts and accessories in and around Geelong.

At Geelong 4WD and Camping they understand how intimidating it can be when first starting out as a 4×4 adventurer. They are happy to walk you through all the recommended accessories and parts, making it easy for you to understand why any specific part will help your new or old motor. They aim to make your experience as comfortable as possible, which is exactly what you will get. 

You can fit just about anything to your vehicle here, from showers and fridges, to roof racks and tow bars. Personally I love the idea of having my tent set up on the roof of my motor vehicle, meaning I can conveniently set it up and safely stay out of any wildlife trail. 

Aching to get off the beaten track? Go visit Geelong 4WD and camping to get you set up for success. 

5. The Outdoor Sportsman

The Outdoor Sportsman Geelong

To add more adventure to your camping trip, you can hunt for your own food. It adds a lot to the experience of immersing yourself into the wild. The Outdoor Sportsman specifically caters to your hunting needs.

All the accessories needed for your rifle, ammunition and or maintenance, The Outdoor Sportsman has trained professionals on hand to show you the ropes. Shooting live ammunition is not for everyone, and that is why The Outdoor Sportsman sports the best in archery equipment in and around Geelong. Looking for the best knife to skin your way out of a hungry situation? They have you covered.

Once you have caught your prey, you will need to make a campfire. Carrying a bunch of firewood or charcoal from the city to your camp is unnecessarily adding weight to the journey, that’s why The Outdoor Sportsman stocks the best axes for your convenience. Collecting firewood is made easy with these top of the range axes, not to mention the great satisfaction you’ll have when burning your personally chopped firewood.

6. Kathmandu

Kathmandu Geelong

Kathmandu, taking their name from the notorious town at the foothills of Mount Everest, is a worldwide supplier of the best and trendiest outdoor clothing known to man. The quality of their products can’t be denied, as it is one of the most used brands by the best climbers in the world.

Geelong gets real cold in the winter, making it a tough call to go camping during these frosty months, but if you kit yourself out in Kathmandu, you eliminate the dangers the cold brings. Stay snug and get to enjoy the crisp and clear air when using their gear.

Jump to their website here and benefit from the specials they regularly run. Specials such as 30% off all purchases or free delivery nationwide for any order over 30 aud. Why wait? Get warm and trendy with ease from the comfort of your home.

7. Anaconda

Anaconda Geelong

Whether you are a novice or an experienced camper, looking to go fishing, four wheel driving, climbing or just have a grand old time in and around your campsite, Anaconda is truly the store for you, meaning, anyone who is going to go camping near Geelong, needs to visit this stores’ site at least once. Anaconda thoughtfully provides emergency services if you happen to get stuck out in the wild, which is always good to know, whether you are an experienced or novice camper.

Furthermore, Anaconda is the leader in water sports equipment around town, offering all the bits and pieces needed to stay safe and the highest quality kayaks, paddle boards and boating gear. In fact, any outdoor activity, chances are Anaconda has products on hand to introduce you to the sport or improve your current set up. Their cycling department is well stocked and has specialised trained staff on hand in every department.

8. Macpac

Macpac Geelong

Macpac is a camping clothing and gear brand, providing high quality, yet affordable products nationwide and in New Zealand. They have made a name for themselves by being one of the only locally owned outdoor gear brands, ensuring repeat business by supplying customers with a friendly service and top notch product. They also stock other international brands.

Their camping ground products are really impressive, as they are made to easily fit in the back of your ute without taking much space. They are neat and tidy designs. For those campers who enjoy the outdoors, but don’t want to spend too much time setting up camp, Macpac is the place for you. They stock instant tents and hammocks, making your time from arrival to relaxation that much shorter. They also cover all the other basic needs when camping in their product range. 

Have a look now on their site here, to see what they are currently offering on clearance. 


These stores have honestly covered all our needs and wants we could possibly want or need once out in the wild. There are no more excuses that can ring true, as they have thought of everything and included enough diverse products to make anyone and everyone feel comfortable out in the great outdoors.

Once you try camping, you will probably feel the need to go again soon after. It does work that way, that even the most hesitant of campers end up not wanting to go, but needing to go for their own sanity. It’s a beautiful transformation in most of these previous resistant campers. The immersion in nature rings true emotions and deep feelings in all of us, just as it did to our forefathers. We satisfy our primal urges and reset our modern minds to think fresh and clear, without distraction. Relaxing outdoors, often in the middle of nowhere next to an open fire next to the ones closest to you, is the truest form of disconnecting and enjoying your family time.

Visit any of these stores’ websites via our links provided to get you started on your journey or to better prepare for your next camping adventure. Have fun and stay safe out there! 

Do you or someone that you know own a camping store, that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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