Breakfast Geelong

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as they say, and more than just important, we reckon it is the most enjoyable too. Geelong City is a great place for getting out and enjoying some freshly roasted coffee and some delicious and nutritious breakfast out on the scenic streets or in a cozy cafe.

Whether you want to enjoy your favorite breakfast in the comfort of your home, pick up and take it to munch at a beautiful outdoor spot, have a quick bite on the way to work, or have a big social breakfast with all the trimmings for you and your friends, there is a choice for every breakfast occasion here in Geelong. If you are as big a breakfast fan as we are, you will want to find out all the best spots in town that serve up great coffee, delicious drinks, and of course, top-quality breakfast dishes. With that in mind, we have put together a list of our best picks for breakfast in Geelong. 

From huge historical landmarks to cozy tucked-away cafes, there is a brilliant breakfast option for every occasion. So if you’re looking for a fry-up or a light healthy bite, a bagel, a bun, a croissant, or a platter, read on to find out about our picks for the 6 places for the best breakfast in Geelong. 

1. The Federal Café Restaurant Bar

The Federal Cafe Restaurant Bar Geelong

The Federal is not only one of the premier breakfast spots in Geelong, but one of the most recognizable and top-class restaurants and bars too. Situated inside the renovated woolen mill that in its height employed over 1000 workers, it was built in 1915 and operated until 2001 when it had a decade hiatus from importance. In 2013, the property was taken over and developed, winning The Heritage Restoration Award in 2016 and opened as one of Geelong’s premier venues. Open 7 days a week from morning till late, their breakfasts are one of the top in town and the environment is undoubtedly one of the most iconic in Geelong. Whether popping in for a quick snack or organizing your next huge event, The Federal is one of the best places to hang out in Geelong City.

2. Eddy and Wills

Eddy and Wills Geelong

From a huge, industrial venue to a homey and personal breakfast spot, Eddy & Wills brings amazing breakfasts and service with a smile from their Geelong West location. This dynamic duo have created one of Geelong’s most popular spots for all-day breakfasts, yummy lunches, tasty pastries, and coffee made with passion. Open 5 days a week from Wednesday to Sunday, you can come to sample their breakfast and lunch specials, they offer takeaways or dine ins at their charming location, and if you know someone who might enjoy it as much as you, pick up a gift voucher and treat them to one of the best breakfasts in Geelong.

3. Hucksters & Co.

Hucksters & Co. Geelong

Our next entry is one of the trendiest breakfast spots in Geelong and is located in the west end of the popular business district in the heart of the city. Operating since 2015, Hucksters & Co has become a popular destination for breakfast and lunch from the young hipsters working away on their iMacs, to the businessmen and women popping in for one of their passionately made takeaway coffees. If you find yourself in need of a tasty treat or filling lunch, you can pop into their cozy location, or if you’re stuck at home and craving one of their delicious dishes, you can use their online ordering service and come yourself to pick-up, or have it delivered to your doorstep. They are open from Mondays to Fridays, so are one of the perfect options for a weekday breakfast or lunch.

4. Bear and Bean

Bear and Bean Geelong

Another great option for breakfast and lunch in central Geelong is Bear & Bean. They offer a great selection of passionately produced food & drink including their famous breakfasts, luxurious lunches, terrific tapas, and quality roasted coffees. They have created a comfortable and trendy atmosphere in their downtown bistro & garden, and bring their great menu to the people of Geelong 7 days a week, including late hours on Thursdays and Fridays. They also cater for private parties and functions, so you can book out this chic spot for your next gathering by making use of their online platform. For one of Geelong’s best breakfast locations, Bear and Bean are hard to beat.

5. Untitled Café

Untitled Cafe Geelong

A great breakfast option located in the South of Geelong is a café that delivers more than its name. Untitled Café is one of the most popular cafes in the area and is one of the top choices in town for their famous bagels. This friendly and comfortable environment is open 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch, and they have a scenic courtyard where your dogs can join you for a snack of their own. Aside from their brilliant bagels, they have extensive dine-in and takeaway menus and you can pre-book through skip or their website. If you are peckish in the south side of the city, we highly recommend this little gem.

6. Ollie’s Café and Bar

Our final entry is located just east of the city over in Leopold and is another popular spot for breakfasts and lunches. This quaint and trendy café provides top-quality dishes with a focus on healthy eating at an affordable price. They are open 7 days a week from 8am to 5pm and open late on Fridays where you can let your hair down and celebrate the weekend. Whether organic coffee or tasty cocktails is your thing, it’s a great spot for a quick drink too. If you find yourself over in Leopold, we highly recommend checking out Ollie’s for a bite to eat.


We hope you have found some food for thought on our list, and can find the perfect spot for you and any other budding breakfast enthusiasts in need of some yummy grub any morning of the week. From extravagant banquet breakfasts to quick bites on the go, there is something for every culinary clique here in Geelong. Breakfast may be the most important, but it should also be enjoyable and the top quality possible, so why not get out around town and sample some of the best spots around, and maybe find a new venue for you to enjoy, during the working week or for a weekend treat. When you’re in Geelong, every meal can be a great experience for the long-term local or the short-term visitor, don’t let any meal be a disappointment, get out and try one of our top picks for the places for the best breakfasts in Geelong.

Do you or someone that you know own a café that serves a good breakfast in Geelong that should be on this list, let us know at: