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The 2 Best Places For Boat Hire In Geelong

The 2 Best Places For Boat Hire In Geelong

Set on the coast, Geelong is sure to have fantastic places to hire a boat. Known for its sports and beaches naturally, there will be some great options for locals and tourists to choose from. Sun on your face, wind in your hair hiring a boat during the summer is Geelong’s favorite pastime. 

We’ve added the top 2 best places for boat hire in Geelong, so you don’t have to risk a day trip with a bad company. Both Clifton Springs Boat Hire and Beachlea Boat Hire have top recommendations and top-notch safety. 

Both companies offer loads of different boat options for various activities. If you’re looking for fishing trips, sightseeing, canoes, stand-up paddleboards, or snorkeling, they’ve got options for you! 

Have something else in mind? Geelong’s boat hire companies can tailor a trip, so you have the perfect trip on the high seas. 

Let’s take a look at the best boat hires in Geelong that’ll have you going back again and again.

1. Clifton Springs Boat Hire

Clifton Springs Boat Hire Geelong

Firstly we are starting with Clifton Springs Boat Hire. Offering loads of information about finishing, they are the perfect option for fishing boat hire in Geelong. They generally focus on fishing trips and sightseeing. 

A bonus of their four-seater boat is that you don’t need a boat license! You’ll be able to hire and take a boat out with your mates, having a great sightseeing trip out, but you’ll need to stick within a 2km limit. 

Clifton Springs Boat Hire has you covered if you’re looking for a fishing trip. They’ll provide you with fishing rods, fishing licenses, and fish cleaning facilities. They’ll even help you with the best advice on where to fish. 

Their prices are also very reasonable, with a four-seater costing $105 for 2 hours and a 4.5m boat (5 seaters) costing $120 for two hours. They’ll only charge $40 per hour after that.

2. Beachlea Boat Hire

Beachlea Boat Hire Geelong

Looking for some more shoreline water activities, Beachlea Boat Hire has so many epic options for the adventurous among us. They’ve got 50 years of experience, so you know they’ll give you a top-notch experience. 

Beachlea Boat Hire offers safe fishing trips with all the safety gear you need so you can fish from dawn to dusk at the best fishing spots. If you’re looking to go out on your own, you can hire boats that don’t require a boat license. Check their site for the hourly and day rates.

 They also offer double canoes, stand-up paddleboards, and a complete snorkeling set so you can experience the sea and a sea adventure for a few hours. The prices range from $15 to $25 an hour. Well worth it!

My personal favorite is their glass-bottom canoes so you can see the sea life below you as Geelong’s water is crystal-clear. A bonus, it’s only $15 per hour!

Beachlea Boat Hire has an efficient online booking system to book your boating adventure easily. Just add your details, which boat you want, and the duration. Easy as that. 

Head to the beach at Indented Head; it’s about half an hour from central Geelong.


With so many different boat hire options available, Geelong has abundant water activities to keep you entertained during summer. From stand-up paddleboards to full-on fishing trips, you’ve got two companies with the best options for you. There’s no excuse for not hitting the water and getting some salt in your hair, time to get wet and wild.

Do you or someone that you know own a boat hire business, that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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