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When it comes to beauty, cosmetics, skincare and spa treatments, you couldn’t find yourself in a better city than here in Geelong. For a small town, we provide a big package of beauty salons with a whole host of experienced and qualified beauty practitioners and entrepreneurs. 

 When you are in a city as beautiful as ours, you want to look your best whether on the streets or the beach, but knowing how to take care of your skin and hair long term is what will make your beauty last. Fortunately, there is a long list of care and treatments you can receive to help your body, skin and hair achieve their best and remain healthy over time. With modern advancements in cosmetics and a bigger more sustainable industry than ever before, there is no better time than now to start taking advantage of the great services on offer.  

 So, whether you are an experienced brain in the way of beauty, or you are just entering the cosmos of cosmetics, we think it’s important that you find the best beauticians to suit your needs, find the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate and receive the treatment that you and your body deserve. We think Geelong is the perfect place for you to feel your best and to look as vibrant and beautiful as the surf coast itself,  and with all the top quality services in town, there is no reason not to. So to help you find the best establishments around, read our list of the 10 best beauty salons in Geelong.

1. Friday Co. Salon

Friday Co Salon Geelong

When it comes to Beauty in Geelong, Friday Co is a name on the tips of the tongues and on the label of the products of fashionistas all around town. Founded by Geelong ladies Heather & Nicole who bring over 5 decades of experience to their set-up in the south of the city in Belmont. They have assembled a top team of professional beauty therapists, hairdressers, and make-up artists who provide some of the best styling, colouring, and beauty services here in Geelong. They have an affordable price range and can cater to your needs by matching your desired styles with the best beautician for the job and creating a unique price and service tailored specifically for you. They operate 6 days and week, and due to their popularity, it’s recommended to book an appointment.

2. Swish Beauty

Swish Beauty Geelong

Our second entry is a beauty salon that puts a priority on organic and chemical-free products and services that can bring the best in beauty while also caring about our impact on the environment. From their location just east of Geelong at the Ballerine gateway town of Leopold, they operate 6 days a week, including late on Thursday nights. They have a huge range of services, including, 100% ammonia-free colouring & hairdressing services, manicures & pedicures, make-up art, spray tans and a whole host of lash and brow services. On top of their salon services, they also stock a wide selection of beauty products in the shop including plenty of organic options. You can check them out at their Leopold store or shop online to find the best products around. With Swish, you can look your best and be assured you are using the best.

3. Smooth & Tan Beauty Salon

Smooth & Tan Beauty Salon Geelong

Smooth & Tan Beauty Salon is an establishment that covers a huge range of beauty services that are offered at few other spots around town. As their name suggests, they are specialists in all things waxing and tanning, as well as a host of other cutting edge beauty treatments such as Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL), facial laser vascular lesions, anti-ageing products & injectables, advanced teeth whitening and cosmetic tattooing. They also provide a long list of services for males, so a visit there can be a great day out for couples to experience together. Founder Lilliane has been in the business for over 40 years, and she shares her experience through their career development training and development programs for employees, so if you are interested in a future in beauty, get in touch with one of the top beauty specialists in Geelong City.

4. Salon 7 Hair And Beauty

Salon 7 Hair And Beauty Geelong

Our next entry is a local business that has grown considerably since its establishment in 2015, and now is one of the most recognizable names in beauty in the city, with 5 locations in Geelong and the surrounding area. Each of their salons is decked out with modern equipment, a chic and comfortable design, with around 15 seats & comfy sofas to cater to their numerous customers 7 days a week. They have a wide range of hair and beauty services and aim to deliver their skills at an affordable and competitive price. You can book a consultation with them and select your bespoke shape, colours and styles. They also offer waxing, facials, threading and eyelash extensions. Check out their webpage today and book an appointment at one of their local salons.

5. Flawless Beauty Concept

Flawless Beauty Concept Geelong

For one of the best in beauty in Geelong, you should check out Flawless Beauty Concept. They are a company that was built to provide their customers with a nurturing and holistic approach to skincare and beauty treatment. Founded by Paula Begg, a professional with decades of experience in the industry, she realized that behind the make-up and glamour, the most important thing in the beauty industry is taking good care of your skin health. From their salon in South Geelong, they provide expert skincare from their qualified therapists, top quality pampering in their massage and spa facilities and professional waxing and body hair treatments. You can book an appointment with them Tuesdays through Saturdays, and if you are as much a fan of their work as we are, you might consider picking up a gift card to bring along a friend when you return.

6. Revive Hair, Skin & Body

Revive Hair, Skin & Body Geelong

Our next beauty salon is based in East Geelong and is another top pick for any beauty enthusiast in our city. Revive is a renovated salon that was given a new lease for life in 2015 by beautician Natalie Dyer. Natalie has created a salon that is both professional and friendly and brings a top-quality service at a price that will keep you coming back again and again.  Revive is open from Mondays to Fridays, with a huge range of hair, beauty and salon treatments such as hair removal, tinting, lash extensions, tanning, facials, make-up, massage and skin kneading. They provide some great spa packages where you can experience a selection of their services and makes for a great day out of pampering and beauty treatment for both residents and visitors of Geelong.

7. Sunday Brow Stylist

Sunday Brow Stylist Geelong

Another experienced beautician that puts their passion into beauty is the founder of Sunday Brow Stylist and the salons’ namesake, Sunday. She brings 13 years of industry experience to her own personalized salons, which can be found here in Geelong and in Richmond, Melbourne. Aside from her professionalism, Sunday aims to bring a down-to-earth and personal vibe that you can enjoy while receiving top quality beauty treatment. Sundays salons provide a range of services from brow wax & tans, henna & brow dye, brow lamination, lash lifts, spray tan and teeth whitening. They also have a store stocked with their top picks for beauty products, and if you are interested to learn and earn from Sunday’s experience, you can sign up for one of her brow coaching courses, and pick up the skills that you can see on display by her and her team at Sunday Brow Stylists.

8. Blush Skin Face and Body

Blush Skin Face and Body Geelong

Our next entry aims to bring a bit of luxury to the Geelong beauty scene. Blush Skin, Face & Body are based in the southern suburb of Highton and are another great pick for beauty salons in Geelong. The team at blush pride themselves on keeping up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the cosmetic industry and regularly update their list of skills and services that they can provide. They have an impressive menu that is luxurious but affordable and includes a wide array of hair removal, medi-facial therapy, lashes & brow work, manicure & pedicures and a selection of massage and spa treatments. You can also take home some of their top quality products, buy a gift card for a friend or book your next appointment online. Be sure to check out Blush for one of our favourite beauty salons in Geelong.

9. Versity Hair Studio

Versity Hair Studio Geelong

10. Beauty Precision

Beauty Precision Geelong

Saving one of the best for last, our final entry is one of Geelong’s finest beauty salons. Established in 2013, they have gone on to become one of the city’s top skincare specialists. They believe in a customized approach and do so by working closely with their clients to bring treatment that is uniquely suited to their skin. Their passionate team will continue to work with you and develop ongoing treatments and services to make sure you receive the best skincare possible. Beauty Precision also goes to great lengths to make sure their products and services are as sustainable as possible, they are members of a resource recovery program aimed at producing zero waste and they provide a host of information regarding sustainable beauty practices on their website. For one of our top picks, check out Beauty Precision and book an appointment today.


We hope you have enjoyed our list of the best beauty salons in Geelong, and have found some spots for you to try out on your next spa day or beauty session. We are proud to boast such a wide array of salons, spas and clinics that bring world-class beauty treatments to our scenic coastal town and provide their professional experience and industry standards to the residents and visitors of Geelong.

Taking care of your body, skin and hair long-term is the key to maintaining both health and beauty through all the years of your life, so why not take advantage of these great establishments and services and spend a bit of time on yourself and your body, so you can not only look your best but feel your best too. 

With so many options in town, from sustainable and organic to luxurious and renowned, there is a salon for every style, taste and need. So why not book an appointment, schedule a session and sample some of the best spas, clinics and beauty salons that Geelong has to offer.

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