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The 7 Best Arborists In Geelong

The 7 Best Arborists In Geelong

Just like many metropolitan areas in Australia, it is important for residents of Geelong to keep their gardens and yards clean, safe and tidy. A big part of this is keeping bushes and trees well maintained to prevent them from devaluing your property by making it look ugly or causing damage during storms. Properly taking care of your garden can take a lot of time and effort which is why many people opt to hire an arborist to provide professional services for tree and lawn care. 

There are several reasons why you may need to call in help with your garden and the following list of the best garden and tree management companies in our guide will help you to find an arborist in Geelong that has fully trained and qualified staff as well as the appropriate tools, safety equipment and insurance.  

All of the arborists in the Geelong area provide a range of garden and tree care services including getting help with tasks such as planting shrubs and trees, pruning, creating structural support for trees, removing hazardous vegetation, hedging, trimming, cutting and ensuring trees and properties are protected from lightning and storm damage. In addition to this, arborist companies in Geelong can also help homeowners to reduce the risk of damage to trees from pests, parasites, termites, weather, construction and rodents.

Our guide below of the seven best arborists in Geelong have been carefully selected by our team based on the quality of their work, customer service, professionalism and safety record.

1. Shepherd Tree Management

Shepherd Tree Management Geelong

Shepherd Tree Management was founded almost 10 years ago and is run by director David Shepherd who has more than thirty years of experience working as an arborist. STM are experts at helping their clients complete their projects on time and for the right budget by providing professional advice and arborist reports that ensure compliance with council planning regulations. 

The team of experienced and skilled arborists at Shepherd Tree Management have performed more than 1200 arboricultural reports both in the Geelong area and greater Victoria. Their work regularly includes providing expert health and safety advice on single trees or groups of trees in properties ranging from school grounds to caravan parks and sports grounds. 

STM offers free quotes with no obligations and is easy to contact for advice and assistance.

2. Climb Right Tree Services

Climb Right Tree Services Geelong

Owned and managed by Ben Duncanson, an experienced tree climber, Climb Right Services is well-known as an arborist in Geelong that specialises in confined tree care and tree removal. Ben and his team are passionate about providing a high standard of service that is personalised and professional. 

When the team at Climb Right Tree Services work they use the most advanced tree climbing and rigging techniques to ensure trees are pruned carefully and effectively. Climb Right Tree Services also have years of experience removing trees, especially sick or dying trees that are posing a risk to the property.

Other arborist tasks carried out by Climb Right Tree Services include stump grinding and mulching, with the option of using the mulch on your garden or having it removed. Free, no-obligation quotes are available via email or phone.

3. Tree Synergy

Tree Synergy Geelong

A market leader amongst arborists in Geelong, Tree Synergy are specialists at creating tree health and arboricultural reports required for council permits and town planning applications in addition to providing services such including tree removal and pruning. 

Tree Synergy operates in Geelong as well as Melbourne and other areas of Victoria with their services including green waste removal, tree removal and pruning, on-site chipping and mulching and stump grinding. The experienced team of arborists at Tree Synergy pride themselves on their safety record and are fully trained and certified to operate tree pruning equipment and machinery. 

Before carrying out any work onsite, Tree Synergy carefully put together a tailored plan of action by assessing the area, trees and potential hazards.  

4. Geelong Tree Services

Geelong Tree Services

Founded in 1980, Geelong Tree Services is a well-established arborist company in Geelong with many years of experience and a proven track record of providing excellent services including arborist reports, tree removals, pruning and stump grinding. 

Geelong Tree Services are fully accredited and insured arborists owned and managed by David Sutherland who has over thirty years of experience and a great reputation built on trust and a high standard of work. 

The qualified and experienced team of arborists at Geelong Tree Services provide professional consultations and services throughout the Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast regions, and regularly receive positive feedback from their customers.

5. Geelong’s Best Tree Removal

Geelong's Best Tree Removal

Offering a range of arborist services in Geelong and the surrounding area, Geelong’s Best Tree Removal are available to call from 8 am to 8 pm every day. Although they specialise in tree removal, their well trained and certified team also carry out tree lopping, tree surgery, tree trimming, tree pruning and fruit tree pruning.

If you are looking for a professional and free onsite consultation by accredited and qualified arborists and tree surgeons then Geelong’s Best Tree Removal is well worth giving a call to get a no-obligation quote. Their experienced team is available throughout the week to assist property owners with a range of tree and garden issues.

6. Chapman’s Tree Control

Chapman's Tree Control Geelong

For property owners looking for a reputable arborist in Geelong, Chapman’s Tree Control is a good choice. They have years of experience offering a variety of tree services such as dealing with overhanging branches, unhealthy trees, removals, trimming, stump grinding, emergency and general tree care, and mulch deliveries. 

Chapman’s Tree Control has an experienced and professional team of arborists with the right expertise and equipment who passionately focus on both aesthetics and safety when carrying out their work. Furthermore, their highly trained and qualified team also prides themselves on leaving every site clean and tidy after the job is complete.  

To help them finish work safely and on time, Chapman’s team are also equipped with reliable and state of the art equipment required to effectively maintain, trim or remove trees.

7. Irwin’s Tree Removal

Irwin's Tree Removal Geelong

With Irwin’s Tree Removal it is easy to keep your garden and outdoor areas safe and well maintained. This team of fully accredited and professional arborists in Geelong offer a comprehensive range of tree removal services in addition to carrying out land clearances for development and hiring out earthmoving equipment for small or large projects. 

Irwin’s Tree Removal arborist team cares deeply about the environment and views trees as natural assets that make a property look more attractive whilst also providing shade and protection. 

To ensure trees are pruned and trimmed carefully and efficiently, Irwin’s Tree Removal staff use equipment such as tree towers which have an elevated platform and rotating arm so they can reach every part of a tree with ease. Their other arborist services include stump grinding, mulching and wood chipping, truck hire and bin hire.


Every homeowner with a garden or yard knows that it is important to keep it tidy and safe, especially if you want to prevent your property from being devalued or damaged during storms. This of course includes maintaining trees properly which is often a task that is too difficult or time consuming for homeowners to do themselves. Therefore, many residents decide to hire an reputable and professional arborist in Geelong to take care of all their tree care issues such as damaged, sick or dead trees, general maintenance, removals or pruning. 

Whether you have large or small problems with the trees in your garden there are plenty of experienced and highly qualified arborists in Geelong that offer a wide range of tree services. Tree care services can be found throughout the Geelong area and greater Victoria, these include planting, trimming, removals, stump grinding, and clearing hazardous vegetation. 

The companies in our guide to the best arborists in Geelong are insured, highly qualified and fully trained to use specialised equipment and follow all the necessary safety procedures. Our team at Best in Geelong have carefully selected the above list based on criteria including customer reviews, safety records and quality of work.

Are you or someone that you know an arborist, that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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