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Best In Geelong aims at being the go to news and guides source for all those fine people living and visiting Geelong. We create all our content in house and conduct extensive research before releasing any guides and/or news pieces. We also have an in-house digital marketing team who make sure we reach the right audiences and provide the most extensive information for every Geelong related query.

We are relatively new when it comes to being a news source in Geelong, but over the last year we have grown at an incredible rate.

Who we worth with:

We ideally like to work with local businesses, promoting Geelong local businesses has always been our goal. In saying this, we don’t exclude working with national Australian businesses with branches or stores in Geelong.

Options available:

  1. Website Single Page Ads
  2. Website Homepage Ads
  3. Custom Campaigns
  4. Full Length Featured Articles
  5. Single Page Featured Positions

Who to contact:

For more information please contact Judy at

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