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The 14 Best Accountants In Geelong

The 14 Best Accountants In Geelong

Making sure your accounts and taxation are in order can be the key to financial success or ruin. Whether you are an individual in need of assistance with your annual income tax returns, an entrepreneur setting out on a new venture or a long-standing business that needs to catch up with changing times, laws and technology associated with tax and accounting, you will need experienced professionals on your side to help you navigate this difficult field and give your business the best chance of success. Finding a reliable and trustworthy accountant can be difficult, there is a huge amount of choice out there and finding the right accounting firm for you or your business can be a difficult task in itself. Here in Geelong, we are home to a great selection of experienced accounting firms that can help you improve your business and take care of your tax needs, so many that we have decided to make a list to assist you in finding the best accountants for you. We have picked 14 of the best in town based on their reputations, level of service, qualifications and customer care that set them above the rest of the competition. Each entry we have included are based here in Geelong and can provide top-quality accounting and taxation services for both individuals and businesses and come with years of experience and solid testimonials. From modern and tech-savvy, huge practices and small homegrown firms, we have selected the 14 best accountants in Geelong, to help you find the best match and start improving your accounts, your business and help you get your tax in order today.

1. Adamson’s Tax & Accounting Services

Adamsons Tax & Accounting Services Geelong

We’re starting our list with an accounting service that has been assisting individuals as well as small and medium-sized businesses from their North Geelong office for over 20 years and has built a solid reputation from their professional work. They have a passionate and dedicated team that are there to support and assist you with all manners of accounting-related needs such as asset protection, tax assistance, business planning, bookkeeping, loan financing and property investment. Adamsons is also a forward-thinking and tech-savvy accounting firm that can offer set-up and assistance on Xero and Cloud Integration so you can make the best use of the modern technologies available and make your accounting process as efficient as possible. If you are looking for a modern and professional service that understands the needs of small businesses and individuals, you should check out Adamsons Tax & Accounting Services for one of our top recommendations.

2. Darren Thomas Accounting & Taxation Services

Darren Thomas Accounting & Taxation Services Geelong

Our next entry is another resident of North Geelong that has been operating in the city for over 20 years. Darren Thomas and his team have a philosophy of providing a highly personalized service that is tailored to the clients needs whether they are a big-money corporate customer or an individual that just needs annual tax return assistance. They offer a wide range of services from their experienced team including tax returns, accounting & financial statements, business advice & planning, bookkeeping services & more. If you are running a small business they can assist you in a number of areas including helping start-ups make the most effective systems and applying for accounting registrations. They offer a free 30-minute consultation for new business clients so that you can get advice from one of their professional staff face to face.  Why not get in touch with Darren Thomas accounting for your consultation today.

3. Bradbury Accountants

Bradbury Accountants Geelong

Bradbury accountants was set up by founder Jennifer H Bradbury back in 1996 and she brings over 40 years of experience to her practice here in the heart of central Geelong. Jennifer has put together a top team of highly trained and experienced accountants and tax specialists so that they can provide an expert but personal approach to their work. They cover a number of services including accounting, taxation & GST, business coaching, cloud accounting, financial planning, super fund management and consultation on a number of accounting-related business aspects. They have a great website where you can find resources such as a tax return checklist and if you are interested in a career in accounting they offer some fantastic training and support to help their employees excel and succeed in the industry. For an established and dedicated service that is both professional and personal, you should check out Bradbury Accountants.

4. WMC Accounting

WMC Accounting Geelong

WMC accounting is a Geelong grown firm that provides a competitive professional service, but also has a community outlook and truly cares about the future and well-being of their clients, look no further than WMC accountants. The staff at WMC are not only highly skilled and are trained in working with clients personally and providing a service that is both understandable and implementable. They offer a wide range of services from simple tax returns to extensive business account management, each will be taken care of face to face with up to date methods and a personal touch. If you want to know more about their services you can contact them to arrange a meeting with one of the company directors who can ascertain how best to deal with your accounting needs and will move forward with you quickly and reliably with a stress-free attitude.

5. Curve Accountants

Curve Accountants Geelong

Our next entry is a firm that has become one of the top accountants across Victoria. They have branches throughout the region, including here in Geelong. They cover a wide range of accounting-related services including basic accounting & taxation, business advisory & valuation, financial planning, they are medical & dental industry specialists as well as specialists in accounting for small businesses. Their ethos is to not only provide a service that will benefit you in the short term but will help you grow and manage your finances into the future and help provide their clients with as much security and ongoing support as can be expected from an accountant. They take trust seriously and will strive to provide everything they can to make you feel at ease in their care, so if you are looking for a firm that will work closely with you now and in the future, you should check out Curve Accountants.

6. CD&G Accountants

CD&G Accountants Geelong

CD&G accountants is a firm that can handle a huge range of accounting needs from small businesses to large companies such as retail, manufacturing or even farming. They aim to provide their clients with a professional service at an affordable price and bring a one on one experience to all their customers from small to large. CD&G takes a proactive approach in using their knowledge and expertise to benefit their customers whether that is in business, taxation, investment, superannuation or SMSFs. They are situated in the heart of downtown Geelong and are perfectly situated to deal with some of the biggest accounts in Geelong. You can contact them online or visit their Central Geelong office from Mondays to Fridays and book an appointment with one of the city’s best accountant firms today.

7. Mackenzie & Co. Accountants

Mackenzie & Co. Accountants Geelong

Another accounting firm that brings a personal touch to an otherwise rather dry aspect of a business is Mackenzie & Co Accountants. Headed up by accounting veteran Ross Mackenzie who brings his years of experience and knowledge to his community-based firm that he has been running since 1993. He is an expert with agricultural accounts, property development, investments & trusts and is a proud farm and dog owner. His team is made up of experienced professionals who have experience in a range of fields from corporate compliance, certified Xero partners, tax and SMSFs. They can provide their services to clients throughout Australia especially when it comes to farming enterprises, small businesses, self-managed super funds and services for self-funded retirees. For an accountancy one-stop shop with a truly personal touch, you should contact Mackenzie & Co to get your accounts in order today.

8. TMC Accountants

TMC Accountants Geelong

TMC accountants is another experienced and reliable firm based here in Geelong. They have been operating from their Newtown office since 2010 and have amassed some great testimonials from their long standing customers. They are a registered tax agent and work with their customers to deliver top-quality accounting services in a fast and affordable manner. The main goal at TMC is to protect and grow the wealth of their clients whether individuals or businesses. The services they provide include income tax returns, BAS services, tax & business structure planning, bookkeeping and more. An aspect of TMC that makes them stand out from the crowd is their doorstep services, bringing their skills to your home or office, you can even book after hours or weekend appointments for maximum convenience. If you are in the Geelong or Melbourne Metro area and in need of a hassle-free accountant, look no further than TMC.

9. PAL Accounting & Advisory

PAL Accounting & Advisory Geelong

PAL Accounting & Advisory is a relative newcomer to the scene, having been founded in 2016, however, the owner, Peter A. Landers, and his team have been operating here for over 40 years and they have provided their services to thousands of Geelong residents and businesses over the years. At PAL they understand that their greatest commodity is their knowledge, experience and understanding of what it takes to grow and manage wealth. They provide a wide range of services and professional advice on a range of business aspects such as accounting & bookkeeping, startups, valuations, forensic accounting, taxation and self-managed superannuation funds. At PAL they go the extra mile to build long-lasting relationships through friendliness, approachability, respect, trust and expertise. If you are looking for a dedicated and reliable accounting firm that you can work with for years to come, you should check out PAL Accounting & Advisory.

10. Fair Tax Accountant

Fair Tax Accountant Geelong

Our next entry comes from the south side of the city in the suburb of Belmont. Fair Tax, as their name suggests, is a taxation specialist and accounting firm. They have built a solid reputation for their value for money service and their expertise in working with small and medium-sized businesses. Founder Lal and his team work with their clients personally so that they can cater their service to the needs of the individual or business, whether you need to work closely with an accountant on a regular basis or if you would rather take a more out of sight out of mind approach, they can provide a professional and friendly service that we are sure you will be more than satisfied with. You can pay them a visit at their Belmont office 5 days a week, or get in touch to book a consultation today.

11. HJC Accountants

HJC Accountants Geelong

HJC Accountants can be found south of Geelong in the suburb of Grovedale. Darren Cole has put together a top team of 13 individuals, including three Directors, 5 senior, junior and undergraduate accountants as well as business service coordinators, business service assistants and paraplanners. Their extensive accounting service is a great option for any small to medium-sized enterprises or individuals. From income & SMSF tax returns, financial accounts & reports, financial planning and business activity statements, HJC can provide a top-quality service. They are another practice that are veterans in the trade and have been operating here in Geelong since 1985. Darren and his team bring their years of knowledge and expertise to their highly professional service and without a doubt would be a safe and secure pick to take care of your accounting and taxation needs.

12. Proctor Accounting

Proctor Accounting Geelong

The next accountants to make our list is an expert in tax return preparation, business activity statements and self-managed super funds. Founded by Phil Proctor, they have been in business for over 12 years and have built a reputation of professionalism and dependency. In the ever-changing world of tax law and regulations, the team at Proctor Accounting understand the importance of keeping up to date with the legislature and ensuring accuracy when dealing with a company or individual tax. At Proctor they know that the success of their business is based on the success of yours, so they take steps to make sure each of their clients is functioning at its most efficient and effective and not making any mistakes when it comes to tax. If you are looking for some safe hands to take care of your tax and accounting needs, Proctor Accounting is a great choice for you.

13. Michael Bland Tax Accountant

Michael Bland Tax Accountant Geelong

Our next entry is a firm that aims to make accounting simple and accessible to everyone. Michael Bland and his team have created a service that uses modern technologies to make your accounting service effective and simple to understand. They are experts in cloud accounting and their fantastic online services are unparalleled in the area. They work with their clients personally so that they can tailor their services to suit their needs, they take steps to understand what you really need in order to manage your accounts and taxation and will help you set up systems and applications that will assist you and your business easily and efficiently. Whether taxation planning, financial statements, bookkeeping or fund management Michael Bland Tax Accountants are a great option to consider. You can book a free consultation online or visit them at their office in the Eastern suburb of Newcomb.

14. Geoff Missen Accountants

Geoff Missen Accountants Geelong

Our final entry is definitely not the least on the list. Geoff Missen Accountants are a great pick for any individual or small business looking for a friendly and experienced service to take care of their accounting and taxation needs. They consider themselves your friendly next-door tax prep service and can assist in a wide range of aspects such as financial & cash flow planning, taxation & business advice, legal advice and even mortgage broking. They are specialists in assisting new businesses and can help you set up the systems that will help make your venture a success. The list of tax and accounting areas in which they have experience is too long to mention here, however, you can be assured that they are a top pick for a one-stop shop for all your taxation needs. You can book a free consultation or visit them at their offices based in Newcomb from Mondays to Fridays.


We are delighted to present so many great accounting firms based here in Geelong. We hope you have enjoyed this list and helped you on your journey to find a safe and reliable accounting firm to help you improve your financial situation or to help your business move forward effectively and efficiently into the future. Accounting and taxation can cause a huge amount of hassle for both individuals and businesses and with constantly evolving requirements and technologies it can be more confusing than ever to navigate without professional assistance, so rather than stumble through the process or hire substandard services, why not book an appointment with one of the practices that made our list and put your accounts in the hands of trusted professionals that have built great reputations based on their work with clients in Geelong. All the entries on our list will take great care in dealing with your accounts and will only operate with your best interests at heart and understand that together, we can help build trust and success throughout the business community in Geelong city. Thank you for reading our list and we hope that one of the entries will become your trusted accountants and help your business and wealth grow.

Are you or someone that you know an accountant, that should be on this list, let us know at: business@bestingeelong.com.au

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